How to Get Rid of Ants Naturally


Like every year, ants are advancing into homes this season too. Normal pest control tips can enable you to adapt to and dispense with the issue. But not everyone likes pest or antidote that made of harmful substances. Moreover, these types of the pest are harmful and risky to apply, if you got any child or pet in your house.

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So; the best solution is to follow nature.

Negligible ants have been seen in our new home. As much as I love winter, I also hate bugs that much — particularly bugs that can plague in your house. A week ago I requested some guidance on the best way to get rid of ants naturally. In the last week, I did some research on it & I got some interesting things to share with you.

Cornmeal Deterrent

To shield ants from creeping up the shaft of the hummingbird feeder, spread cornmeal deterrent around the base of the shaft, post, or tree and other things. Sometimes one needs to apply again and again as per need.


One of the natural home-based solutions for disposing of ants is to utilize chalk. Chalk contains calcium carbonate, which helps in repelling ants. Sprinkle some chalk powder in the entrance area of the ants or make a line of chalk at the passageway. This kind of chalk line keeps the ant out of your house. While it not proven why this line prevents the ants from entering inside the house, yet it is most likely successful. Ensure you make the line in a way that is far from any kid & pet in the house.


My next natural pick up is lemon. Press a lemon or place lemon peels in spots from where the ant’s line begins. You can likewise sweep your floors with water that has a little lemon juice blended to it. Ants evidently don’t care for the smell so they will fend off without knowing the thing. Anything harsh and intense may fend off the ants, yet sugar is ants’ closest companion. So guarantee you don’t keep anything sweet that may pull in the ants somehow or the other. Keep your kitchen chunk totally spotless and put the lemon juice in that spot.

Espresso beans

Espresso bean is very effective. We love coffee; hence it is available in almost every house. Well, you can use it making an obstruction that ants won’t cross, sprinkle utilized espresso beans along the edge of a blossom or raised garden bed or at the base of your home and corner points.


I personally tested peppermint and it worked. In the last season, my house became full of ants and it makes me ridiculous. Then my mother in law suggested me apply peppermint with some essential oil around your house especially windows and other entrance places.  I applied the result is awesome. I suggest blending peppermint with some water inside a spray bottle. Then sprinkle the liquid over the ant infestation and watch them die.

That’s all for me. Do you have any incredible plans to keep ants out? Offer them with us and our viewers in the comment segment, beneath! Thank you for reading this post. Feel free to share and comment.



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