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From deep forests, crystal-clear waters, breathtaking mountains and just unimaginable landscapes, our planet never ceases to amaze. Let’S embark on a journey to some of the most amazing natural wonders on earth number 17 Faroe Islands located in the Atlantic Ocean about halfway between Scotland and Iceland. You will find a group of 18 major islands, formerly part of Denmark, the Faroe Islands, [ Music ]. This archipelago is unique because of its incredible steep mountains, spectacular cliffs waterfalls and colonies of birds residing on its shores. The Faroe Islands are heaven for nature lovers who enjoy hikes and incredible views: [, Music, ], [, Music, ], number, 16 Joshua Tree National Park, but at first glance, seems like a landscape on a different planet.

Perhaps that from a science fiction movie is a unique desert located in California formed on the intersection of Mojave and Colorado desert ecosystems. Joshua Tree National Park is home to the large yucca type trees called Joshua trees, [, Music, ], astonishing granite rock formations and the landscape believed to be formed about two billion years ago. Make Joshua Tree National Park perfect for exploring camping and even rock climbing [ Music ] situated away from big cities. Stargazing at night is another popular activity. At this extraordinary park, number 15 to neuklln located in Turkey.

The nuclei were formed over hot springs. The word pamukkala means cotton castle, hot water flowing the downhill, gradually deposited, travertine sediments and formed a one-of-a-kind natural thermal spa, [, Music ]. It is no surprise that an actual thermal spa was established here in ancient time when the city of Calais was built at the top of binocular, some of the ruins of ancient temples and the bats can still be found there today, number 14 Raja Ampat Islands located On the equator and part of , the 1500 small, Raja Ampat Islands are considered divers paradise with around 75 percent of the world’s species living in the waters of Raja Ampat and one of the richest biodiversity ecosystems. It is no wonder why divers roam here from all over the world: [ Music, ], [, Music ], but the islands also offer breathtaking nature of bad water, with its abundance of exotic beaches, keys and heels, with amazing views. [ Music ] number thirteen al Garvin located in the south of portugal, algarve’it is considered the country’s most important tourist region.

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Al Garvin is famous because perfect combination of mild climate, stunning shoreline full of cliffs caves and hidden base, as well as charming fishing towns and great food and wine. One of the most remarkable characteristics of a Garvin are its numerous hidden coves. With sandy beaches placed amidst the rugged limestone cliffs number 12 Antelope Canyon, Arizona’s Antelope Canyon is one of the most impressive canyons in the world sacred to the native Navajo people, demonstrating the mother nature’s powers and gifts. These two imposing slot canyons were formed by water, making its way through the sandstone [ Music ]. In the spring and summer, the Sun shines through upper antelope canyons, narrow walls, creating an extraordinary sight lasting only a couple of moments: number 11 Patagonia stretching over a large portion of the southern part of South America, divided between two countries, Argentina and Chile.

Patagonia offers astounding, wild and untouched nature [ Music ] with the Andes, Mountains, dividing Patagonia into Chilean and Argentine e’en part. Each side is unique. The Chilean site next to the Pacific Ocean is full of glaciers fjords and the rainforests. The side of Patagonia located on the Atlantic Ocean in Argentina is mostly home to deserts and vast, arid steppes. One of the most prominent landscapes in Patagonia is Tierra del Fuego.

Full of glaciers and extraordinary business number ten reuni salt flat, the world’s largest salt flat salar de uyuni in bolivia, was formed on what used to be a group of prehistoric lakes with a thick layer of salt laying on the surface. This incredible area is actually one of the flattest surfaces on earth: [, Music ] when it rains the thin layer of death. Calm water transforms salar de uyuni into a large natural mirror number nine guarantor fjord. Norway is the land of magnificent fjords, and many of them are world-famous [, Music ], but the guy rounder fjord is probably one of the most remarkable ones, surrounded by lush, green forests and magnificent mountains, as well as dramatic waterfalls. No wonder why the earth is a popular hiking destination.


Guy wranger yurt is part of the Gehringer national park. Number 8 Amazon rainforest also referred to as the Earth’s lungs South America’s Amazon rainforest stretches over nine countries. Amazon is the world’s largest tropical rainforest known for its abundance of biodiversity, with around 10 % of all the world’s species living here, [, Music, ], [, Music ], while the Amazon River, the largest river by water discharge in the world, covers most of the Amazon rainforest. It actually spreads through thousands of other rivers, the rivers and jungle with entire areas where no human has ever set foot on the Amazon rainforest is a popular destination for explorers number seven Yellowstone National Park, located mostly in the US state of Wyoming, while also stretching into Neighboring Montana and Idaho Yellowstone National Park covers around 35,000 square miles or around 9000 square kilometers of land [ Music ], the world’s first national park, known for its Hot Springs gushing. The geysers rivers flowing through vast landscapes, mountains and canyons Yellowstone is home to an abundance of a wildlife bears, wolves, bison, Elks and antelopes are just some of the incredible inhabitants of this spectacular setting number six English Sioux Falls.

The largest waterfalls in the world iguaz Falls are located on the border of and Argentina on the Iguazu River, the waterfalls days, with almost two miles or three kilometres of the state’s comprising of hundreds of smaller waterfalls, [ Music ], the most famous section. The false is the iconic novelist wrote. The word English su derives from the native language, meaning big water number, five hula room hidden in the heart of central Australian desert 280 miles or 450 kilometers away from the nearest town stands a massive monolith cult uluru, also known as Irish rock [ Music ], a Sacred ground to native Aborigines irons rock is now closed for visitors, who can only admire it from the ground. The area around it is full of indigenous paintings and features the surprising number of green areas and wildlife. This eleven hundred and forty-two feet or 348 metres tall sandstone monolith is believed to be 550 million years old number four Namib Desert stretching around 1200 miles or around 2,000 kilometres along the media’s Atlantic coast, as well as over the parts of South Africa and Angola.

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The Namib Desert is one of the largest deserts on earth. The origins of the name from the native people of nahma actually describe what Namib stands for an area where there is nothing [, Music, ], [, Music, ] from some of the tallest students in the world. Spreading as far as the eye could see to incredible coast where the deserts meets the sea, the MEAP offers one of the world’s , as well as the most isolated on earth. With a surprising number of unique animals and plants, number 3 pleat its O’Lakes located in Croatia, scarce landscape literally selects a group of impressive cascading clicks setting the serene green scenery. The lakes were formed as a result of several cars traverse converging underground over time, creating travertine barriers, [ Music, ], liddie telex, feature 16 large Cascades and over 90 waterfalls number 2 gwenci located in China on the border with Vietnam lies one of the most dramatic landscapes On earth the guanxi region is famous for its karst mountains, rising from the water, an abundance of fascinating caves and its history home to remarkable wildlife and plants.

When she was one of the country’s richest biodiversity areas, but has been under strong human influence for centuries and very few pristine terrestrial ecosystems still exist: , [ Applause, ], . You can stop in the town of grayling or elsewhere in the region. To admire breathtaking rice fields and mountains, which you’ll also find on 21 banknotes, number 1 Mount Kilimanjaro at over 19,000 feet or almost 6000 meters. Mount Kilimanjaro is the highest single, freestanding mountain on earth located in Tanzania and overlooking Kenya. It’S three volcanic cones, shrinking glaciers and specific terrain configuration make Kilimanjaro a very desirable climbing destination as well as subject to scientific exploration.

You can admire the mountain from below from many national parks, both in Tanzania and Kenya, such as Kilimanjaro National Park or Amboseli National Park. Known for its large elephant herds and views towards the impressive Mount Kilimanjaro,

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