You have the right to expect these things from your life partner


For the success of your marriage, it is important that you understand what marriage is all about. You must go by the understanding of your rights in the marriage and what you can expect in your life partner. Having unrealistic notions about marriage and impractical approach to understanding your life partner will only end up in creating dissatisfaction, misunderstanding and friction ultimately resulting in quarrels, restlessness, instability and separation. You have the right to expect these things from your life partner. When you work with an Indian matchmaking service to find your life partner, ensure through the right means whether your life partner can give you these things so that you can ascertain whether your marriage can become successful.


Affection is at the base of any relationship. Devoid of affection, no relationship can be fulfilling and satisfying in the long run. Affection is the sap that nurtures the otherwise dry relationships. There are several ways to show affection like nice words, appreciation, gifts, physical touches and others. Give and take these things from your life partner and if this segment goes on fine, it can go a long way in ensuring the stability of the marriage.


In a marital relationship, you and your life partner must be compassionate towards each other. When you get hurt in life or when you are disappointed in life, it is your life partner who must be the first person to support you mentally and give you the necessary succor, solace and comfort.


Every human being want to be respected. Though there might be disagreements in marital relationship, no person should disrespect or ridicule the other one. If situations are approached with a balanced state of mind and if the respect is maintained between a husband – wife relationship, many problems can be easily solved.

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For any relationship to thrive and continue and grow, it is necessary that you spend some time regularly. If your partner never has time for you, you are bound to get dejected and lose hopes in course of time. Also, the time you spend together must be a quality time that both of you can cherish. A good relationship is a two way process and the successful marriage is all about reciprocation. Both of you must ensure you realize the importance of spending some quality time together consistently.


It is a reasonable thing to expect that your life partner is interested in you. No one in a relationship can move on passively unmindful of what is happening tot eh other person. Your talks, your looks and your behavior must tell the other person that he or she is interested in you. Often people do not take efforts to express their interest in the other person even though they cherish such good sentiments in their hearts. How will the other person know you are interested in him or her if you do not convey it to her through your actions and words? Also, when both the partners reciprocate by taking a genuine interest in the well-being, happiness and success of the other person, marriage can turn a highly fulfilling experience to both the partners.

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