We Try Foods From The Future

What’S gon na be in our mouths 200 years from now? Let’S talk about that Good Mythical Morning Today, we’re peering into the future to see what the foods are tomorrow. Just may look and taste like, And today’s episode is sponsored by Hello, Fresh America’s number one meal kit. Yeah Hello, Fresh offers so many recipes to choose from each week and their produce gets to you faster than a grocery store. So it arrives at peak freshness and flavor and that’s what I really like to hear When a waiter asks me how I like my vegetables, I’m always like peak freshness.

Please Yes, please and Hello: Fresh’s selection of tasty extras is getting bigger and better every week featuring quick, breakfasts and lunches additional proteins, savory sides and drool-worthy desserts, and you know what else is getting bigger. My boys, my sons, they’re getting bigger They’re becoming men. So the fact that Hello, Fresh’s, larger box sizes offer more servings and more savings is welcome. News at my house – That’s happening at my house as well Also we’re trying to be more sustainable, so we So am I. I know Okay, great, That’s not that’s!

Not just your thing! That’S our thing! Okay, yeah! We like to be sustainable, So we really like that Hello, Fresh’s carbon footprint is 25 % lower than that of meals made from store-bought groceries. That fact alone makes these rajas quesadillas with salsa fresca southwest crema and guacamole taste, even better Mm, I can taste the rajas Mm.

Oh, can you That’s good, So go to hellofresh Com and use code GMM12 to get 12 free meals, including free shipping. Again that’s and use code GMM12 to get 12 free meals, including free shipping Mm. Oh gosh, I just had to I had to swallow that quesadilla Okay, now when people think futuristic, they usually think of flying cars and living on Mars. But what about the of the future It’s time for The Future is Headed Straight for our Tasters.

Will it be a Burger With a Side of Fried Lasers, Welcome to the future Is that your future voice, I don’t know think-. Is it all in falsetto It’s sustainable? I don’t think it’s sustainable Okay, every round we’re gon na be presented with two mystery future foods. One’S going to be bad one’s going to be good, but we’re not gon na be able to tell which is which, just by looking at it, Uh-Huh, The power of choice lies in the energy board. You’Ll grab a tube of goo, Whoever has the longer tube of goo gets the power of choice, and then we must deal with the immediate future that is before us and decided by the person with the power of choice.

Now, how did we acquire these foods of the future? I mean we’ve never been to the future. I’M just gon na be honest. Well once I did, But if you’re familiar with Nostradamus the futurist from the 16th century, who correctly predicted the French Revolution and the atom bomb, The atom bomb, I actually believe he did it Emphasis on the bomb We tried to get him couldn’t do it, but we did get his great-great-great-great-great-great-great grandnephew Mostradamus. Oh Oh zorks, I’m here from the future.

Are you calling us zorks or is that, like a futuristic, exclamation Nah, that’s just what we say when we’re traveling through time. Zorks Zorks yeah We’re trying to anticipate what the future might look like and I think we’ve got the shiny threads right. Huh Yeah, I mean it’s a little basic. You kinda just look like a couple of future dads, taking your sons to a turboball game, but you know: Okay, I think that’s pretty accurate. So this is your time.

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device. Yes, sir, It’s the finest time device that a scientific mind can build Jeez, my relative Nostradamus. He gets all this credit just’cause. He like sat around thinking of stuff like uh. Maybe there’s gon na be a bomb Yeah, But like I’m doing something about it, I’M being proactive, You brought some foods.

I have many foods for you to sample. Hopefully your past palates will not be destroyed by the futuristic flavors Zorks Zorks, Gentlemen: choose your tube of goo Mm, well, that one’s temptingly tall, This one’s slender, Whoop Oop, you got me Pretty close, But I’ve got you in girth That matters more Nope length is all that matters here in the future. What’S more important than the future length or girth Enthusiasm? Oh okay, Great! I got the power of choice.

Gentlemen, today we start our mouth journeys with some of the prettiest foods I have ever found from the year 5,000. Oh Behold, your eatables! What the crap Zorks You did a fricking teleportation of That’S right, I can do all kinds of cool future junk Enjoy your food. I will return to the time stream to find your latest nummies Bye, Bye, He’s cool man He’s a cool guy. I think that thing- Zorks Is rope-powered There’s no rope, There’s no rope.

Okay, All right Link-! I mean- This one’s got toppings This one has holes, This couldn’t be made now: Oh no, never never. This is definitely from the future and it’s been proven. Oh, the Susan stays lazy in the future. This one here I mean it, looked like a 14-sided die This one same thing, but with cottage cheese, on top I mean speaking of lazy.

You think they just got lazy and put the nasty in the topping. That is a scary. Looking topping So is that a misdirection or is it true nasty for you? I think it’s a misdirection, It’s not cottage cheese, but it’s close enough. I’M locked in This is your you’re locked in Now.

You got ta really bite that stuff You got ta go for it Yeah. Let’S both go for eating half this thing in one bite: Okay, Future dink. It Future sink it. I think, that’s nasty, Oh Yeah. What is it It’S bigger bugs, You know what Ah Mostradamus, what did you just eat?

Mostradamus? I fell for the white stuff. You have eaten a 3-D printed protein bar that we created to help with population control after the Great Human Lizard War of 4050. Are you saying you just made me sterile Sorry dude And you, sir, have eaten a 3-D printed fruit, salad, It’s very nice! Yes, it’s a great side dish choice, but it costs $ 1.

0 extra Hello. It is Stevie from the future Link you ate bugs Oh bugs and some white junk Bugs and white junk Gentleman snag your next tube of goo Doo doo doo doo doo, doo Whoo; Oh my gosh Whoa, Oh, oh, oh! No! Oh future, goo, all over you, Oh man, that’s toxic, That is a longy Yeah you’re gon na wanna-. That is a longy.

Oh no! Okay, Oh no way, Look at that Cool. The future’s got super long test tubes, Oh yeah, we got all kinds of liquids in the future. We need to hold Well, you have earned the power of choice All right, gentlemen, prepare your tongues and mouths for the next thing to put in and on them. Well, you’ve done it again Mo.

Can I call you Mo It’S a little too familiar actually Okay, yeah, What about’Stradamus Yeah that’s cool, I’m into that Okay-. This is some of the jiggliest foods from the future. Perfect for any date, night of tomorrow Now, if you’ll excuse me, gentlemen, I have to get your next snack Zork. Oh, he just said: singular is zork There. He goes Those are chicken nuggets, but it could be made to look like chicken nuggets.

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These are dark green spheres- Globules In a putrid looking solution. Both look very scary. Do I know with what I know about this, which is chicken nuggets? But that looks like urine Jello I’m trying not to get too close ,’cause there’s a smell coming from one of these. I think I’m going with the nuggets.

I was hoping you wouldn’t say that Unless they did something to the Jello in the future, Oh gosh, What is this gon na be So I’m getting some gelatin and some nugget? Oh, that looks like a nugget, I’m afraid to dink, whatever that is I’ll, just hit it with it. The knife Future dink future sink Oh no, No! No! This is like a dead fish.

You’Re pretty close Link, You just ate an algae ball In the future. We extract them from merpeople. Oh And Rhett. You ate chicken nugget Jello Yeah, that’s what I thought it was In the future. We just like to mash up foods.

It saves a lot of time. Okay, Why are you still pedaling Oh, I was just doing this to jack my quads Future swimsuit season coming up and I’m a little self-conscious about my calves and you know I understand, Gentlemen. It is time to yank your next tube. Oh That’S not a euphemism in the future. Oh no!

We don’t care for that kind of juvenile humor in the future. Ha Okay, all right! Okay, I’m sorry! Neither do I I’M learning I’m gon na go for the tall-y Sophisticated shows like Cyber-Frasier Oop, That one was literally just like brp Yep, let’s get rid of this puppy, and that is power of choice for moi French. In the future Gentlemen, you have eaten a lot of foods, but what will happen when you have to eat drinks Whoa, It is, is drinks Look at- Yeah we’ve got some like colloid situation.

Enjoy your drinks, gentlemen. I have to go feed my meter, Whoa Bye, Mo You can’t call him that ‘Stradamus, Thank you. I hate glitter, and that seems to be all this is So even if it doesn’t taste nasty, it never leaves your system on the outside. What’S it supposed to do to the inside of your system, And this thing here, delicate pumpkin-esque, parfait looks very tempting so again the one to be afraid of is this one? I completely disagree.

This is the one to be afraid of. They could easily slide some nasty into that Yeah you’re right: This is the one to be afraid of because that one’s just glitter Yeah But I’m afraid of glitter. I mean. Can you poop after that? One way to find out And does it make your poop like a unicorn, Here’s the cool thing When you drink this, you poop in the future.

Well, you sold me All right, I’m gon na go with the glitter. I think you made the right choice: Cool Cheers, Oh God! I’Ve had two in a row. I don’t want another nasty Ah, Yes, It tastes like it’s super meaty, but it’s not the worst. I mean it could be worse, but like there’s, is there deer in this venison You have drank the pizza spice latte – Oh, that’s, not bad Elon, Musk Jr.

invented it to give the most basic people something to tweet about Hmm And Link you drank iron soda. It is soda infused with iron. It’S what you need to drink if you ever want to impregnate a robot, Oh well, I’ll! Look into that! Ooh God!

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Gentlemen, prepare to yank your final cylinders, All right, There’s only two left. I want you to put your hand out at least, But you get mad at me. If I do it first, so I want you to do it. First. Okay, Raise Ooh, Whoa I can’t- Look at you Well That one’s more girth It seems- And longer But I’m very enthusiastic about losing the power of choice.

Oh uh, oh you just you just soiled his craft, Oh man! Now I can’t go back to cowboy times. Sorry, That’s! Okay! I didn’t wan na.

Go there anyway, Gentlemen. Prepare your mouth holes for the final gunk There it is You’re very consistent in your future magic. I mean things are not there, then they are. Can anybody do it in the future? Uh?

No Only me We’ll see about that All right. Gentlemen. Enjoy your final snacks. I have go return, some VHS tapes to a video store which have become a thing again. Oh nice, So you just can’t help yourself, You don’t have the power of choice.

Oh you got that’s right. You got the power of choice, But you just have to control the Lazy Susan I, like things rotating, You got a sizable cube versus some sort of futuristic dumpling. Hmm. What might that cube be? What might these dumplings be?

You can slide a lot of things into a dumpling I’Ve tried, I think the dumpling is just too suspicious, It’s green. After all, So I’m going to give it to you. Yeah, I don’t know, I’m afraid either way. I think you got off easy on the last round, so I feel like you deserve to get the nasty, but that’s not how this game works. This thing is hard.

I don’t know I’m gon na be able to get into this thing. I’M gon na try, though Dink it and- Sink it. What I don’t know whether I screwed up or what It happened to me again, but is it happening to you too This just tastes like old cheese. This is like a I don’t know, a disturbing meat with some nasty nasty on it Link. You have eaten the gross salt dumpling, the favorite food of our horse overlords Horse overlords, And what was this Oh, that is a vitamin cube.

A single lick can provide all the nutrients that one needs for a voyage to space. You just bite off something you were supposed to lick in the future. Yeah, that’s a good rule of thumb. In the future, just lick it So I just got like my vitamin quotient for the week: Oh yeah sure, Okay And did you say I ate salty horse? Oh no!

It’S just the salt dumpling, but our horse masters love them. The horses are in charge and VHS tapes are back Yeah. I mean you basically know everything you need to to to the future. Vhs tapes are back horses. Are our masters just lick it.

Okay Got it. I think you had a tougher time today, Mostradamus thank you so much for being here Yeah and thank you for subscribing and clicking that bell. Now you say you know what time it is, but in the future tense You know what time it will be. Hi, I’m Samantha Moore and it’s my 30th birthday and-. It’S time to spin the Wheel of Mythicality Dang They’re having some fun, I don’t know where they they seem like they were in the future.

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