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How to Earn Money Online From Mobile | 17 Ways to Make Money Online From Mobile Phone

I am going to tell you 17 ways to make money from this mini-computer. You cannot call it a mobile, it’s a mini-computer. Now These 17 methods are for students, females housewives, the disabled or anyone else sitting in his/her house and can earn money in any condition. You can earn thousands and lakhs every month from this, while sitting at home.

I will not go into the details, because I can only show you the way but cannot hold your hand and make you walk. You will have to walk by yourself. These are not schemes and even not a method to click here and there, nor anything rubbish. This could be your whole career. You can do this as a job and if you are interested in making money – and you are in pursuit of it – then do subscribe to my channel

It’S been 6 years since I am teaching you how to make money, How to make yourself precious how to enhance your skills.

My introduction is that at the age of 21 I was a dollar millionaire At the age of 12. I started to make money. That’S why I push you that as soon as you start learning skills in life and start making money, you will be easy in your life in the upcoming days. So there are 17 ideas. Let’S start with chat support. Nowadays there is the trend of e-commerce. Every website is operating 24 hours, hence they need a 24 hours live customer service And this job is growing, especially for girls.

Again, I can explain to you that, on my YouTube channel, I have displayed a full video and fully performed an interview of a lady one of our sisters who do this work? Ok. The second idea is video editing. You are seeing this video, a vast majority of videos, can be edited through mobile

Again, if you want to learn, then there is my short course: you can write Azad Chaiwala video editor on YouTube and there are 23 minutes free course video and will make you a good and professional video editor with free software. 3Rd thing is graphic. Designing, yes, Adobe packages are now started to launch for mobile phones and up to a good level, you can do photo editing and a little bit of graphic designing on a mobile phone

So that’s another profession to which I will force you to learn. The 4th thing would be social media management. You can see by yourself my TikTok account almost 600,000 followers are there. You can also see Instagram Facebook, 8-. 9. Lakh followers are there. All these accounts are managed on mobile phones, the customer support the posts, uploading, the uploading of the videos etc, And every company requires a social media manager every celebrity and every person who is on a higher post

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This is really a good option. If you want to learn it, Its investment is very low and every person knows it. If you can manage your own Facebook and YouTube account, then you can easily manage it for someone else. The next one which is related to this would be social media marketing. My editors here are Alhamdulillah, very capable. I asked them and confirmed it, and I have been doing social media marketing since the time when social media was not even started.

Ok, you can say social media was started in 2004 with myspace Facebook and all that, so I am doing online marketing before that, and I have a lot of experience that you can do this work on a mobile phone. The 6th idea would be content writing for someone else. You can do content, writing, proofreading, writing editing for someone or you can run your own blog. This all can be done on a mobile phone. The 7th item would be stock. Photography,

Stock videography

I have told you in a lot of videos that the videography is increasing against the photography and you can earn more money from it Nowadays. The mobiles. Ok, I have iPhone 12, but I also have 2 iPhone 6. Ok, you can make presentable videos in it and you can sell them and you can also generate a income. 8Th would be social media influencers. If you want to see the current example then have a look at TikTok.

As soon as TikTok came to Pakistan than I can say, more than 100 people became major TikTok influencers

What did they all use their own mobile phones? Every person has his own different style and niche, and you also find yours. These people can even make 200,000 400,000 or 500,000 for even cutting a ribbon, and recently I have seen them in advertisements for VIVO and Nescafe. They have become such a big celebrity just because of a mobile. You can also become one of them.

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The 9th idea is also the same running a YouTube channel. It’S a and a strong thing. Your reputation also increases, even you show yourself on screen or not. Both types of content can be created, And this can be your best source of income. The 10th idea is a virtual assistant. You will find fewer jobs on Fiverr, but more could we find on Upwork and freelancer

Com, The duties of a virtual assistant can be performed through a mobile phone

That mobile, which is in your pocket 11th idea, which is running for a longer period, Tutoring A lot of our people, are used to teaching the Holy Quran. But one of my cousins is in Islamabad and he is running a successful in which he teaches Maths. English and different languages as well

I have even seen people teach cooking

You can also do this work. If you want to start this service on your own, then you can display an advertisement on social media that I can teach you cooking. I can teach you this thing. You will need the same camera, your mobile phone and you can do live streaming and zoom or skype sessions, And as long as the demand is concerned after COVID, it has increased a lot.

Every person now wants to learn safely from home, especially foreigners. Then our people can earn Dollars and Pounds from them, but the condition is that, as I always tell you that you must have any skill, Skill can always be sold and it costs you nothing. It’S not a stock that you have stored. It’S in your mind,

Keep on teaching keep on earning The 12th idea is a voice-over artist. It can be used in advertisements while telling a story in YouTube videos and is demanded everywhere. If you can speak, ok, if you can tell a story, then voice over artist. There are a lot of gigs In my life. I think I have bought voice over services for 400 or 500 videos and where I already discussed YouTube and the quality of the camera. I think my first 300 videos were filmed on iPhone 5 and look at Irfan Junejo. If you know him

And his first vlog series was filmed on iPhone 7

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Those phones were launched, 5-8 years back 13th idea, mobile, app testing game testing. If you know me, then you know that for a longer period, I am attached to game development. If I say that at the age of 21 I was a dollar millionaire. That was because of the gaming industry.

I have hundreds of maybe 1000 plus games and to test those games. I need to hire a game tester, So this is a job that you can do from your mobile. Obviously, it’s a mobile app, but you need to be disciplined in this Again. You can also visit Fiverr and if you visit other freelancing sites, then you will get jobs related to it. The 14th idea would be a call centre worker. What I know about the UK is that a vast majority of Banks call centres or any other service centres which I used to know. If now I call them the call receiver is now sitting at his home. I even can hear their childrens voice in the background.

They are all doing work on mobile

Their apps can work there and now you can work on a call center, even if it’s from the UK or wherever, but you can work from your home. So that’s a really good advantage to our people, because our cost of entry is very low, but you need to be talented. The 15th idea is Data Entry. There is not a lot of money in data entry, but its jobs are easy to find.

The vast variety of data entry jobs, which is copy and paste, can be performed through a mobile phone. The 16th idea would be transcription and translation. Both of these tasks can be performed on a mobile phone. In the coming period. You will be able to see the Urdu translation of my YouTube channels: videos into English. Up till now, six videos have been completed.

And at last there would be basic, sound editing and mixing

To make every video strong sounds are added to it. Voice can also be recorded in it. Professional sound mixing, softwares are also launched, And that’s it

These were the 17 ideas from which you can make money From some ideas.

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