Why the responsive website design is extremely important?


Freelance | Responsive | Affordable Website designer in Hull – Why is the mobile version of the website important?

We are increasingly using the Internet on mobile devices.


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Given this fact, can website owners afford the lack of a mobile version? Nobody will forbid it, but is it worth it? I believe that even if our recipients use our website more often via a computer, having a responsive website is still an obligation. In this post, I will show you the advantages that it is worth taking care of users using smartphones. I have also prepared a list of tasks to be carried out for you. You will learn thanks to it what a website adapted to mobile devices should have.


  • Does every site need a mobile version?
  • A few words about Google Mobile-First Index
  • “Be mobile-friendly” pays off ??
  • How to check if the site is suitably adapted to mobile devices?
  • Check if the content on mobile devices is different from the desktop version
  • Use the Mobile-Friendly Test
  • Also, try Test My Site with Google
  • Verify the page with PageSpeed Insights
  • Try GTMetrix


Does every site need a mobile version?

In my opinion, every website should be adapted to mobile devices. First of all, it’s a nod to your customers. The goal of users of “smaller devices” is usually to find a quick answer undoubtedly. Waiting too long is often associated with a higher bounce rate

Mobile devices are becoming more and more convenient for us. The number of mobile devices is constantly growing and will increase gradually. The time when the standard version of the site was sufficient has passed … and rather will not come back. It is also worth paying attention to the fact that high traffic on the site is generated by social networks, which we use most often on smartphones.

I advise you if you still do not have a mobile version – do not postpone it forever. Analyze the site for the situation that your client may find himself in. If you run local business – a potential customer will be happy to check your restaurant’s menu or opening hours. Don’t hinder him. The only thing she will carry with her is the phone. If you run a larger company – you’ll be able to show off your projects and references at a business meeting. You stand out with a professional image.

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A few words about Google Mobile-First Index

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Due to the growing traffic of users using Google on mobile devices, the Mobile-First Index has been introduced. The owners of the most popular search engine strive to present the results of queries in the most accurate way possible.

Too small buttons on the page, a problem with hitting a link can not get one soul out of balance. Google is struggling to make such situations rare and is asking you to customize the page for mobile devices.

Google Mobile-First Index means that it will use the mobile version when indexing content and ranking for your site. However, the Mobile-First Index will only work when your website is ready. Otherwise, Google will use the standard version of the website when compiling it.

Google Mobile-First Index means that it will use the mobile version when indexing content and ranking for your page. Mobile-First Index will work only when your site is ready. Otherwise, Google will use the standard version.


Website designed for browsing on a computer, no mobile version of the site

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  • Google will use the desktop version for indexing
  • The site is adapted to be viewed on a computer and mobile devices
  • Google will index the mobile version of the page
  • In case you have a separate desktop and mobile version of the website
  • Google will prefer the mobile version of your website

Source: More information can be found at this link

“Be mobile-friendly” pays off ??

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You probably met the statement “be mobile-friendly”. In the literal sense, it means to be mobile-friendly. Much has already been said in this topic, but what are the benefits of being “mobile-friendly”? You will make it easier for your clients to use the site – that is what I have already mentioned in an earlier part of the post. Your customers should always be in the first place.

Stop losing potential customers! – the requirements of users using smartphones are increasing. No mobile version of the site or too long loading time causes an increased bounce rate of the website.

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You will improve your position in Google – by adjusting the website for mobile devices, Google will index the fact that you have a mobile version. I think ranking factor will only increase.

Start sleeping peacefully! – do not postpone the task of preparing the mobile page. Either way, you will have to pay attention to it. Be an entrepreneur for a medal – taking care of the details, you will show your clients a professional side of your business website.


How to check if the site is suitably adapted to mobile devices?

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Take the role of a tester! This is the easiest and best way to test your website. It would be great if you could check the website using a 3G network. Your website must be convenient for your users. Check your site through the eyes of a potential customer. Review if switching between pages is not problematic. Also, use the contact form.

Check if the content on mobile devices is different from the desktop version Make sure that the same content appears on all variants of your site. Sometimes, website elements are hidden on mobile devices. Why? For the website to load faster and present itself nicely on mobile devices.

You should check:

Is the main content on all variants of the website the same? This also applies to all pictures and films.


  • Check that the ordered data is on both versions of the site.
  • Please note that the page title and site descriptions are the same.
  • Check mobile site has a canonical link to the desktop version
  • Important if you have a mobile version at a different address (e.g. your mobile page is at m.yourdomain.com)


If you have easily passed the above-mentioned recommendations, I sincerely congratulate! I am very happy that everything is fine. Now I will present to you some tools that will check some things for you.


Use the Mobile-Friendly Test

Freelance web design Hull tool

You can find it at this address. You will find out if your website is properly displayed on mobile devices. Besides, the Mobile-Friendly test will check for you whether the distances from the edge of the screen are suitable, or indicate problems with the font size and content that goes beyond the screen. In the “Additional resources” section you will find solutions to your problems.

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Try Test My Site with Google

Another tool from Google used to test the site for mobile devices. The application checks key issues affecting website optimization and speed of its operation.

Test My Site has been equipped with interesting functionality titled “Estimated user loss (due to loading time)”. We can check how our site looks like other sites in our industry. As in the previous tool, we can get acquainted with the guidelines for our website. We can generate a special report that we can receive in an email.


Verify the page with PageSpeed Insights

Freelance web design Hull tool

I think in this ranking the most popular tool for checking the speed of our website. In recent days Google slightly updated Google PageSpeed. It currently uses the analysis tool for Google Lighthouse developers. This test will tell you which optimization solutions have already been applied to your site, as well as those that would be worth implementing. I do not use this tool as an absolute oracle.

I treat Google Page Speed purely for information. In many cases, we can easily achieve optimization at a great level. Great quality template, file compression plugins can be very helpful. I think that every result around 80/100 is perfectly fine and not difficult to achieve.

The Google Analytics tracking code, a widget from Facebook or Twitter, or even Hotjar can often prevent us from reaching 100/100. I recommend that you use common sense with this tool and not strive for perfectionism at all costs.


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