St Ives | One of the most beautiful places in Cornwall, England!

So here i am at my first airbnb in cornwall, so i started my trip in saint ives, which is a place. I’Ve always wanted to come the first time i ever heard about cornwall. I started doing some research in the first place. I saw that i was absolutely dying to visit. Was saint ives as well as saint mike sun, saint mount michael, say, michael’s mount saint michael’s mount um, so here i am first day of the trip of cornwall is basically insane ives and i’m gon na do a quick tour.

I am not the best at doing , because every time i get somewhere, i just simply drop my stuff and get ready, so things aren’t as pretty as it should be, but um so i’ll show you the room. I actually was struggling with um accommodation for a while, so the only thing i got was not even a room was a studio flat studio part. Could you call this your flat we’re even a flat, and it’s really really pretty, and i love the colors. It’S very blue, so yeah i’ve got my stuff there and my bicycle here so just ignore that um, but yeah you’ve got very beautiful blue walls. There’S a bed here there will be the living room here is a toilet, so even the toilet has also the very nice blue colors.

I really like the shower it’s kind of different and then hello uh. We have the talent, it smells actually really nice in the toilet. I don’t know what it’s probably that over there really nice scent. Okay, so then, i’m gon na show you the living room. I actually had a friend who decided to join me on this trip at the very very, very last minute uh.

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His name is micky uh. He was in one of my vlogs one of the christmas vlogs from last year. So i don’t know if you remember him. Um, if you’re new to the channel, then definitely not, but he will come along uh on this trip for the first six days and after that, i’ll do everything on my own he’s renting a car which is amazing because, instead of me cycling every single day, as I initially planned now i don’t have to cycle every single day and i will keep the cycling mostly towards the end when he won’t be with me um right. So i was showing you.

There is like a tiny kitchen area. If you must uh there’s actually a tiny fridge, i think there is another name for that. Minibar. I don’t remember they did a separate bed for him. If you request, they can do that for you.

I think you pay extra 10 pounds or something um. There’S some storage , but that’s mostly for the airbnb so yeah i wouldn’t put anything there and then there’s a sofa and again i really love the decoration of this place. It’S super cute uh. We only gon na stay here for one night, even the outside is not got distracted with the outside, because it’s nice, so we’re only gon na stay here for one night and then tomorrow we are going to a different accommodation. Actually, because this one was only valid for one day and i actually found another one that i’m really excited about uh on another place, so yeah now that i’ve settled myself, i’m gon na leave to start the [ Music ] after going for a bit of A walk we stopped to try the famous courtney spicies, which, surprisingly i didn’t like it that much.

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I think the reason for it is the fact that it tastes like a regular meal, but inside of a pastry and my taste buds got a little bit confused with it. I tried the beef one which had boiled potatoes, some veggies and a bit of beef as we walked along the harbour that, unfortunately, was in low tide. We spotted saint nicholas chapel and we decided to walk all the way up for some pretty spectacular views over the beautiful seaside town, [, Music, ], [, Music ]. After that, we decided to go for a walk along the coast, starting at the harbour once again. [ Music ] then pass by porthminsa beach and walk towards caibus bay, which took way longer than i expected.

And since i didn’t get much sleep the previous night, we ended up just admiring the views on the way there and not actually reaching the beach [ Music. ] [, Music, ], [, Music, ], [, Music ], and this is how i spent a nice afternoon in saint ives on the first day of my cornwall trip. I hope you guys enjoyed this video and, as always, i really appreciate you for following along on all of my trips and if you do want to support the channel, then feel free to subscribe. If you haven’t already turn on the notifications, leave a like, and let me know what you like the most on today’s video i’ll, see you guys next week with a vlog full of beautiful captures from a very nice coastal walk, bye,

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