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Top 4 PC Games That Have Stood The Test Of Time


Some things get better with age, like a good wine or a leather coat, for instance. However, this rule does not necessarily apply to the gambling world. What sounds like cutting edge graphics and advanced gameplay in the moment, can quickly appear ridiculous once viewed several years later on. GoldenEye is perhaps the prime example of a match that was revolutionary and a fan popular back in 1997, but at today’s? Those blocky square and folks firearms are almost difficult to check at today.

But we are not here to pity titles into the way their appearances are aged, but rather concentrate on four PC games that are many years old, but still control a good deal of attention and are played with the day. Sure, fresh and amazing names are continuously published on PC, but despite this, you are going to discover again and again that folks really like to come back to games that they know and love best.


It appears strange that a game using worse images than most present titles is really among the most popular on earth. Evidence that strong gameplay defies some fancy visuals, Minecraft has gone from strength to strength since its launch in 2009 with a whopping 106 million copies sold (for contrast, a massive name like GTA V sold 65 million copies).

Helped mainly by the very fact that Minecraft continues to flourish through the invention of personal gaming servers, it is intriguing to find that the blocky world-building sport has mostly remained the same as launch. There’s not any Minecraft two or guarantees of better and bigger things by programmer Mojang, rather, the sport has just spread its reach across all significant platforms and allow the gamer choose which direction they would like to get taken.


Sometimes, you merely get a game which rips down what you thought you knew about gambling. Having a 10/10 score on matches vendor Steam, Portal remains a hugely enjoyable game to play any era. An FPS that does not let you shoot anybody? Unusual, but Portal absolutely nails it using a very simple strategy that’s really anything but easy as soon as you begin. Portal makes you believe, as with your portal-firing gun (we need one), you are going to solve beautifully tricky puzzles which don’t go easy on you.

Launched in 2007, Portal still retains up due to its strong images, immersive gameplay, and also the incredibly amusing AI personality GLaDOS. Additionally, the setting is quite engaging, since you’ll find that there’s a dim reason as to why you are shooting portals throughout a test centre. Though a movie was released in 2011 and has been equally, if not more striking than the first, Portal still remains a complete gaming icon in the current world.

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League of Legends

LoL has been reported a year ago to get 100 million monthly active gamers. Stop and think about this for another — 100 million. This is beyond enormous, although not that surprising if it is all said and done, contemplating LoL has its eSports championship, reality shows, and devout after around the globe. The quantity of playable characters is rather staggering — people, wolves, aliens, creatures, dragons, and just about anything you can imagine. What’s more, the personalization and upgrade choices are plentiful, fresh characters are continuously added, and the internet community is always flourishing.

To put it differently, there is never a boring moment with League of Legends because its beginning in 2009. Other MOBA games such as Overwatch and DOTA 2 may be near LoL’s gameplay, however they will still have a very long time to get anywhere close to its degree of renown.


Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, both with its eSports championship and a huge number of international fans, came on the scene from 2012 to nothing but rapturous applause. Though not the earliest from the Counter-Strike series, the multiplayer FPS game frees up the images, customization chances (weapons, gear and maps) and created matchmaking much easier because of players being paired up with other people using a similar ability standing. The sport is still updated by developer Valve as well as the gambling community, and as a consequence of this, CS:GO never feels stale or old.

Unfortunately, because of several of the modification choices which Valve enables its players, this results in a great deal of cheating when codes are being composed. But, Valve prohibits tens of thousands of gamers each year and are continuously working on new answers to the sin that is cheating. But Overall, most CS:GO gamers respect the principles and play quite, which is the only real way to play some other sport.

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