The 30 Most Beautiful Natural Sites In California

Hello nature lovers: in today’s video we will explore the 30 most beautiful natural sights in , be sure to watch to the end number one is incredible: let’s start right with number 30, which is ojai valley, located northwest of l.a and east of santa barbara ohio valley Is running completely east-west, which is where you can experience the so-called pink moment a brief moment before sunset that creates a warm glow on the mountains. Number 29 big bear lake, the jewel of the san bernardino national forest. ’S largest recreational lake is worth visiting in all seasons and offers spectacular sights around every corner mountains. Forests, waterfalls, wildlife.

The trails in this area are perfect for all nature lovers: number 28: the cypress tree tunnel in point reyes, national seashore, located about 45 miles north of the golden gate bridge. You can drive through a long scenic tunnel of monterey, cypress trees, wake up early in the morning and you might see the sun rays shine through the tunnel. Number 27 is the ancient bristlecone pine forest at more than 4000 years old. These are some of the oldest trees in the world in ancient bristol cone, pine forest, their growth forms and the coloring of the wood is eye-catching and fascinating. Number 26 manchester located about 200 miles north of sacramento.

This potentially active volcano with its many trails, breathtaking waterfalls and scenic lakes, is always worth visiting. The impressive view of manchester is visible from many miles away. Number 25 anza borrego desert state park. ’S largest state park is in the colorado desert of southern , and although it’s just two hours from san diego anza borrigo, is a different world. You’Ll discover cactus, spotted slopes, badlands palm oases and canyons number 24.

The general sherman tree in around 2000 years old, the general sherman tree, is the largest known living single stem tree on earth by volume being already 275 feet high and having a diameter of 25 feet. This giant sequoia adds enough wood to make another 60 foot tall tree yearly. Number 23 are the mossberry falls which are considered one of the most scenic waterfalls in the state. This unique waterfall is a moss moss-draped cliff where the springs coursing down the canyon wall create an effect of many waterfall streams. It’S very unique and won’t disappoint.

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Number 22 gray whale cove state beach about 18 miles south of san francisco. This california state park has a protected cove enclosed by cliffs, dropping directly into the ocean gray whale cove state beach has its name thanks to the gray whales that can often be spotted close to the beach number 21 bernie falls in mac. Arthur bernie falls memorial state park, which is the second oldest state park in california. Even during the dry summer months, the bernie falls provide an almost constant daily flow rate of 100 million gallons. President theodore roosevelt even called defaults.

The eighth wonder of the world number 20 is bowling ball beach in mendocino county be sure to check the tide shards before you visit this beach, as the rocks that look like bowling balls are just exposed when the tide is out. This place is perfect for tight, pooling too number 19, the napa valley and sonoma valley vineyards. Here it depends on you. Napa is the more costly region, while sonoma is more far-reaching and laid-back. It’S twice the size of napa and produces far more grapes, but both have romantic vibes and offer incomparable beauty.

Number 18 mendocino coast. Mendocino county features more than 90 miles of dramatic coastline. You can explore cliffs as well as quiet, protect the coasts you can breathe in fresh cool air and experience panoramic views of the pacific ocean number 17. The vernal falls in yosemite national park. This 317 foot waterfall is among the most powerful in the national park.

It flows the whole year, but by the end of summer it is considerably reduced and can split into multiple strands. Number 16 point: lobos state natural reserve, preserved by two marine protected areas. Point lobos is known as the crown jewel of california state parks. It’S one of the richest marine habitats in the state and australian-born landscape artist. Francis mccomas called this place.

The greatest meeting of land and water in the world number 15 bump his hell in lassen volcanic national park bomb passel has the largest concentration of hydrothermal features in the park, while walking the three mile round trip trail from the parking area. You’Ll experience a stunning panorama of peaks, colorful soils and turquoise pools number 14 antelope valley poppy reserve located in the western mojave desert at an elevation ranging between 2 600 and 3 000 feet as the puppies don’t bloom all year round, be sure to visit during the Wildflower season, which is from mid-february till may number 13, are the algodonnis dunes located near the border of arizona and mexico. This 8 by 40 miles large area, is the largest mass of sentience in the state of california and has been used as the setting of movies. Like lawrence of arabia and star wars, number 12, fern canyon, a canyon in the parikh creek redwood state park. This stunning mini canyon was described by steven spielberg as an unforgettable natural wonder which he chose as a location for jurassic park 2.

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While you won’t see towering redwoods here, citcos peruse and other conifers around fern canyon, number 11 pebble beach on the monterey peninsula. This region is packed with natural beauty. Walk along the boardwalk above the beach at spanish bay enjoy watching the legendary lone cypress and visit the giant trees at crocker. Grove also pascadera point with its ghost trees is a unique destination with sun-bleached overgrown cypress trees. We’Ve reached the top 10, which starts with the south tufa area at mono.

Lake mono lake is the oldest lake in north america and is home to some other worldly natural features. The tufa of mono lake are unusual limestone formations formed by carbon accumulations over thousands of years number nine mesquite flat sand dunes in death valley national park named for the mesquite tree that grows in the area. The dunes are known for dramatic shadows at dawn and dusk, as ripples and edges in the dunes are highlighted in higher contrast, observing death, valley’s, well-known, dark night skies is also a great experience. Number eight is the channel islands national park, although being close to the shore. The channel islands have been relatively undeveloped.

You can find over 2 000 species of plants and animals in the national park, including the channel island foxes, sea lions, seals, pelicans and lizards marine life around the islands ranges from microscopic plankton to dolphins, to endangered blue wheels. Number seven glass beach in fort bragg, mixed into the pebbles you’ll, find polish colorful pieces of glass which give this beach its name till 1967. This place was a dumping site and, over the years, nature transformed the old, broken glass into the smooth beautiful pieces. That can be found on the beach if you want to learn about some other beautiful beaches be sure to watch my video about the best beaches to visit in the us. Also, if you like this video and don’t want to miss my videos in the future, don’t forget to subscribe to my channel number 6 moyer woods national monument, this cathedral of redwoods houses, trees that are several hundred years old and up to 250 feet.

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High redwood creek flows the whole year through the park and there’s plenty of wildlife, including deer, owls, chipmunks, skunks and river otters. Number five catalina harbour on catalina, island, catalina, harbour or cat harbor, as it is called by locals, is the calmest tower on the island that offers a peaceful escape from the buzzing l.a due to it being cut deep into the island. The harbour is also sheltered from prevalent breezes and big waves. Catalina island also has some of the cleanest waters in the world number four: are the magway falls in big sur, the turquoise water in the breathtaking beautiful bay, the magic waterfall falling directly on the beach and the view of the pacific ocean create a gorgeous experience.

The magwave falls are almost directly on pacific coast, highway, be sure to watch my video about its best stops number three: the bridal whale fall in yosemite national park. This year-round-flowing waterfall is with 617 feet in height one of the most prominent waterfalls in yosemite, impressive views and the breathtaking experience of the national park’s natural beauty blend perfectly with a fairly easy hike to the vistas. Number 2 is emerald b at lake tahoe. Mark twain, titled lake tahoe, as the fairest picture the whole earth affords emerald bay state park is a big reason why it’s amazing bee with fanette island right in the middle boasts some of the best views of the entire lake. This combined with lake tahoe’s crystal clear water makes the lake always worth visiting number one of the most beautiful natural sights in california is hidden valley in joshua tree national park.

Hidden valley is probably one of the most beautiful and scenic hiking trails in the park and offers a view of the enormous rock formations surrounded by the typical joshua trees and all the other flora, including juniper oak yucca, and various cacti [ Music, ]

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