Windows Become Interactive Advertising Boards with Window Graphics

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Many businesses on Orlando’s main streets decorate storefront windows with catchy graphics that hope to intrigue, inspire, and invite. The store window has long been used as a display case to drape clothing and show off products.

Storefront Window Graphics in Orlando, FL

Many businesses even use simple graphics to promote a “SALE” or “50% OFF”. However, the full advertising potential of window decals has not been tapped. Custom vinyl window graphics can be used so much more creatively as truly exciting ‘billboards.’

1. Tell them about your new website

This might seem odd, turning potential customers to online shopping, but foot traffic and website traffic are both excellent for your business. You can create a much more wholesome shopping experience online at a lesser cost than you would physically. Promote your new/existing website on window decals. Many businesses display a custom URL on the graphic, allowing them to track exactly how many people have converted based on window advertising.

2. Social promotion

What goes well with a new online presence? Social media promotion, of course! Boldly show off your social media handles and unique hashtags to drive direct engagement. Adding promo codes if people ‘Like’ your post or subscribe to your channel is sure to drive sales. Creative window graphics are ideal social media fodder, too; watch people flock to your storefront to take selfies.

3. Seasonal shopping

Halloween, Christmas, Hanukkah, Boxing Day, New Year’s Day – could you need more reason to start ramping up holiday advertising? Seasonal product launches and sales will be coming thick and fast; stay ahead of the curve with seasonal window decals. Struggling to come up with creative designs? Talk to us. We design, print, and install custom vinyl window graphics.

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4. New products

Apple’s new 2020 iPhones, Starbucks’ seasonal coffees, and Fall fashion are just a few examples of the new products hitting store shelves and restaurants’ menus. Don’t wait for customers to enter your business before advertising new products: highlight new offerings with storefront graphics and watch curious shoppers pour in.

5. Welcome customers back

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused buyers to keep away from busy markets, but they return to physical shopping as fears wind down. Welcoming back customers with contextual advertising is a great confidence builder. Buyers also show a preference for local businesses with a COVID-19 story over a faceless chain so that window graphics can tap into their subconscious.

Should you get window graphics for your business?

Absolutely! Window advertising is one of the easiest, least expensive forms of advertising any business can opt for. Storefront windows are large, ideally located advertising opportunities. Best of all, you don’t need a permit from the city to advertise, nor do you pay a hefty advertising fee.

Visual Signs makes getting window signs completely turnkey. We even print signs on short notice. Contact us for a complimentary consultation.


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