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What Should You Know Before You Pick a Challenge Coin Designer Online?


Challenge coin, a simple medallion can add a sense of dignity to your profile. Since the time of the Roman Empire, these coins have been the means of showing people respect and dignity for dedicating their time and effort to a certain organization.

Earlier, only the military people used to use these coins but now with the rising challenge coin designer online, you can make any design and wield its benefits. Hence, not only the military organizations but also top-rated companies, fire departments, police departments are now using these coins while incorporating the necessary designs onto it. So, before we jump into the detail, let’s figure out the challenge coin definition.

Challenge Coin Definition:

A coin designed in a special manner and which almost larger than the coin you carry in your pocket is called challenge coins. Typically challenge coins are made of copper, nickel, silver, and pewter irrespective of its shapes and sizes. You will always find the average size of the challenge coin to be 1½-2 inches in diameter and can come in numerous shapes likely to be circles, squares, pentagons, even the arrowhead.

You can customize its look by engraving it with your company’s logo or by using the paints from normal colors to gold plating. Let’s take a look at the usability of these coins,

Challenge Coins Use:

The challenge coins are used by all the branches of the military departments. Militaries use this coin for the recognition of special achievements, memberships, awards, and so on.These coins are given with a notion that it boosts people’s morale. As we have stated that challenge coins were only used by military department at a point. But, presently with the increasing number of challenge coin designer online people are using them for variety of reasons. Let’s take a look where else people have been using these coins.

  • To award an employee for his outstanding performance.
  • To award a group of people to encourage them in their work
  • To boost employee morale
  • Special occasions and events commemoration. 
  • Last but not least but these coins started being used for brand reputation and marketing. 
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How The Online Challenge Coin Designer Provide You the Coins Within Time?

Since, there are a number of challenge coin designer online available currently, it’s important to know how the process works so that you can have the required design engraved on it within the stipulated time. The online makers work in a three-step process, let’s dig deeper,

  • Contact First

The step comes along with the contacting. Once you decide that you need a special coin for any of the above mentioned reason, you need to search for the best designers. The market is too much competitive, only a handful of designers will offer you the desired coins within the budget you have. So, do some researches on these challenge coin makers before you hire one. Once you contact them you need to send them your design ideas.

  • Approval Phase

In this phase, the designer will contact you with the sample design proof based on the ideas you have sent to them. You can customize the design if you want to. Most companies allow their clients full customization power until they are fully satisfied. So, you can revise the design and send them again. There are no extra charges for revised designs for most of the top-rated companies.

  • Receive Your Coin

In the final phase, you receive your desired coin. Normally it takes two weeks or three to ship the product. But, it also depends on the locality of your shipping address.

So, there is a handful of challenge coin designers online to pick the best one. But only a professional can ensure quality work in these critical works. So, hire the best designer to honor your employees.

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