Why You Should Buy LED Headlight Bulbs From Diode Dynamics


LED headlights are the latest development in automotive headlight technology. The first OEM LED headlight was released in the 2006 Lexus LS 600h, the same year Diode Dynamics began offering their first LED upgrades. Now, over a decade later, LEDs have advanced and Diode Dynamics has continued to grow alongside the burgeoning industry. If you are looking to buy LED headlight bulbs, check out the SL1 LED bulb at Diode Dynamics.

Diode Dynamics is one of the only manufacturers of automotive LEDs in the US and their headlight bulbs are second to none. Not only will their SL1 LED headlights shine further, but they will remain focused so that output is useable, not just turning into glare. The team of engineers, designers, and manufacturers work together to ensure that they only offer their customers the highest quality bulbs possible.

One of the most important factors when it comes to a replacement headlight bulb is focus. You are probably thinking, “but what about output?” and we understand why so many drivers value output. Obviously headlights should be bright, but the brightest bulbs are next to useless unless they actually work with your existing headlight assembly.

The inside of a headlight is a chamber designed to focus the light from your bulb into a functional pattern. This is why our headlights make beams instead of just casting an even spread of light like a lit candle might. Headlights do this using a series of tiny reflectors that are angled to capture rays of light from a halogen bulb’s filament and focus that light into a beam of light. In order for an LED to work properly in your headlights, the LED chips have to be oriented in the same position as the OEM bulb’s filament. This means not only being located in the same spot within the headlights but also having the two back to back LEDs as close to each other as possible to imitate the glowing tungsten filament of a halogen bulb.

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Diode Dynamics uses advanced ray tracing technology to ensure they position their LED chips in the optimal location to imitate the positioning and output from your old bulbs. This means that your headlights will create a bright beam of light with a hot spot that shines down the road instead of producing the weak hot spot and increased glare that comes from an unfocused bulb.

When you buy LED headlight bulbs from Diode Dynamics, you are not only getting an incredibly focused bulb, you are also getting a reliable one. OEM halogen bulbs last for about a maximum of 1000 hours of use, typically burning out every few years. LED bulbs operate for at least 40,000 hours of use! That is over 4 years of constant use. Because no one is running their headlights 24/7, you can easily expect to go over a decade without burning out your SL1 headlights. In fact, they can often outlast the vehicles they are installed in. Despite this, every pair comes with a 3 year worry free warranty to ensure that your bulbs function as intended.

So if you are ready to buy LED headlight bulbs, it’s time to check out Diode Dynamics. Their lights are not only bright, they are focused so all of that light is going to shine exactly where you need it. Their bulbs also offer one of the most compact designs on the market, so you can install them anywhere a halogen bulb would fit. To find the perfect bulbs for your vehicle, visit. www.diodedynamics.com.

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