Why You Need LED Fog Light Bulbs

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It may go without saying that your car’s headlights are an important safety feature. They help you keep your eyes on the road and make it easy to spot any obstacles after dark. Despite this fact, your headlights might not always be able to help your visibility, especially in inclement weather. That is what makes fog lights so important. If you want to have bright and powerful lights to cut through the glare caused by fog, rain, or snow, a pair of LED fog light bulbs are the perfect solution.

Anyone who has driven through fog knows how blinding it can be. In very thick fog, sometimes you can barely make out the road. Sometimes even heavy rain or snow can have a similar effect, causing large amounts of glare that make it extremely difficult to see the road clearly. All of these weather conditions are caused by water, which has a very reflective surface. Whether your lights are shining on the tiny droplets of water in a fog cloud or falling rain drops, the water will act almost like a mirror, reflecting light back towards you in the form of glare.

If you are not familiar with what makes fog lights so special, take a minute to consider how your headlights operate. Headlights shine light straight ahead to maximize your visibility. This is all fine and good on a clear night, but when you are dealing with fog or other weather conditions, your headlight output can sometimes do more harm than good. Because of the reflective property of water, most of the output from your headlights will shine back in the form of glare.

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Instead of casting light straight ahead, where most of the output would be reflected back by the weather, fog light bulbs cast a narrow beam of light downward. This means that the light will shine on the road instead of shining into the fog. Using this beam pattern keeps glare from interfering with your driving. Many fog lights also come in a yellow color which decreases strain on the eyes while increasing contrast, especially while driving through snow. Combined with safe driving practices, these lights can significantly decrease the likelihood of accidents while driving in poor weather.

To get the most out of your fog lights, you need a pair of LED fog light bulbs. LED bulbs can produce a brighter output than your OEM halogen bulbs and they last significantly longer. Many drivers also use their fog lights as daytime running lights, which can cause them to burn out quickly. One pair of LED bulbs will last as long as 40 pairs of OEM halogen fog light bulbs.

If you want the best LED fog lights for your car, Diode Dynamics can help. Their SLF LED fog light bulbs have been designed to operate with your fog light assembly to cast the perfect beam pattern. This means that the LEDs on their bulbs have been positioned to line up exactly where your OEM bulb’s filament would within the fog light. This ensures that your fog lights continue to operate as intended. Plus, thanks to the compact size of their bulbs, they are incredibly easy to install. Just plug and play, no additional modifications needed.

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You can use the convenient vehicle search feature at www.diodedynamics.com to find all of their products that will fit your vehicle. If you have any questions about fog lights, or any of their other automotive LED lighting options, you can always contact a member of their team by calling 314-205-3033 or sending an email to [email protected]

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