Why You Should Invest in a Surge Protector for RV Travels


Choosing to purchase an RV is a big decision, and like with any big decision, you want to make sure that you have the protection you need against any possible malfunctions or issues. Having electricity in your RV during your stay at a campground can be very important to the activities you want to do or to your outdoor lifestyle. Having a Surge Protector For RV can help protect you from an electrical surge that can do damage to the electronic equipment in your RV.

There are two types of surge protectors that are commonly used in RVs. One is a basic model that plugs into the power pedestal at a campsite. With this protector, you plug your RV’s electrical cord directly into the protector. This keeps you protected from surges that can be sent through the pedestal, like from a lightning strike or malfunction, and even from power lines. Having a basic surge protector helps block the surge from entering the RV so you remain protected.

There is also a more sophisticated model of surge protector for RV that uses technology to protect against more than just power surges. These models have the ability to read high or low voltage situations so that if you are trying to run your RV on low voltage, which can be dangerous and cause serious damage, the protector cuts the power. This sophisticated model can also protect against any wiring issues within the pedestal, such as backward wiring, by reading the situation and again blocking the dangerous power from entering your RV. With a purchase like this, it is like taking out an insurance policy on your RV that is easy to manage and much more affordable.

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If you are wondering if it is worth it to get a surge protector for protecting your RV, consider how you use them within your own home. We use power surge protectors within our homes as a source from the wall to transfer electric power safely to our devices. Much like when you are at home, traveling in an RV with your laptop or phone will require a power source of some kind to keep those devices going during your travels.

These surge protectors work no differently than the ones you use at home, with the exception that you can plug them directly into the power pedestal at an RV site. When you choose to buy a surge protector for RV, consider all of the appliances you try to power with your RV’s power source. These may include outlets that allow you to charge electronics, a TV, a refrigerator, air conditioning and much more, so having power becomes important and you don’t want to leave your RV unprotected from possibly damaging surges.

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