Natural Stool Softener Foods to Stop Straining with Bowel Movements

Hi Im Michelle and welcome to today’svideo We’re going to be talking, aboutfoods, that soften the stool fluids thathelp to soften the stool and also too some foods that you might want to try to steerclear of that actually make the stool reallyhard and lumpy. Let’S take a quick look on thescreen now We are aiming ideally for a type3 to 4 stool, which is a smooth well-formedstool and it’s a sausage shape. So if yourstool is like a type 1 or 2, which is hard andlumpy or little lumps, then that’s too hard. That’S going to be really hard to empty usingthe, correct, bowel movement;

Or alternatively, if the stool’s too soft, like a type6 or 7, it’s going to be too watery, Let’s start with fruits, So we’vegot grapes, we’ve got Kiwi fruits. These are a great to or great fruit tohelp. You keep the stool soft

We’Ve got our stonefruits like our peaches and our nectarines we’vegot pears, and one of my favorites is the prunes.So. Prunes are a great also to help you keepthe stool, soft

If we look at our vegetables foods, like your average, was like your green beans, you can have the capsicum foods, the spinach andalso too, your cruciferous vegetables, like yourbroccoli, and your cabbage, But just be carefulwhen you’re. Introducing these types of foods, particularly your cruciferous vegetables becausethey, can make you quite gassy, So you want tointroduce these foods in small amounts and slowly If we move across now to some of the wholegrain cereals, some of the cereals that youcan include in your diet, are your Multigrainbread

So if you can actually see the grains, that’s a great way to know that you’ve got agood bread there

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You’Ve got your brown rice, sothe husk is still on the outside of the rice, andsome of your whole-grain cereals and I love oats they’re, a great source of soluble and insolublefiber for the bowel Another little grain here, and this is actually a bulking agent. This iscalled Psyllium now Psyllium, is a great littlesupplement. You can use or fiber supplementyou can use to actually soften the stool, but you’ve got to increase it gradually.

Sobasically, when you start with your Psyllium husk, you start with half to one teaspoon and youmight increase two teaspoons once again being careful with the Psyllium, because itcan actually make you quite gassy when youstart out, If you’re someone who’s keen onyour spices. So your red chilies are great, couldn’t have chili flakes here and also toocurries, So curries and chilies are great. Foodsfor increasing, bowel motility also will helpto soften the stool and get the stool throughfaster

And finally, some snacks theseare sort of like you more occasional foods, but your unsalted and unbuttered popcorn great.And also too a couple of pieces of chocolate. So that’s something we all like to hear. Isn’T it So chocolate can also be a great stool, softener.

So to help you keep is still soft. You also needto think about how much fluid you’re taking in.So fluid’s really important, and I probably shouldhave mentioned it when I was talking about fruit.

Some of the fruits that we had before they’vegot lots of fluid in them, so they’re actuallya, really good source of hydration, But in terms offluids we’re aiming most of us for two litersof fluid a day, So this can vary according to somemedical conditions. This can vary according to howmuch exercise, you’re doing the temperature yourbody weights, so some of us need a little bit lessfluid than others, But in terms of how much weneed it’s the two liters, so Ive got a literhere of our water

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So you can see these are threefairly large glasses, so your fluid can be ideallymade up of water thats the drink of choice. Isn’T it really

But if you’re not really a greatwater drinker, some other things that can help yousoften your stool up, some prune juice, So prunejuice is a great little additive. You could havepear juice. Ive got pear juice here You couldhave your decaffeinated tea. So your chamomiletea here

You could also have regular tea andregular coffee too, that will have a bit of adiuretic effect, so it can irritate the bladder and make you more prone to a lot of urgency. Ifyou’Re living with pelvic floor problems,

Andalso too, it’s going to divert fluid away, fromyour bowel and we want the fluid in your bowel. So, finally, now let’s look at some of the foodsthat you might choose to avoid and these arefoods that firm, the stool. So now, if we’re lookingat the foods that are likely to firm the stool that you might want to limit and not to say, thatyou can’t have them, but you might want to beaware that some of these are the types of foodsthat can firm. The stool

So if we look at here, we’ve got mashed potato we’ve got white, ricethat’s been boiled, we’ve got white cheese and we’ve got white, bread and, interestingly white marshmallows

And I can’t tell you thereason for white marshmallows, but these areknown to be foods that will firm the stool.And back here. We’Ve got some pretzels theylook brown, because they’re baked, but they’rewhat I mean So it’s quite interesting. Isn’T it when you see that these foods tend to be white? So that’s not really a rule of thumb, but thewhiter might be something to keep in theback of your mind that these are foods that mightbe foods that firm, the stool. If you’re lookingat the bread. Look at the comparison with thewhite bread here and the grains in the wholegrain bread. So just little things, little tipsto remember about , so they’re going to bemore likely to soften the stool and foods thatare going to be more likely to firm the stool

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So, let’s what we’ve talked about: We’vetalked about all the types of foods that willsoften the food that you might like to eatincluding your diet. We’Ve talked about thefluids and really a big importance of hydration.We talked about the foods that are more likely tofirm. The stool that you might want to limit. Andwe’Ve really talked about the importance of thesebeing on a regular basis, introducing thesegradually and if you’re, already constipated, making sure that you address the constipationfirst before you start to introduce these foods.

So thanks so much for watching today. Ireally hope this video helps you manageyour bowels and keep your stool soft.Ill, see you next time, Bye for now..

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