Top 10 ways Twinkl’s “Ari”, built exclusively for educators, can decrease teacher workload and increase well-being


The AI Personal Assistant, Ari, is exclusively designed for educators, reducing workload, enhancing well-being for educators, and creating more engaging learning experiences for students . It offers a range of capabilities that transforms the teaching experience. Here’s how it can revolutionize education:

Streamlined Lesson Planning: Ari can speed up the lesson planning process by analyzing the curriculum, identifying learning objectives, suggesting and resources, as well as assessments that allow teachers to save time and concentrate on teaching.

Distinctive Discussion Topics: The AI assistant also generates engaging classroom discussion topics using wide educational databases and current events. It helps stimulate critical thinking and create a dynamic learning environment.

Icebreaker : Educators can now access a variety of interactive icebreaker through this AI assistant. These promote teamwork, inclusivity, and social interaction, thus contributing to a positive classroom culture..

Classroom Strategy Ideas: Ari also offers tailored classroom strategy ideas, enhancing teaching strategies which includes differentiation, group work, and formative assessment techniques.

Precise Term Definitions: The AI assistant adjusts the complexity of key terms to make each grade level, ensuring better comprehension aligned with students’ cognitive abilities.

Resource Recommendations Appropriate for Students’ Skill Level: With access to an extensive database of educational resources, Ari provides age-appropriate materials, from books to , enabling educators to develop enriching learning experiences.

Customized Quizzes: With the Ari quiz creation feature, teachers can now effortlessly make quizzes of varying difficulty levels. The AI adapts questions based on student performance and provides targeted feedback for further growth.

School Newsletter Ideas: Ari extends support to school communication by suggesting captivating ideas for newsletters, keeping parents and the community informed about educational trends and achievements.

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Understanding Student AI Usage: The AI assistant empowers educators by providing insights into students’ use of AI-based tools and platforms. This enables teachers to offer relevant guidance and digital literacy support.

Comprehension Questions: Lastly, Ari helps teachers create comprehension questions tailored to the subject. As a result, it helps facilitate assessment and learning reinforcement.

In conclusion, a personal AI assistant, Ari’s advanced features and capabilities aim to alleviate the workload of teachers by offering personalized support in lesson planning, discussions, resource suggestions, and assessments. By doing so, Ari empowers educators to focus on their primary mission: fostering a love for learning and shaping young minds.

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