Enhance Your Store Through a Professional Magento Web Design


As far as eCommerce platforms are concerned, Magento is one of the most versatile ones out there. Open-source and with plenty of features, Magento is simply a reliable way to develop and design a fully functional online store. With these freedom comes an array of challenges, however. Actually designing a professional store that meets customer […]

Installing the Stage Series 3” LED Fog Lights from Diode Dynamics

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The draw of LED fog lights is seductive to a lot of vehicle owners. Though the reasons for appreciating LED automotive lights vary and might be personal, LEDs carry several advantages over halogen bulbs and incandescent bulbs which were once the standard and still are in some areas. For example, switching to LED lighting can […]

Legal Matters with Chris Richard – The Reasons Why Personal Injury Law Exists


When most people hear the term “personal injury law”, images of ambulance-chasing lawyers and injury-exaggerating clients come to mind. These images not only do not reflect reality, but they can also cause important social functions the practice of personal injury law provides to be overlooked. Chris Richard, the managing partner of Graves and Richard, spoke with host Lee […]

Installing LED Ditch Light Bracket Mounts onto Your GMC Sierra 1500

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Not every vehicle has ditch lights, and it’s decidedly difficult to mount ditch lights to some others. Still, where they are used they provide a lot of utility in the form of visibility, typically at a 45° angle off to the sides of the road. For off-roaders, this is valuable for keeping an eye on […]

What Does a Light Ballast Do and Why Does It Matter?

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Shop around for lights long enough, or be responsible for lighting infrastructure, and sooner or later you will want to know what some of the terms you’re coming across mean. Looking through a collection of random light bulbs, you’ll see words like “metal halide,” “tombstones,” “shunted sockets,” “drivers” and many others. Among them is the […]

Dealing with Hyperblinking (Hyperflashing) in Automotive LED Bulbs

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Hyperblinking, also known as hyperflashing, is an annoyance that is commonly encountered among vehicle owners who have switched out their factory turn signals for LED replacements. For the rest of us, hyperblinking is a problem that is similar to what occurs when one of your turn signals is about to go out (or has gone […]

Is the Leatherman Skeletool the Best Leatherman Pocket Knife?

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Be careful when you start throwing around praise like “the best Leather pocket knife,” because what matters to you might be cumbersome to another user. Naturally, tastes vary, and so does functionality. Then there’s also the fact that one of you reading this might be fuming at the fact that we styled the Skeletool as […]

4 Techniques To Online Casino Gamblers


The game of roulette among the the most popular online free casino games games around. In fact the sport is sought after that preserving the earth . now also very popular in internet casinos. However, 3win8 demo account it appears as if the myths associated with the are also encountered by the online world betting […]