How to Turn On Your Inner Beast & Accomplish Anything in Business

Like for me, when i’m in business mode david man, i am a beast like i it’s sick, i will so i want you to find that character. You might even have a different name where, when you go into that mode, if you send it – and you don’t even know if it made it to them, you’re like you can just bounce it right off, because you’re inhabiting that side of you and when you’re in The artist mode and you need to have all those emotions and that heart open and that sensitivity you can live in that mode. Hi marine team um. So my name is david and i’m in the uk right now. I would please need some advice with wooing influencers.

So i’m a sports artist and a few years ago i did a project where i was painting athletes and movers of of all kinds and then before i would paint someone i would dm them ask them for the permission then, usually after they saw it, they loved It asked if i could send them the painting and most of the times i did and after i sent it a lot of the times there was like just dead silence or it’s not even that they didn’t share it or anything. Sometimes they didn’t even acknowledge that they received it like sometimes i didn’t know if it got lost in the post um and it left quite a bit of taste in my mouth. So i know there’s potential there. I know there’s other artists, who’ve done similar things and like one of the one, a big athlete picked it up and you know it really kicks out their career, and i know there’s a lot of potential there. I’Ve just for like two years, held myself back as i just i don’t want to put myself in that position where i feel like i’m not taken advantage of because i initiate it, but i wanted to, i don’t know, be reciprocated or i don’t know just feel

Like it’s worse because sometimes i’d literally go into minus like not only have i spent a week doing this, but then i’m paying my last money to ship it across the world to you and yeah. I just felt a bit disappointed by my efforts. Yeah what advice you have, of course i have so many things to share. I can see lisa coming at it. I’M sure michelle has perspective.

So the first thing i want to just set the groundwork. I so admire you for being so honest and transparent, and it is really disappointing and the other thing i admire about. You is your big heart, because you really care and uh just the fact like. I can feel you when you’re talking it’s like god, that stings it’s like the person didn’t even take a moment to acknowledge so um. The human in me sees and loves and respects and admires the human in you, okay. So that’s our baseline

Now, with your permission, i want to shift over to a different lens. Is that Okay? Yes, yes, sir awesome, So here’s where we got to get business

Okay: here’s where we got ta go like okay, There’S this part of me and i’m i’m sensitive and i’m human, and that was disappointing and i honor that i respect that and you know what i’m putting it here and i’m going to get over here and i’m Going to say, I got thick mother, humping skin and i’m going to be more strategic about this and i’m going to say: okay, i’m not going to maybe spend a week on a painting anymore. What? If – and i don’t know if this is possible, so i’m just going to throw out an example and you can kind of tweak it on your own

But what if i could do a painting in like two days rather than five or six or seven days? What If i gave myself the challenge? So i’m not devoting all this time for, like this big unknown. That’S piece number one right piece, number! Two! If you, if they see it – and they say oh my gosh i’d love to i’d love to have that. Can you send it to me you’d say absolutely here’s what i’d love you got. Ta cover shipping and handling right, and you can do that and you can say you know it’s just i’m an artist

I’M sure you can understand as a sports star when you were just starting out. You know i’m a sports artist and this thing is really big and it’s going to take quite a bit to get it around the world to you. Um, i’m happy to ship it to you for this, this that and the other thing um. Oh my gosh somebody. I just need to share this because i get notes from team portland, ina

In the comments share this to david, Your website looks like a million bucks. That’S another artist, just warning you and saying that your website is awesome. Okay, so i just wanted to to put that in um when i say you got to have a thick skin, and i want you to develop that for yourself, your artistry part of why you’re so gifted at what you do is because you got that big heart And you’re sensitive and you got that big intuition right, but that’s not the only piece of you david is it that’s one side was that the smile of recognition? Listen when you mentioned in the beginning that you’re a ninja when it comes to money,

I have the same attitude. I just need to get it right, but i’m not i’m not afraid, i’m not ashamed. I have no limiting beliefs or money. I love money. I love good good, so we’re gon na take that side of you that’s sensitive and awesome.

We’Re gon na say: yeah, you know what some of these mother humpers and we love them, we’re just playing with language. They might not respond to me next next. Next, i’m going to make that money, i’m going to make those connections, numbers game, numbers, game, numbers game. So you might come up with a side of your personality like for me when i’m in business mode, david man – i am a beast like i it’s sick. I will so i want you to find that character.

You might even have a different name where, when you go into that mode, if you send it – and you don’t even know if it made it to them, you’re like you can just bounce it right off, because you’re inhabiting that side of you and when you’re in The artist mode and you need to have all those emotions and that heart open and that sensitivity you can live in that mode. I get in that mode when i’m coaching, that’s why i wanted to ask you permissions, like hey we’re gon na start here, because this is where we are. We want to take that bridge over and get you like nope next, so um i’m going to be quiet because i’m sure that my mentor coaches have more to share. And then i want to make sure that you have enough tactical to go back out there and um. I think it’s a numbers game for you.

That’S why i’m excited about you tightening this time frame, because we just we got to get you producing more and connecting with more people. It’S it’s going to hit it’s just a matter of. We got to make it faster. One thing i would say david, uh david. I really love what marie has said and something that comes to mind.

Is you know dms, while you have them if they’re exclaiming over your work? This is a perfect opportunity to say. Are you okay? If i use this sentence as a testimonial about my work, you can ask them, they can say no, but you would then have a testimonial from the person you’ve painted, which gives you the opportunity to put it on your website, which is really helpful, and that shows Future buyers that you’re getting feedback from the people themselves about how incredible your work is. Screenshot it and say i’d like to use this as a testimonial. Are you okay and i feel like it also is a way where, let’s be honest, sports people busy people in general? It’S like you got to get them while, while they’re hot right, while you’re talking to them you’ve, got ta

You’Ve got ta, have a plan, and so because otherwise they’re off to the next thing or their assistant has moved them along um, and so, when you try to just utilize that that moment to you know, like marie said i, i would happily send this to you. Shipping and handling perfect. Also, are you okay, if i use this as a testimonial i’d like to to show people that you appreciated it as well, and people, generally speaking, are happy to give a testimonial think about our. You know when we have a favorite restaurant or a hair, stylist and somebody says where’d. You get your hair cut and they’re like oh yeah. This person she’s amazing right

So just remember that asking can be scary, but if people really feel moved by your work, they will say yes and follow up. Follow up the the richness are in the follow-up. Follow up like hit those sorry, i’m like i’m getting so fired up, and i also got to say before michelle says something in addition to inna. There are i’m hearing this in caps, i’m seeing this in caps. There are so many people commenting on how great his work and his website are.

So, just yes – and i just wanted to add one more thing: I love how you approach this davey, how you come to this um that you also are looking at the money, because really what this is about. It’S a math problem. So when i say a math problem, it’s all about those numbers and so just keep that always in mind that it’s always about the numbers and also look at the breadcrumb trail. So, in other words, look back to those that you have done this with and that have been responsive and that have taken it to the next level and see if you can kind of delineate what are some of the characteristics.

Because what i’m thinking about to give you even more insights into being intentional about um, who you’re approaching with this and how you’re doing that? Because there’s a lot of evidence there a lot of things in those breadcrumb trails. That will tell you even more about who would be the ideal person to reach out to when i’m thinking about all my math and how many people athletes i’ve reached out to and how many have i done because you’re doing fantastic, and i applaud you for the Courage to get out there and take those actions and make those steps, because that makes a big difference. Fortune’S going to be follow-up too, so for you to show up pleasant and happy, even if there’s no response keep showing up pleasant. Happy never irritated never like, but i sent this to you and i didn’t even know if you got it, you’d be like hey just want to check, make sure you got it.

I saw you won this great game like build in some personal stuff of what they’ve done recently. I saw that recent post you were in greece looks amazing, just wanted to check and make sure that you got what i sent you. I didn’t know if it got lost in the post because of this corona stuff or whatever, but you show up and follow up like that, there’s often fortune in the follow up. I think a lot of it i was holding back was. I think i have a general mentality of

I don’t want to bother people so if i message once and they blanked it, i just like it’s just subconsciously but you’re. Just saying that made me aware of it. Can i tell you how happy i am and what lisa mentioned this, and i will tell this to you while i am not a sports star, i have an extremely busy life and there are times when i legitimately miss things, not because i didn’t care not because I didn’t want to respond because i’m legitimate, i have so much incoming there’s so much happening that it’s just inevitable. So i actually have thanked people because i’m like, oh my god, you wrote to me like i didn’t. Even i think, whatever i missed it, and i was so grateful that a they didn’t make me wrong at all and b that they actually i and it gives me respect for them, because you know why.

I know i’m like oh man they’re on there they’re on their game because it’s important to them, even if i have to decline and say no and they’re like cool, no, no big deal but the fact that they keep following up. And they don’t make me wrong. And they don’t get pissy about it. I’M like i, have total respect, even if it’s not the right fit for me: gold, gold or gold or gold, good good, good good. Thank you very much. You’Re

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So welcome everyone loves you everyone’s talking about how great your work is. Um. Are you on instagram? Yes, can you give us your handle? Tell us how to find you

It’S at david, roman art awesome all together. Awesome. Thank you very much. I love you So much love you!

If you want to get coaching like this from me in b-school, you need to check out the link in the description below so the door’s just open, but only for a limited time. So you got ta head on over to forward Slash enroll to get started. Let’S get back to it um, so my name is nancy and i’m in uh south florida, not quite the caribbean, but it feels like it today um. So my question is as follows: i am a pilot and i lost my job during the pandemic, which was really unfortunate.

Then i got another job, but that really didn’t align with what i was doing anyway. Long story short, i have a youtube channel and from that youtube channel i found out that a lot of people that look like me that don’t look like pilots feel like they. Don’T have enough of a community around them to be able to go through the aviation Journey and feel supported and feel like they have somebody to lean on, and that’s something that i had really experienced myself, because i did it as um. I’M an engineer by trade. First and then i did the piloting as a second career and there’s so many people That are older, older um in their 30s 40s they’re trying and they’re like well. Nobody knows how it feels how to do this, how to come up um as a second career. So then i decided to do a business around that the community of people that are trying to become pilots. That um are maybe not necessarily the quintessential pilot

So then, um i’m running into this problem, that a lot of people keep coming back to me for the free content that i have through my youtube channel or through talking to people one-on-one, because they just ask me to come on on the zoom call or whatever. All of that is really really going fast. However, my offering that i just started last like two weeks ago. Um is a membership and it’s like 15 a month, but it’s hard, because when i do try to market it, for example to my list, people are like well, i don’t have enough money for fly training in the first place. Why would i come to you if you have all this stuff for free anyway, and you talk to us for free also, so why would i be in the in the in the community, so that’s kind of where i’m getting stuck like

I don’t know i don’t know how to not, because the only way people find me is through my free stuff. I do i totally do so. This is definitely a little bit of a naughty one again, you you down for some real talk. Nancy. I believe you are okay good, so we mentioned this a little bit on the last call, and i don’t know if this is going to be accurate or not.

But i think this is a really grounding principle for all of us in business that it’s just a good gut check to put ourselves through when we’re kind of gnawing around an issue like this, so ideal customer avatar right ideal. Being the key word and for me, there’s certain check boxes underneath that and one of the biggest check boxes, underneath that is the ability to afford my products for my services right and so, when i’m listening to you, that’s the flag. The little red alarm bell. That’S going off for me because clearly, not only are you incredibly passionate, talented experienced, you have so much like a wealth of wisdom and support and love and encouragement to share. All of those things are spectacular and , but when i have my business hat on and i hear what you’re telling me it doesn’t add up to a business and then i also get nervous when you say 15 a month.

I would never want to impose my own financial goals on anyone, but when i start doing the math in my mind, the numbers are alarming to me, because i’m not sure what your goals are, but i’m like there would have to be a lot of people like Eager to pay 15 a month in order for me to get nancy to what i think that she might want to be earning through this business right yeah, i did the math and i figured about 200 people a month. Okay would make it work for you yeah, but it feels like you’re having to work really hard for that. Yeah see i the thing is, i don’t know if that’s just because i just started like i just you know, but i feel like with my channel has like 60 000 subscribers. I have an email list with about 4 000 people and only 10 people signed up. So it’s like yeah, you know where’s that disconnect and then, if i do because i was thinking about, i went through b

This is the second time i’m doing b-school the first time i went through it. I was thinking about doing a high ticket course thing, but then, if people already can’t afford or are telling me every time, because i talked to like 30 people as the ica research thing and they’re already telling me that they can’t afford this like. How am i going to ask for like a high ticket thing, you know what i’m saying yeah i do know what you’re saying i do. Generally speaking, i want to talk about some more general principles here. In almost every market there are five to ten percent of people who actually will never buy anything.

That’S too cheap They will only buy the most expensive things because that’s what they go for in life, So i know that you’ve talked to like 30 people or so and by the way, that’s freaking awesome. So i love you for doing that. But here’s what i might suspect those 30 people were eager to get on the phone with you, because they’re not doing anything else and people that tend to tend to have the money to afford something.

That’S a higher offering would never even think about contacting you for free, so i think that, like i don’t know enough about your industry to know whether or not there is enough volume to support what you want to do. I don’t know that, but i’m going to tell you what i do know that also we need to shift your positioning around that you can give away some free stuff, but we have to shift how you see yourself and who you are in the marketplace. You can’t give away the farm for free, you can’t right and people generally speaking again, i’m giving you what i know from like 20 years in business. They will pay anything for what they think is valuable enough right to them. So there is a mismatch.

There’S like a couple of things that are off, i don’t know if i’m going to be able to completely unpack it, but the first piece about ideal customers and not being able to pay. You know that’s like one of the things that knocks people off of being an ideal customer, so i think we have to go back to the drawing board a little bit. I honestly just get nervous for you thinking about like okay, three thousand dollars a month like with any membership, there’s a lot of attrition. There’S like so much volume you have to pump in the front end to be able to get those numbers every month. People naturally fall off, and so i think we have to step back from this a little and do some re-evaluation

That’S just my perspective. I want to open it up to the other mentor coaches, because i’m sure they have uh perspectives to show that are valuable yeah I was, i was thinking the same thing like everything that you said marie uh plus one nancy. What i was, what i was thinking about, Is you have this lesson you have this access to these people who are willing to share um what you might be able to do in that moment of stepping back

Do you think a reevaluation will be helpful, is to unpack and understand from them, so ask them what they actually would pay for um. What are the things where they are actually wanting to invest and and looking to invest, because um finding being able to provide value for them is the thing that’s going to get them to buy things from you, and so the more you understand what they’re willing to Invest in you know that flight school is one thing they’re willing to invest in, and you’ve started to learn that perhaps what you’ve put together right now isn’t the exact right thing. But going back to them and having the conversation, i think after again, you sort of reset who that ica is and will help you just to figure out what what are the things that they need. So not only what do they value, but what do they need? Those two things will get you to a place where you can provide something for them, because it sounds like you’re, very passionate about this group, so you can provide something for them that they need and they will pay money for right.

I think that’s kind of what the hard part is, because i did ask specifically that question: what do you need and then the the answer was they needed um support on their journey, which is not like, because how it works with flight school? Is you have this ground school part, which is just all the learnings that you need to do, which i could be very good at and providing that, but there’s a diamond a dozen ground school things out there already that it’s going to be even harder to compete With but they the specific thing that they had said, especially from it, was like 80 of the people that i had spoken to were saying. I don’t feel supported, and i don’t know how to have a product other than trying to bring people together and talk to each other to feel supportive. I don’t know like it’s so hard to figure out what that, what that’s, what that, what is a value-adding thing for support? What is that

Can i ask one more question support What does support mean to them? Is it a membership community? Is that what they sort of came back with the biggest feedback that i got is that they feel that if they talk to people on social media, for example, and say: hey, i’m a 50 year old dude and i’m going through my flight training. But i’m i’m getting i’m having trouble with landings and it’s taking me x amount of hours and then other young people, young they’re, gon na, say well, i’m 21 years old and i did it in three hours: you’re, just too old.

To do this so they’re saying i need to have a lit, an ear that is not judging right from the back just because i’m different um, i have a question nancy. Would you consider putting out just an offer like not doing a ton of work and just saying hey, i’m accepting like three coaching spots: um they’re a thousand dollars each like putting something out to your list. You got three people who said. Yes, you have three thousand dollars because i can almost guarantee and again this is like i’m i’m just giving you an easy win. I actually think you could probably charge like you know: fifteen hundred two thousand dollars a month for each of those three people, and you would like blow your initial numbers away, wow yeah, that i guess that would just be something i would be scared of doing.

Maybe that’s the point: why would you be scared of it? You just told me about you just told shantae about a great example of someone who’s like invest all this money in flight school. It’S like you can be the ultimate. You know. I don’t know what what you could call it, but it’s like there was ground school and what about

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If it’s like success, school or flight, I don’t know there’s something in here, but i my gut again, you can disregard everything i say, but you are going for, I think you’re going for the wrong people and the wrong end of your market. I think you need to aim high like hot, like talk about fly like you need to fly way higher above the clouds here, because there is a certain you don’t need a ton and then, once you start working with these kind of folks who are willing to Pay who want, like god, if someone’s in their 50s right and they’re, getting beat up on social media? How would they not want to potentially hire you i’m going to

I want to jump into murray. Can i piggyback off you so one thing i’m just hearing. Also nancy, i think, there’s area for opportunity here is to um really to not talk about support in general, to not talk about uh price in general, but to talk about like specific results and what is Going to motivate these people who want to put a little Bit more down to be the best right or to be like you just mentioned an actual problem. Someone has like it’s taking them way more hours right, like it’s taking them so much more time. Maybe that’s something you highlight you talk about hey when you work with me or i can help you expedite this time. I can help you get this done in three hours, so it doesn’t. Take you 30 hours, like i’m gon na expedite that, for you

So, there’s a piece here that i’m missing in communicating very specific results for people, communicating and painting that picture of like this is what life is like. Now, it’s hard you’re diying through the whole thing. You don’t have any structure. You don’t have someone to ask this question to and to ask this question to. That is what you get when you work with me and it’s not for everybody.

That’S what you have to remember: it’s, not your community you’re, serving them on your youtube channel in this way. These people that want to go above and beyond that want to go a little bit higher that want to put some skin in the game to expedite themselves. That’S a tiny percentage of your list, but if you offer it to them, you make it really clear. I i agree with marie: i can almost guarantee there are people just waiting for you to communicate that to say. Oh, my gosh, that that result is exactly what i need.

I need someone to help me expedite this. I need someone to help me score this high on a test. I need someone to help me whatever those things are that like this is the dream experience for flight school list, those out for them, communicate those results to them and then throw that out there and we’re like dying to see you take on this challenge and support You, along the way so remember, come back to us if you want to hash any of these things out we’re in the members area, underneath all the videos like we’re there to help support you through this all right yeah. I will have to do this. Top gun nancy, like the top gun, is the thing it’s like. The top gun coach right.

I don’t know that could be like a horrible freaking reference. You can hate it. That’S fine, I don’t care, but do you get what i’m saying it’s like the positioning of that person and kelsey nailed it like you need to talk about those pain points. It’S like you know that copy could almost write itself.

People are telling you like: Oh do you feel that punch in a gut when you’re talking about you know having to nail this landing and it’s taking you five hours and some 21 year old says: hey dude. I did it too. It’S like. Let me let me help You prove why, if you don’t look the part or feel the part, because of your background, your gender, your age, whatever i’m going to show you how to be the best of the best and have this second career, be your best career Yeah yeah

That’S exactly what that’s exactly sign me up, i’m i’m not even a pilot. I want to be one now. I just want to add one thing, because i think there’s an opportunity that you you’re one of going to want to consider, and that is who is the ice skate for the people who actually do enroll in flight school? Those are the people who are committed and are putting on the line right right, so you may even want to look and say: okay, so are these individuals, my buyer, or is there a potential for me to partner with some flight schools yeah? What’S the value in them offering that will they get better outcomes with the people who participate, because they’re also supported through that so you’re going to want to do some research around that to prove that value and approve what the results are?

But that is another opportunity that you can look at, because that will also help you filter the people who are not willing to pay versus the people who are willing to pay. And you may even do some kind of partnership with the right flight school. Where that becomes part of the program – and you get paid that way, yes, yeah find a way to add value. I’Ve had two flight schools they reached out for an affiliate program uh or at least – and i guess the only thing with that is – is that i feel like then i’m still i’m still working for somebody else. Instead of working for myself, you see what i’m saying.

If you are an affiliate commission, well, it kind of is because they want me to then make videos in their airplanes so that they get more um. That’S that’s here, or there right. You may want to do it. You may not want to do it. We’Re not going to go down that mark, but i think the overarching message that you keep getting here is like you need to aim higher yeah

Definitely i will definitely work on that. Thank you for your, so welcome hi um. Sorry. I wasn’t expecting that hi, i’m tom and i’m based in london – and i am uh well a theater director writer, but also an acting coach and um. I’Ve worked in the industry for 10 years well, actually, 16 years but 10 years as a director and you know, theater industry has took such a a big hit, especially in london in new york and i’ve decided over the last couple of years to i was doing Coaching around my projects, like my theater, directing projects um, and then i found the last two years.

Actually, while we’re in the first lockdown lots of actors were reaching out to sort of use the time if they had a bit of you know extra or savings, They have to invest in themselves. So i thought: okay, i’m going to center the coaching and make it more of a business that is, you know, i suppose, at the center of my work and is around my creative writing and directing projects, and i’m now at the Point where i mean this course Has literally changed everything in terms of my mindset and as a director you’re used to not putting yourself out there as much despite being an actor many years ago. There’S a reason i’m not now, so i suppose it’s um building a website, um copy, um building. My list i’ve been following: The friendships, has really helped um Well,

New clients who um didn’t know me have come on board, have been through incentives, i’ve sent to agents and i’ve given like a 15 discount because of this time, and now that started to run out, i’m start struggling to attract uh new clients booking with me, and I suppose i’ve got a concern about my um, my pricing, because, what’s hard is i’m new to um, centering, the business and the direct approach, which is what i’ve called my my business. But i’ve been working in the industry for over 10 years and worked at the national theater and worked with the camera recognition. I’Ve got credentials but new to sort of coaching as my main thing, so i’m sort of am i making sense. Let me interrupt you because we have a lot of people asking tom. Do you have your site yet there’s just a lot of folks who want to connect with you if you’re yeah

Thank you. Thank you yeah, So it’s um, www dot tom hyphen, o’brien, dot, co, dot, uk, oh fantastic, someone’s just put in so thank you very much um any feedback on my site and copy. That’S not clear from fellow b-schoolers would be awesome, you’re, so sweet. So, first of all, this question is very close to my heart, because i don’t know if you know this, but my partner is an actor he’s also director so um the entertainment industry, theater film tv, i’m in it all the time and um. So a couple of things that i want to say first, what caught my ear is that you have connected with agents and different people who you made a special offer to and they’ve been sending you clients right and you’re like well, that’s kind of running out, i’m Like well, how can we have that not run out, and how might we adjust your pricing as such so that you can offer hey if you come through this particular agency, you come through this manager.

You come through this acting school, you come through x, y or z. Here is this 15 discount yeah, which may incentivize people so like and the bigger lesson for everyone else, who’s watching who is not in acting or in theater? We want to pay attention to. What’S working and see how to do more of that so any time anything in our business seems to have a flow or you know, there’s something about it. We’Re like wow, that’s working!

Let’S do more of that. I discovered that early on in my business, when i would get in front of other people’s audiences and share my content. I was like wow, i didn’t have money for advertising at all, but i could share the out of my content. I could deliver value to people, That’S my time so for you, that’s something that i think you need to pursue.

There are so many acting schools, universities places throughout europe near you who there are scores right of performers and you forming relationships with them is going to be great. Second thing: i want to say before opening it up my gut hit, and this is you can decline. It or say that’s not true, All good is that the biggest thing for you is to just own your expertise like you’ve got some energy in you, That’S kind of holding back around like, but i’m new at this coaching thing and having this be the forefront of My business and i’m like all that forget that, like you have so many great credentials and one of the things i’ve at least observed about incredible artists, Like you, you’re gon na, have things shift and change. There’S light at the end of the tunnel.

We don’t know what the next six months twelve months, it looks like right, so you owning how great you are as a performer as a director as a writer and just having that be like boom, and i also advise consult coach. You just slot it right in, but i want you to just let go of the energy of being a little bit back on your heels and not so sure, and not so confident and own it does that make sense. You you’ve just really hit something like. I know in my session i’m good at what i do. I know the results i mean three clients

I’Ve worked with recently have booked jobs, you know, there’s there’s the craft there and the work and the working for free that i’ve turned in and also the experience is all there. But you absolutely – and i think british – we are sorry, sorry literally jumping forward and going owning that and actually that’s something. I’Ve really learned through this course to get better at because when i mean i’m in that coaching session rehearsal, i’m there i’m able to it’s that jump so yeah. That would be a good observation. It’S true, and let me say this too, because i have first of all, i, like my publishers, i have team

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I have such great relationships with um with folks in the uk, and i get that us as americans for many of them for much of the world, not just the uk we’re a little overbearing, we’re a lot and that confidence can sometimes be off-putting. It can sometimes be like arrogant, they’re this, but so tom, i don’t want you to do anything, that’s outside of what is comfortable for you. You don’t have to be over the top, but i saw, as you were talking the confidence level that you have when you’re in your craft. We just want to match that it’s so incredibly attractive, and i mean that, in the way of as an artist, you feel a sense of safety when someone has that confidence in how they’re presenting does that. Does that make any kind of sense?

So the the attraction is more of like an energetic kind of thing, like artists are so sensitive, and so for you to have that confidence in your website and like just own it again, it doesn’t have to be over the top. American doesn’t have to be something. That’S not authentic to you, but i need that energy to come forward just like when you do when you coach or when you’re on stage or when you’re writing, that’s yeah and and – and i think that’s why i’m sort of attracted to american training and coaching and That and actually i’ve got some american clients and it’s something that i’ve been observing and recognizing. So it’s yeah we’re yeah, it’s yeah, because i feed off that. So i sort of need to be informed by that and suppose let that manifest in many ways and only price might help.

Then because i put my price on the website, which is my sort of non-discounted, You know if you googled and just wanted that and i think the confidence of that pricing, whilst i know, is probably right. It’S yeah, i mean you yeah you’ve. I think you’ve exposed exactly what what my issue is. It’S owning that yeah

You know chechi anything else that you all want to uh add for tom. I noticed the same thing. I even noticed that when you were talking tom – and you started talking about yourself, you physically took a step back from the camera and i was like oh, where did he go so it’s kind of like the spotlight is on you and if you just take one Step forward, the spotlight is on you, so it’s not like you have to come out and do your show stopper and every you know every time, but step forward into that light, so that people do see what you’re bringing to the table and, like marie said people Will feel safe around you, they will also open up more, which means you’ll be able to really help them and get results in a way that you might not be able to, because you’ll create the safe space for them to be vulnerable too yeah yeah. I love that because we all picked out on the same thing and in my head, i’m, like you have over 10 years like that is huge that experience that you have to bring to your people. That is huge that is giving them so much value and experience.

So it’s really the same thing owning and stepping into the power that you have yeah. Thank you so so it’s i suppose it’s about also creating the space that i have in a rehearsal room or skype that i have that feels safe. You know when it’s a one-to-one coaching session, it’s maybe taking that energy if i’m doing content and copy and advertising yeah tom the question i want you to write down right now by the way, apparently you’re getting lots of love in the comments. This is for you and for everyone. How would you behave if you were the best in the world at what you do, that is both how you’re showing up right, how you’re creating your content and that, most importantly, that energy of owning it now that again being the best in the world at what You do doesn’t mean that you’re arrogant doesn’t mean that you’re not open to learning. That actually means that you’re always open to learning, but you bring it when you show up every single time.

Thank you. That’S that’s the journey. Thank you So much. That’S really really really helped and um yeah thanks for just be schooling and changing things for us and everyone really

So, Thank you. Thank you so much for calling on me i’m going to cry. Um. I’Ve been in business for 33 years, i’m going to be 78 years old this year and i have had a successful coaching business.

I’Ve trained money, coaches internationally, and i felt that i really needed to have software. That has not only the numbers built in, but the emotional, psychological and spiritual aspect of a person’s relationship with money and in the early days that wasn’t hard. It was paper and pencil and then it was excel And then in 2013 we launched our first website um, But i mean web-based, but it’s really old now, and so i decided okay, am i going to just let this last software just die at natural death or Am i going to launch a new program, so my husband and i we’re traveling around europe?

We found some developers in barcelona last year and january. First, we launched money, grit, money, grit dot and it has a business version and a personal version. But in the past the money, the software was primarily for the coaches to work with their clients and to do this type of investment now and i and because technology is easier, we’re designing it so that it’s much easier to use for person who wants to improve Their relationship with money, because we’re not taking in investors and doing this on our own i’m having a challenge deciding where to put my marketing dollars, because you know we have – and this is what’s confusing when we worked with clients, we would always want to start them On their personal finances first, so they would know how much money they needed to earn and then they can do their business because now they know what they need to earn and then they know what they need to to start and grow their business. So personal, that’s been our major but also business, and i like as a coach to start them in personal and then business, but the business market would be great as well. So i’m really having a hard time deciding where to put my marketing dollars and do i do it in advertising.

Okay, so first of all, god bless you because you’ve been in business longer than all of us on this call right now, 33 years, that i think that is just incredible um, it’s hard! It’S a challenging decision and you know it’s hard because there might not be one right move a couple of things to consider and by the way, any other mentors that have hits on this. I want you to dive in and feel free to. You know cut me off if you need to um and we’re going to go a little bit longer, so everyone on b-school listening right now, um. I just want to make sure that we really addressed your your question karen, and it’s probably going to take us just a little bit past the hour.

Okay, So if there’s any way that you can potentially have like two landing pages where you could run a little bit of a split test, you know just put a little bit of marketing dollars to see in terms of interest who would opt into whether it’s the Personal Side or the business side that might be a lower cost way to gauge which side to put your marketing dollars on. My instinct tells me it’s the business side yeah, especially given what we’ve all been through, what business owners have gone through in the past year or so, and business owners like myself. We are really excited to invest in making our businesses more profitable and i completely get you know that may not be true. The test might not bear that out.

So that’s what having like just an interest page, a landing page, something super simple, that you could throw, whether it’s a couple hundred or a couple thousand dollars at each one to see what you get. But that’s where i would go. If i were you, one of the biggest hurdles, perhaps for you is knowing that you’re such a good, coach and you’ve had all these years and you’re like i love to take people from personal to business and like this is how it’s working all this time. But for this new chapter you may have to scramble that up a bit and let go of the way that you’ve done it in the past focus on one to get it really profitable and the reason why i love nice, big profit margins, which can come from The business oriented crowd is that it can help you fund the refinement of that, but then you can apply to the personal side, which naturally is is going to reach a larger audience and sometimes larger audiences. The profit margins go down.

Okay, thank you We’Re our sales pages should be going up in the next few days, and so we could actually start doing that right away. Yeah great any of my other mentors have um additions. Other frames to add for karen, i was gon na. Add one thing: that’s more heart!

Based so when you do, the split testing also pay attention to which one you hope will do better, because we often underestimate that and that energy, and that love and passion that you have for one or the other will go into the experience. Not just for you. But also the people you’re working with thank you for that. It’S one of the things i’ve loved about this course is. You know the heart connection that you all talk about and and marie you’re, just beautiful

That way, the way you talk about appreciations – and you know just following your heart – it’s really beautiful and i have done that. I felt like i’ve had a guardian angel just guiding me for these 33 years. You have, and you know what i love, that you just shared that because um that would be, i don’t know what your practices are around that, but i have especially lately, in these past couple months, been very vocal about asking my uh guardian angels. My spirit guides for indications and for assistance, and then i get those indications, so i feel like uh. This may be a wonderful time to vocalize request those signs and those signals, because clearly it’s like karen, you and your team, like i can’t tell you it just fills my heart.

First of all, you know how much i love money. It’S like one of my favorite topics ever so many that you’re um you’re producing this next chapter for yourself and that you’ve been doing so so successfully for over 30 years. It’S just it’s! What a brilliant way to wrap up this session of b-school! Thank you, and that is our goal. You know it’s not just money management rear view mirror it’s like

How do you create the kind of life that you want and see what the numbers are telling you yeah? Well we’re all cheering you on i before i know anyone else gina. Thank you for that ad. No, it sounds like uh, my other mentors we’re all aligned. We believe erin

Please keep us posted Okay, wonderful! Thank you! So much all of you yeah! Thank you!

Karen and we’ll see you soon, i really hope you enjoyed this b-school live coaching session. You know one of the things we talk so much about in b-school is how to price your products and your services, and if this is something that you want to learn more about right now, watch this episode. It’S gon na help. You figure out what to charge and still make your customers feel like they are getting a steal. So click here and watch it right now.




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