It’S beautiful, okay, yeah, just ignore the trim, ignore theabsolutely, atrocious, improvised standing, desktopbehind me but, as you just saw in that intro duringthe intersemester break, we absolutely sent it fora week’s holiday in spain. It was actually metwo of my flatmates and then one of my matesthat they’d. Never met before so they met as weleft the holidays, which is pretty mad, but itturned out great, as you can see in this videoi didn’t just want to do the typical standardtravel montage. Obviously, i’ve got that and it’sgoing to be wicked you’re going to see that buti also wanted to offer some value for you guys, inthis video, i run through every single thing: thatwe spent money on on that holiday and exactlyhow much everything costs. So hopefully, you guyscan get a better idea of how much it would costyou go on a week holiday whilst at universityand with that being said, i hope you enjoy all ofthe vibes of this video.

Let’S get into it. Dad it’shot really time we’re on a week’s trip to spainand. This is everything that i can take. Literallythis is it for a week’s holiday should be funlet’s, get it back. Luggage is super expensiveso.

The plan was just to put one of our clothesout there. All we had to do was just grab our bag. Then came the moment that emery, the one you allknow and love met chris and jorge the very firsttime, and this was honestly going to make or breakthe holiday yo. Vladimir, thank you for your name. Oh, hey, not george!

In the car we arrived at the airport okay, so we actually put this holiday throughan, app called lucky trip and the entire holidayflight and four nights the apartment we’restaying at was in total, including the studentdiscount. Only a hundred and two pounds eachand on that note: let’s get to malaga together this man completely marked it we’ll pass. The seatand had to push back through everyoneto get back to his c absolute classic. I don’t know how we managed to clutch thisso much. We arrived with no clothes and noway to get to the hotel.

We managed to finda train to malaga, bore all of our clothesfrom primark for just 15 pound 46 andgrab, some dinner. We then managed to finda bus to know her and got on literally as it wasleaving for only three pounds. 92, bearing in mindit was almost a two hour bus journey that wasinsane how the [ __ ] did we manage that so well, baby, you think. Oh, this is nicenow. There’S one thing: one thingthat.

We were all dying to have for the latenight conversations, and that was a balcony. Oh my god, all right, this place is mad. We just got inand. It is an absolute blessing, so we’ve gotthe milestone we’re going to give a fullroom tour tomorrow. It’S just a quick viewit’s, a little master bedroom.

This is where meand we’ll be sleeping. Although we’re alternatingon the sofa bed lovely little kitchen here, comethrough sheesh, let me jump yeah, you guys can do it uh just right down to the beach just whenthey explored everywhere. Someone saw allof the shops and stuff that was out obviouslyit’s two o’clock in the morning, nothing’s quiteopen, so we’re back back at the apartment. It’Scurrently, 2. 30.

We’Re going to get changed in thei’m, not going to change, i’m going to get up, andgo 11 go down to the shop, go, buy loads of foodbuy breakfast and then we’re going to go. Downtownto the beach have a nice beach day. We’Re going tocome up have some lunch play some paddle it’sa spanish sport that always been wanted to playfor eight years, so we’re going to play comeback. Pre on the balcony go out for some drinksand, then go out come in or find something to doso yeah should be a good day. See you tomorrowsummer days of cigarettes, say you don’t haveno regrets, but you gon na forget that tomorrowunderpaid and overstressed upon me clean butlife’s, a mess, so i actually locked myselfout on the balcony here and then i tried to wakehenry out to get him to open the door For me, buthe thought i was pranking him or doing somethingstupid, so he just didn’t come so i was out therefor it.

She had 10 minutes. He finally came tothe centers and let me in but yeah not the worstplace to be stuck outside, but yeah, no idea whenyou’re in shorts and a teacher and it’s freezing supplies we’re going to try it so give it a little reviewand. Then he’s going to bless us with the goodstuff because wait is it different prices? Foryou know the different names for the good stuff, um sponges to clean stuff and this soap? Let’S go to the beach beach time.

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Toget away, say, say what the girl says just go to the beach now one more time. Oh all, right as we got back from thebeach, went outside onto the balconyhad a little drink and just had like areally deep chat with the sunset i wassuch a vibe, and i were going overto play fidel for the first timehoy uh is introducing us to the spanish Sport ican’t, wait: let’s go city lights and conversations conversations, people you don’t like wasting nightsin strangers, basements, say you’re doing finepretty eyes are always vacant baby, a societyjust cause you’re a star. No, it doesn’t mean that’s why i played bad ofcourse, of course, of courseand the racket as well. Myunique racket just was badwhat. What is this?

Oh, i almost just died with a [ __ ]. What is sport? You’Ve shown us the wavesall right and it was beautiful. Uh, what was thescore of rules we all want them to, apart from him that defend beautiful. It was at this point that we realized ratherthan buying two big bottles of 29 alcohol, forone pound 80, each we’d, actually boughttwo bottles of 29 orange and apple juicefor, one planet.

Each just listen to this videoyou’re gon na hear the chaos unfold. It is a tragedy. What, obviously we haven’t given you, the modern emery’sgodly room , so here’s the room well, apologiesfor. The mess we’ve settled in a few days and we’retrying to go out, but this is the room, so you comeinto the front door, you come here and then onyour right is the first room. This is actuallymy room, so you come in here.

You’Ve got the bedyou’ve got the mirrors uh, you open the cupboardi just got like clothes and stuff in there. Wedidn’T actually bring many clothes because wedidn’t want to get luggage. Then you come acrosshere and then you’ve got like my um hangers andstuff, like that. That’S where you’re hanging up allof my clothes and then you come out of the firstroom out into the hallway and in here you’ve gotthe toilet. So we’ve got a nice shower, we’ve gota, toilet we’ve got sink and we’ve got the bincome out of the toilet into the kitchen and nowthis is actually a really really nice kitchenyou’ve got a nice like marble workspace, you gotobviously all of the food and stuff.

That’S outnice oven, seeing like all the amenities you’vegot cupboards with all the cups and stuff andyou’ve got plates up here and then in the fridgeyou’ve got all of our food that we’ve beenbuying throughout the week. Obviously themilk the essentials and then you come acrosshere now the kitchen into the room, you’ve gotthe shoes, there you’ve got a nice big mirrorhere you’ve got the kitchen table which hasbeen beer pong on you’ve got the heater you’ve gotobviously the chairs, a nice little table in thereso. For which everybody’s actuallysleeping on tv, aesthetic plansactually, i really like these posters twoposters there, then you come out of here, hold up. Then you come out here onto the balcony slideglass doors. I actually really like these doorscome out and then you got the balcony andhonestly.

The view here is absolutely mentalso. You come across here. Look atthat view behind you. Uh you’ve, gotthe chairs, you’ve got the table uh nice littlebit of a that’s the korean. What was thatand then you’ve got a view onto the poolyou’ve, got the rest of the apartments andstuff over in the distance and the washing rackand stuff over there, honestly really nice balconyuh.

I really i really like the view. Okay, thencoming back inside you’ve got the final roomin. The apartment this is about jorge andchristopher’s staying, so i’m gon na go intothat coming through and then it’s this door on theright. So you come in through it here and it’s justtwo single beds. You’Ve got the uh curtains you’vegot, the windows that actually go back out onto thebalcony of this couple: nice posters ceiling, fanuh storage and then the massive cobbles in hereand, a big safe.

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Oh so yeah i can close the roomtool, hey you guys enjoyed and on with the antics. I was on a path to the limelight. Now i’m onanother one, it’s a night, flap whenthey say i’m a star. I say thank youit’s all due to the scenes that i ran throughso i keep playing the black for all people, no, which is freezing by the waylet’s. Go you got.

The keysthere is no way that you grabbed it ashe said someone’s jumping in the pooli’m doing this, because it’ll be a goodmemory, because i don’t want to do. Iti can’t even read the i have an excuse in english and then we made the rule ifanyone else grabbed it withtheir right hand. We all had to jump into the poolbaby. So again again, are you ready that looks like something i swear again as we’re coming in uh 150 and we’ve said 22 That was actually really fun uh. We didn’t getas much time this time because we didn’t book asearly, so it was never too much of a time.

Slotswe played from 11 to 12.. Back now, though, we’regonna have some lunch. We’Re gon na chill through iti’m gon na. Do some editing before going out to thebeach half one i’m gon na try and get some kayaksbecause.

You can get these clear kayaks, so you cantake it to all the different coves. Just have a bitof an explore, so should be good and then obviouslyafter that we need some tapas we’re going to goout and hopefully find a club tonight, because lastnight we didn’t manage to find one because i thinkthey’re all sharp should be good. Let’S get it. Let me feel, let me finish so after all of that we just wanted to lie downand chill. We ended up sleeping on the beachlike an hour.

Did we reading listen to loads, ofchill, music and that was 10 out of 10 experiencebut? Unfortunately, the kayak place was closeduntil peak. So much we didn’t get score onthose kayaks. Instead we went and got icecream and then we set off to the main areawhere. There were all of the shops, restaurantspubs and clubs and basically all of the life.

I keep sucking the wrongthing bro. I show you todayafter so much time i felt just like it used to be now. We were close, never close enough. It looks better in real life um i had fire, that’s so beautiful, beautiful fireand. Then we’re going home to get some trees fortonight, which is going to be in that shop.

Memoriesyeah, we’re going home debris andthen come up to exactly the sameboard, all right, so we’ll be back in 20minutes and then we’re going to go homeit’s about a five minute. Walkthat way, so we need to see that if you ever wan na, i think everyone else is asleep. I doubtthey’re gon na want to get up, so i’vegotta do a little , so try and wakethem all up and i’ve seen people do thiswhere. If you fall asleep when you reallydon’t wan na get up or do something you saythree times and then suddenly youwant to do it, there goes nothing work doesn’t work. We decided that everyone had to jump solo, intothe pool before the end of the holiday andbecause.

We couldn’t muster up enough energy forthe breeze. This just seemed like the perfect timestupid stupid stupid. That’S what i’m thinkingoh he’s so cold. All right! You better be ready.

We get through it. We’Re just gon na sit here inside. How are you feeling, after this insane moment, yeah inspiring words from jake clark? Okay, oh stunning, work post, jump interview, howare you feeling about that one chrisjust, a stunning job. Basically, absolutelyfantastic work; oh we’re getting a sneakpeek here!

Ladies and gentlemen, you do notsee this very often. Only in naja spainoh, my god, it’s getting wild it’s getting looseout here we might have to bring the camera inoh. Oh, my lord is out of the bag. Oh there’sa, wild one. We need to catch them.

There’Sour fights, we’ve got him trapped in thecorner, just like that. Presents you was back session, yeah yeah, i’m down chrisyeah. Do you want to get me some umjojo? Please? Yes, please!

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That’S all right! You got it. Is it there? Oh god, i can’t find it uh everything all right. It’S now the next morning we’remeant to get up at half eleven.

It’S now 12o’clock. I assume no one else is goingto. Take an issue again. So here we aredoing the same thing for the second time, [ __ ] up, let’s go now. It’S meant to be like the biggest thingin the world, apart from the plaza so we’ll goover and see that, and hopefully it’ll be a nicecave.

But look at this view thriving anyway yeah right so embrace it embrace it we’re not going to dieno. We are going to die, but we’re embracing it. We don’t care who sees living mission. Success we vloggedour way out of uh crippling, is where the cave purifiers slips on your right. You can see the columnof shafts, look, how bright it is like structure and the pointy rocks really gave it a cave.

You feelthe areas of dark and death. Darki, like the lighting in there becausei, couldn’t see anything exactlyharder to experience. It was likeit enlightened, the other senses yeah, so that was quite an experienceso good. Honestly, i feel enlightenedi do. I feel, like i’ve risen above the gods.

Now, who loves you pretty baby who’s gonnalove, your mama, who loves you pretty baby baby? Oh so there was our last night onthe holiday and we hadn’t yethad our midnight swim in the ocean. So ithink you can imagine what we did next. Oh then, the next morning came round because we’vejust been lying in bed lazing around the wholemorning kind of just like cleaning uptaking it casual we didn’t realize thetime was flying by and before. We knew it wehad 10 minutes to get to a bus that we knewwas a 20 minute walk away.

So we didn’t walk. We ran my foot’s about to break. We made it. Oh is i’m so tired? My legs are actually giving waywhy.

Don’T you understand? I mean what do you wantyesterday when we did like 16 kilometersof walking yeah, you were doing dances inthe street. In the end of the day, andi was slumped and today we’ve done onehour of walking and it’s oh, i can’tdo it. I don’t want to go to a carwe’re currently on the great wall of china, iknow you’re thinking, it’s not real. It’S not realit.

Is i’ve been here but you’d besurprised to know it’s not in china and i’m right about everything. Everysingle thing. I’Ve never been wrong. Sowhat, are you doing? Oh, this is foryou guys he’s recharging, you, okay!

Is it like the ocean? How deep is your love fly me so with this we begin we’re going home one time and it wasn’t working. She took it to the accountant and she was like ohare you with people, basically i’d already boardedso yeah. I basically tried toimpersonate you and it didn’t right so yeah. That concludes the absolutely godlyholiday that only cost us 268 pound.

58. Andnow there was definitely many many more placesthat. We could have saved money on this holidaybut. We weren’t trying to be frugal. We werejust trying to enjoy our holidays.

We didn’teat all of the cheapest places we just passedout when we wanted to splash out and we didn’tconsider the budget. So the fact that itcost us only 268 pounds all the whilst notconsidering the money. We were spending itshows that as a university student, you cango away on holiday for cheap and honestly ifyou do look around and check the right deals. Usethe lucky trip app, which i recommended there itis going to be possible to save a lot of moneyand, go away for cheap yeah anyway. I do hope youenjoyed this video.

If you did, i would absolutelylove it if you drop a like on this videoif, you want more content like this hit thesubscribe, but otherwise enjoy the rest. Ofthese bloopers i’ll see you in the next one, and then you come into the hallway. Andthen in here is the toilet, so you can coming into the hallway and then hold on out of the kitchenyou got the living rooms. Oh a little bit behind the scenes to set up. Ah

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