What is your definition of technology? What is technology in simple words? What is technology and its importance? What is the main use of technology?

Familiar Yourself with the Art of Buying and Selling on eBay

eBay is a top-notch platform for buyers and sellers. There are so many vendors on this platform that predicting your…

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Disruptive Tech Research founder questions Truth Social’s competitive edge

Joining me right now is disruptive tech, research, founder and chief analyst lou bassanese lou. It’S great to see you…

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Do TikTok Tech Hacks Work?

Today we are putting TikTok Tech Hacks to the test. That’S a lot of Ts. ( bell: dings ) (…

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Scientists Terrifying New Discovery Under Sahara Desert !

This is the map of Africa. If you look to the South, you will see lush vegetation with lots of…

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10 Incredible Tech Gadgets You Must Have

I take you through ten incredible gadgetsthat. I found to be invaluablein the market. These days.Hi guys welcome to the…

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