Do TikTok Tech Hacks Work?

Today we are putting TikTok Tech to the test. That’S a lot of Ts. ( bell: dings ) ( men laugh ), TikTok Tech, squad; let’s assemble So because we’re boomers can someone please load up our TikToks on the TV [, Automated Voice, ] Y’all, like my new PC

( Ken laughs ); Yes, No, it’s so disgust. Ah, It’s gon na get so slimy. It’S gon na smell good, though [ Automated Voice, ], Bye, bye, cables,

[ Austin ]. Oh I mean this is just an ad: That’s not a tech hack, That’s literally just a charger, but it’s a cool charger. [ Man ] Now type this number in exactly

Once you type it in you get to the testing screen for the phone. This is where you can test all your sensors screen, pretty much everything on your phone and make sure everything’s working correctly. I’Ve never done that before. Let me go So. This is a number that you dial when you drop your phone into the pool for a little too long and it’s working a little sketch

Star pound zero star pound: Oh there we go Look at that: [ Ken ] Ooh, nice, [, Austin, ], Okay, so red

Ooh, so it’s like a screen test, [ Ken ] Again, this is diagnostics, So again- [, Austin, ] Yeah [ Ken ]. If something happens to your phone and you wan na test a particular thing: it’ll-, It’s blue! Thank you.

Your phone can show blue colors

That’S it exactly Wait black Here, look at black Or off

And touch Oh, so it’s like a little like calibration tool. I’Ve never seen any of this before. If you’re iFixit, you probably have that on. Whenever you put a phone back together right, Yeah

Just to make sure that it’s all functioning Jared hit us with a hot TikTok [ Man ]. What happens if you use deodorant instead of thermal paste in your PC Yo, We got ta. Do this

Wait, wait, stop stop, stop! Stop watching! I don’t wan na see. I don’t wan na see. We’Ve done a lot of stupid things with PCs in the past.

We tried to cook on a PC. We’Ve used different various bad ideas, as thermal paste.

Deodorant is gon na smell, delicious. I mean delightful, (, Ken laughs, ) Delightful. Are you gon na eat it dude Delightful is the word. I meant

Delightful Ken, I have a need, a need for speed. Well, thank God. We have Speed. Stick The sponsor of today’s video Just kidding.

So for this one it should be really straightforward: We’ve built a very scientific test bench of a board with a Core i3-8100. So not exactly the most powerful CPU in the world. You just disconnected something [ Jared ]. What did you do?

I heard the Windows disconnecting, I moved it because it was on the edge of the desk, So we should be able to do this, pretty simply

So we’re gon na start out by running Cinebench And then we’re gon na take a look at to see exactly how hot it gets. If there’s any throttling

Five four three two one and complete. So after five minutes, the fan ramped up to 1300 RPM, we had no throttling and the hottest CPU core touched 62 degrees. So that is our benchmark. [ Jared ] That it pretty cool

That is incredibly cool.

This is a older, lower powered processor, So if the deodorant’s gon na work with anything, this is like the best case scenario For reference. That’S what the thermal paste is supposed to look like on our actual CPU cooler, And you can see that it’s actually a pretty good application here. It was pretty smooth, pretty even

So, let’s wipe this off and put deodorant on it, [ Ken ]. I don’t think that that’s the best way to do that. Okay, what do you think we should do? I think you should cut it in chunks and then flat. No

What kinda psychopath … This is deodorant, It is meant to be applied on even strokes.

You’Re not gon na, like …

What No

[ Ken ], But you’re not gon na get enough of it. On there. Oh watch me [ Jared ]. I think he will Watch me All right. We’Ll start with the CPU

[ Jared ], Ow [, Ken ] Yeah, I think cutting it’s the best idea. [ Jared ], I think he’s just got ta put a little more TLC in there [ Ken ]. It smells really good [ Jared ] And then, if we put some on top of the cooler

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Yeah yeah [ Jared ]. I mean you, don’t want that much! You want a lot actually [ Jared ]. No, you don’t want- The more the better. So that’s a healthy dose on our CPU cooler and a generous helping on our CPU, which looks a little sus. A little crusty

Looks like you got more of it on the heat sink than you did the actual- I’m gon na just touch it up a little bit with a couple extra little dips and dabs

All right Well immediately I’ll say this is not good ,’cause we’ve not even gotten into the benchmark and we’re at 78 degrees. I gon na take a guess, we’re currently at 97. 98. 99. 100. 100. 100. Degrees. Don’T worry guys! I got this. I got this

What’S happening right now is it is overheating dramatically So 100 degrees fan at max, and then we have throttled down from 3.6 to about 3 gigahertz, But but we have a Glade plug-in Smell. It.

It does smell delightful. Does anyone want to take a bet as what this thing looks like I think, it’ll look fresh and clean and masculine Burnt And confident

Burnt, Oh it look it’s! Oh, my God. It dried, [, Jared ], It melted. Wait! Wait! Wait! No! No! Look at this! Oh wait! No!

It’S not antiperspirant, it’s perspirant At 100 degrees celsius. It melted Just look at little like drops of like liquid on the CPU And look there’s a bunch more on here as well.

It’S like completely melted,

[ Jared ], So do you think this is still usable as deodorant? I’M not gon na put a hundred degree melted deodorant on my armpits, I think you’re just afraid. Oh it smells so good though yo. This video is sponsored by stamps.

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No long-term commitments: That’s Never go to the post office. Again, [ Man ], Here’s another trick. I guarantee you didn’t know about.

Scroll down and find hearing then add it to the control center Click on it and turn live. Listening on. You can now listen to what’s being said in any room where you leave your phone through your AirPods Wait really Whoa whoa, whoa, whoa whoa

So with that, your AirPods can hear what your ’s doing. So, if you put your iPhone on another room as long as you’re within Bluetooth range, you can hear what’s going on in your AirPods. Well, let’s test it out. Can you hear me right now? Can you hear me


So we obviously can’t hear any of this in the video, So you’re hearing me on the iPhone right now. Yes, Okay,


So I’m gon na walk in the back Hello, Ken How’s it going I’m gon na walk and keep walking. Can you hear me

[ Ken ], Yes very well, [ Austin ], I’m gon na whisper, I’m gon na whisper. Can you hear me now? Yes, you’re whispering

So this is more or less just a wireless hearing aid. Also I’m hearing myself talk and it’s messing with me- [ Jared ] Yeah yeah yeah, Because it’s slightly delayed, But this is a very good to hearing aid, though Like imagine, if

.. Either he’s demonstrating something or he’s stealing my phone [ Austin ] Test test one two. So this is a chest to see-. He said test wrong.

He absolutely said test wrong: [ Austin, ] Ken. If you can hear me right now, nod your head.

Wait what [ Austin ]? Okay! I don’t actually know how I’m testing this’cause. I can’t see or hear Ken in any way, ( Ken laughs, ) He’s so dumb.

Oh, my God, [ Man ] What happens if you run your computer inside of your freezer? Oh it’s going to die because of condensation right, Okay, thoughts on this one. If you put your PC in a freezer, it will overheat, because, even though a freezer is like meant to cool things, off- [, Ken ], There’s no air circulation.

Well, there’s also way more heat, that’s being released by your PC than the freezer could take care of. I feel like it’s gon na turn into an oven at a certain point That would not work Hello and welcome. I am and today we are a fridge PC,

( upbeat music ) All right, So we just put the computer in there we’re gon na. Let it sit for a minute and let all the parts cool down since they’re all still at that room temperature, which is well above freezing Okay, so we’re gon na go ahead and run the benchmark. Now,

And we only really have one shot at this, because once it’s warmed up in there, we have a long wait time before it cools back down takes some time We got ta, be patient.

You don’t do this if you’re in a rush. Well, don’t do this at all, but if you’re gon na do it make sure you give yourself some time? What are you doing with a PC on the floor? You guys shooting a video without me right now. No ,’cause you’re here right now,

It’S not without you. Why is there a bag of ice behind you? Well I mean we didn’t have any room in the freezer, so [ Austin ]. Oh my gosh! It’S extra performance!

And we just got our numbers in. Do you want to know how much better it is Like? Is it even cool in here [ Jared ] Yeah? No, it’s cool. Actually, it is kind of cool in here.

See We think with our heads. Sometimes Okay, Does this actually work? What are you guys doing?

So we just pulled the scores up. This is our-, That’s the same. That’S the same, Having two scores that are the same. I guess So we can see that we have increased our score by a solid 80 points. To really do this test and to see the most benefit, you need to be overclocking and pushing this where you actually need the cooling

Exactly Dude, you didn’t even mention the fact that now my gaming setup- Yeah

Has a built-in drinks dispenser (, both laugh ) Only if it’s Mountain Dew in there, Oh that’s-, [, Austin, ], There’s no Mountain Dew in there.

We got oh, oh, oh, I need to get back to actual work. Can you please clean this up? ( Jared laughs, ), Jesus, Oh okay!

I, like this [ Man ] What happens if you daisy chain, multiple PCI, risers and plug in a graphics card. We use these all the time for all like vertical, like GPU mounts, So he was only able to get it to run through one riser before it failed. I think if we get actual full 16x risers, which can do full bandwidth for your graphics card, we can get three four of those things.

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We can get a bunch of them that are all gon na, be daisy, chained together.

So for this one, it’s going to be interesting. I’Ve seen a couple of videos on people trying to do this in the past, but what you need to understand about PCI, risers, …,

What are you doing? It’S the edge of the table? No, it needs to be on the edge ,’cause. It literally will pull out of the slot. Generally speaking use one of these And using it to like vertically mount your GPU

If you use multiple you’re not really supposed to, but I guess, if we’re building like a desk PC where you want to have like the GPU on one side of the desk and like your motherboard on the other, it could be useful. [ Ken ]. You have five PCI risers Yup, But no power button, Yeah

Yeah, What’s the issue You spent $ 115 per riser, but couldn’t buy a $ 2 power button? No Wait. Wait, wait, wait to be fair. The Corsair ones are least 60

Guys wait

But what’s the- Yeah? Actually, why is this one so much more expensive? Actually, that’s a great question You bought these. I grabbed all Corsair and you specifically sent me back

No, no! No! No! No! No! Look at the difference in the flexibility Look see the Thermaltake one is way: wimpier [ Jared ]! Wait! No, but that’s you want it to be flexible. No, I want it to be- [ Ken ]. No, no! No! No

[ Jared ] Go ahead and say it Say it out loud Austin You versus the guy. She tells you not to worry about. No, No, no! No

This is plenty of flexibility, (, Ken laughs ), So we’ve got five feet of risers Yeah. I think we might need to go farther than that. I am installed here. Is this a handheld GPU ,’cause? I don’t know if that’s necessarily a great idea.

Let’S start running it this way, So if the PC’s here we’re gon na run it across the table There we go So we’re three feet away: GPU’s spinning

All right, It’s a good sign. It’S a very good sign. So far it works. Updating,

Oh God, Windows just wants to update right now. [ Jared ] Wait already [ Ken ] Yeah [ Jared ]. We just updated it earlier.

It’S updating your system All right. Let’S add two more risers All right. It’S gon na get really annoying really fast. There we are

It is on, I mean, that’s a good first sign [ Ken ] Yeah, Let’s see if it actually wants to post. Oh well, actually, hang on

Well, it’s also updating right now, so that might not be happening. No, I don’t-, I think it’s spinning- Nothing’s, coming up on the display, though So is five too many. Five might be too many right now, Let’s go ahead and pull out the fifth riser

So, let’s try it with four first [ Jared ]. Okay, So will four risers work? Well, I mean GPU immediately spins up, which is a good sign And monitor, comes up.

Oh there we go. Oh, What the Oh, Oh, honey,

Whoa, That’s a chungus right there. So now we’re running with one two: three four 300 mil risers and one meter riser

[ Jared ], Yes, Ooh,

Oh, Oh Whoa, So that’s it! So how far are we away right now?

No way So we’re 1200 plus so we’re 2200 right now, 2200 millimeters away from our motherboard and the GPU is spinning. I think this is a success And that’s pretty far away.

It is 86 inches long, which is just over seven feet, So it is-, That’s like-, [ Jared ], It’s taller than Master Chief is Our riser’s taller than Master Chief [ Jared ]. Yes, That’s a great frame of reference that everyone knows.

[ Jared ] Yeah..

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