Recruitment Agencies in Bahrain

What Are Different Types of Recruitment Agencies in Bahrain?


In today’s competitive job market, recruitment agencies come in various shapes and sizes, including single recruitment centers to well-established global agencies. To select the right recruitment agencies in Bahrain, you will need to consider several points – require skill set, number of job openings, and whether you’re appearing as permanent or temporary employees. And so, considering necessary aspects you can opt for jobs which match your qualification. That’s right!

These recruitments agencies will assist you to seek appropriate jobs, whether you are experienced or new job seekers. There’s numerous position in an industry, which are usually neglected by inexperienced candidates. Thus, recruitment agencies can guide individuals to qualify such positions as per qualifications, skill set, and interest. And so, recruitment agencies charge payment whenever any candidate is appointed. In case agencies working with commissions may charge the candidates.

In order to avail of the services of recruitment agencies in Bahrainyou will need to register yourself with the company or recruitment centers. There are many sorts of recruitment agencies, including electronic recruitment agencies or other agencies, and you will need to choose the right option to enjoy the exact job. That’s significant to choose the right agency as per your needs and qualifications.

These are most-common sorts of recruitment agencies currently available in Bahrain –

  • Traditional Employment Agencies

These sorts of recruitment agencies guide job seekers to get employment and assisting companies to appoint qualified employees. However, some agencies charge job seekers for their respective services. Ahead of signing contracts with any particular recruitment agency, make sure to clarify its remunerations and rules. The employer pays other traditional employment firms for the same.

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There are agencies specializes in various niches, such as accounting, sales and marketing, legal, human resources management, sports, and information technology career searches. In most circumstances, job seekers should avoid agencies charging remunerations and should opt for recruitment agencies in Bahrain.

  • Executive Search Firms

An executive search agency possesses an administrative relationship with the employer. These retained agencies appoint employees for a certain period of time to find candidates to fill jobs. These retain agencies specialize in contacting and sourcing the best candidates they can find for employers, and will often approach executives who aren’t working actively for new jobs.

These types of recruitment agencies commonly appoint senior-level employees in an industry. A retained search agency searches for candidates to satisfy the criteria mentioned by the client company. These agencies will systematically review a candidate’s qualifications ahead of sending their profile to the hiring manager and will only present the most exact candidate for the position to the company.

  • Contingency Employment Agency

These kinds of agencies are paid when their respective candidates get appointed by the employer or company. In most cases, a contingency employment agency charges the candidates, and so job seekers must be careful while enrollment. These agencies usually appoint low-level to mid-level searches and often send more number of resumes to the employer.

If you are applying for any position through a contingency agency, you should be competitive with other candidates and make sure to check out employment rules and conditions. These recruitment agency types are popular in appointing administrative employees.

  • Temporary Agencies

A temporary agency is even called a “staffing agency”. It usually appoints candidates to meet non-permanent positions in companies. These recruitment agencies often assist to place specialized consultants in short-term assignments. To satisfy seasonal increases or employees giving resignations on non-permanent classes, such as maternity leaves or other health-related problems, temporary agencies offer candidates who will work for a certain period.

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And so, the client companies pay off hourly rate for the candidate it appoints. These agencies will even pay the candidate’s wages, insurances, and other advantages. Hence, temporary agencies act as a connection between temporary jobs and full-time employment.

  • Niche Agencies

These sorts of niche agencies are responsible for appointing skilled candidates who are experts in specific domains. The electronic recruitment agencies or aeronautics recruitment agencies are some examples of niche employment agencies. A niche recruitment agency makes certain as candidates are skilled and perfectly matches the criteria of client companies.

There are several reasons to work with recruitment companies, which enhance the quality of candidates and appointments, supporting rapid business growth, recruiting cost control without overpowering existing recruiting of human resource employees. It is even advantages of recruiting technology and minimum experience in internal recruiters. And so, recruiting companies offer immense support at crucial stages in several cycles, including at initial startups, the rapid growth of companies, and at important projects.

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