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5 REALISTIC Ways to Earn Money by Watching Ads Online

Do you want to know how to earn money by watching ads online, and are you tired of all the YouTube videos with fake, unrealistic earning claims? And then you find out that it’s not true at all because they are just saying whatever they’re saying to get views, then this video is for you. My name’s Mikael. And if you have watched any of my videos before, you will know that I have tested hundreds of free ways to make money online. And one of the methods I have very often been asked about is to earn by watching ads.

And let me just reveal right away that, yes, it is a real way to earn, but you need to use this method with the right expectations, so in this video, I will not only show you five legit real ways to make money by watching ads. I will also explain exactly how much you can expect to earn so you will know if this is really the right opportunity for you or not.


So before going over the five ways to make money by watching ads online, I just want to make it clear how much you can expect to earn by watching ads online, because as I already mentioned earlier, there are a lot of YouTube videos with all kinds of exaggerated claims that makes it look like you can earn hundreds of dollars a day or just ten dollars for clicking an ad that takes a few seconds and things like this.


So if you look at that, you think that this is probably a way to not only make a full time income, but to actually become rich. And that is just not true.

Those videos are just making these exaggerated claims to get views. They have nothing to do with reality. And most of the people that are showing you this actually have no idea what they are talking about. They haven’t really tested the sites. They are just coming up with a topic and making these exaggerated claims to get views.

So do not believe anyone that claims you can make hundreds of dollars a day and become rich just by watching small ads online. If that was actually the case, I can promise you they would sit there watching ads instead of creating videos. When that is said, it definitely is true that you can find legit platforms that will pay you to watch ads in different ways. You just need to do it with realistic expectations and you will not earn a lot by doing this.


You can earn a few extra dollars here and there, but on some platforms it will require quite a lot of time to just earn a few dollars on others, it is a little bit easier.

, But in general it’s just important that you know exactly what you are getting into and also that you make sure to use the legit platforms because they are also scam platforms that claim to pay you to watch ads. So with the expectations set correctly, let’s now go over five methods that actually will pay you to watch ads. And I will show you five different ways, so no matter how you prefer earning by watching ads, you can find a method here that probably fits you. And I will also explain how much you can earn for each of these methods so you can choose and prioritize your time based on that.


So the first platform I want to show you is called Timebucks and Timebucks actually has a lot of small micro-tasks you can do to earn.

And the great thing is that you can join Timebucks no matter the country you live in. And they have a section called Content. And here there’s something called push clicks. They also have a regular ads click here where you sometimes can earn a little bit by clicking ads. But this one is a little bit different than what you can find on many other platforms.

And that’s why I want to show it, because here you will activate browser notifications and that means that you will get a pop up with an ad and then you will get paid to actually click that ad. And you can see here you will get ads that are paying between zero point zero zero zero five and zero point zero seven per click. So some of the ads definitely do not pay a lot and others actually pay quite decently compared to what you can usually earn by clicking ads.


And the great thing about this one is that you do not actually really have to remember anything. You will just get one payable push click ad every hour.

So if you just have that activated while using your computer, an ad will once in a while come up, you click it and then you earn. So it’s very easy way to do it. Without much effort, you will of course not earn a lot because it will only be one ad per hour, but as an extra way to earn to just have that little notification, then it definitely can be worth considering. And Timebucks pays out once you’ve earned ten dollars.


And there are a lot of other ways you can earn here also.

So you can reach that fairly quickly if you use some of the other earning methods as well. And then you can take your earnings out in cash in different methods, or you can also get paid in Bitcoin. So definitely Timebucks is a legit platform that will pay you for doing all kinds of different small task, including watching ads. So the next method is actually something I want to show you on one of my overall favorite Get-Paid-To sites.


But before we get to that, I would really appreciate if you could just take a second to like my video, because that can help it to be seen by more people.

But let’s now go over the next method then, which is on PrizeRebel. And as mentioned, I really like this platform myself. And I have earned quite a lot here by doing different tasks. And one of the methods is to earn by watching video ads. You can go to this video section here and you can find all kinds of different topics you can watch videos about and then you will watch the videos, but you will actually not earn by watching the videos.

You will earn by watching the ads during the videos and in between the videos.


It is through a platform called HideOutTV. And I have a full video about HideOut TV, because you actually need to sign up for that also and then connect it to price for. But I explain all that in this othee video and I will leave a link to that in the top corner here. And overall, it’s not the most effective way to earn on price, but it can be quite an easy way and it can also be entertaining.



Or you can just have the videos running in the background on a screen, you’re not using something like that, and the great thing about PrizeRebel is that it has a very low payout threshold you can get your earnings out in cash via PayPal already when you’ve earned five dollars. Or you can also choose to get paid in a lot of different gift cards and you can join from more or less all countries. However, the video as are not available in all countries, so just be aware of that.


But overall, this is definitely a really great platform and this earning method in general can be a fun way to earn a little bit extra. The next platform I want to show you is called Cointiply, and this is a platform you can join from more or less all countries.

And here you can find more what I would call classical Paid-To-Click ads, because they have a whole section here where I just need to click. A new website will open up. And these are ads that some people have paid to be shown because they want you to sign up for all kinds of programs. Some of the ads are definitely for programs and websites and platforms I would not recommend you to sign up for. But that’s not really the point here.

The point is that you can actually get paid to click these ads. In this case, for example, you can see I click here, a new screen open up, I have to watch 40 seconds and then I will earn forty one coins here. I would earn 13 coins for ten seconds. And that’s of course not huge rewards, but it does not take that much effort.


But one thing you need to be aware of when it comes to Cointiply is that it is only paying out in certain cryptocurrencies.

So if you want to get paid in cash or gift cards, then that is currently not an option here, then you need to use some of the other methods. But if you would like to earn cryptocurrencies, then Cointiply definitely is a way to do that. And it also offers you a lot of other ways to earn here. The next option I want to show you is called Reward XP, and this is a little bit similar to the option I showed you on PrizeRebel, but because here also they have something called Loot TV. You can go to the “earn” section or you can just click videos here and then you can see they actually also have the HideOut TV option that I showed you on PrizeRebel and then they have another one called Loot TV.



So I wanted to show that because if you like to watch these video ads, then this can be a way to get access to more of them. And this option here on this platform is connected to is not available on that many different platforms. So to go to Reward XP to get access to those can be a way to earn extra by watching these video ads. It works more or less the same way. As I explained with HideOut TV, you can watch videos about different topics and then you will get paid for the ads that are shown in between and during these videos here.

And to watch these videos can be great on Reward XP because it has great payout methods. You can get paid in cash via PayPal or different cryptocurrency, including Bitcoin, and it has a low payout threshold.


You can get paid already when you’ve earned five dollars. You can also earn by taking paid offers and paid surveys and then it would be very easy to reach the payout threshold. And I actually also have a video with Reward XP payment proof and I will leave a link to that in the top corner here.

So you can see it actually does pay and you can join from more or less all countries. But how much you can earn and how many earning opportunities here will vary from country to country so just bear that in mind. The last platform I want to show you is called Scarlet-clicks.


And let me just be completely clear that this is not necessarily a method that I recommend, but it is what is called a classical PTC (Paid-To-Click) site and I am often asked about them. So therefore I also want to explain a little bit about it and show a platform where you can potentially earn by doing that and show you exactly how it works.

So when you come to Scarlet-clicks, there are all these different ads and that is the main way to earn here. However, they will try to get you to pay, to upgrade, to earn more. And that is why you have to be a little bit careful here, because you can potentially end up losing money if you do not know what you’re doing. But it is very easy to use to earn by watching ads if you stick to that.


But it will take patience because you can see here are some of the highest paying ads.

And here I would need to click a new website. It pops up. I have to watch that ad. And once I watch that, I would get zero point zero zero one dollar into my Scarlet-clicks account. That means I would still have to watch a thousand of these ads to earn just one dollar.

And that will take a lot of time. And they are not even always that many ads available. And this is if you get the highest paying, as you can see here, if I scroll down, some of them pay even less. This one pays zero point zero zero zero five, and that means it would take even more clicks to get to a dollar.


And most of them actually do pay less as you can see here.

The advantage of Scarlet-clicks is that it has a lot of ads. If you like earning like this, then it definitely offers quite a lot of ads you can click every day. However, as explained, it will take a lot of hours to earn just one dollar and, you can risk losing money if you start investing in the upgrades and are not completely aware of what you’re doing. So I would encourage you to be careful about this, but I still wanted to show it because I’m often asked about these classical Paid-To-Click sites, as Scarlet-clicks is an example of.


So as you can see, there are quite a lot of different ways where you can make some extra money online by watching ads.

The most important thing to remember before starting to earn like this is to do it with the right expectations. And you need to be aware that all the videos that show you these claims about making hundreds of dollars a day, they are not telling you the truth. As I showed you in this video here, there are some good options to earn a little bit extra by watching video ads or to click ads to get these push click notification ads and other ways. But it will not earn you a lot, but to earn a little bit extra, if you have quite a lot of time to use on these methods here, then it definitely is a legit way if you join some of the good platforms.


And I hope this video helped you, and if you have any experiences about getting paid by watching ads or experiences with any of the platforms I have talked about in this video here, I would love to hear about your experiences in the comments section below here.

And then others can also see all your experiences and each other experiences, and we can learn from that. And if you want more information, if you want to join any of the platforms I mentioned here, then I will leave links to more information below this video here. So make sure to check that out. If you think that this is a way to earn for you. And I will also leave links to my website where you can find information about platforms that offers you to learn in different ways that in many cases, in my experience, will pay you more and that are more effective ways to earn.

So make sure to check that out and also make sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel and hit the notification bell, so you won’t miss out next time, I release a video with tips and tricks about how to get the most out of Get-Paid-To sites, paid survey sites, and other free ways to earn some extra cash on the side online.

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