Why Shop for LED Light Fixtures?


LED Fixtures have been making the rounds in the past several years and seem to be going through the roof in popularity. In fact, it seems like all different applications for LED lights as a light source have gone through the roof in popularity recently. If you’re new to lighting and just looking for a little more information on this scenario, it’ll help if we take a closer look at how LED lights work and the reason for their prevalence and popularity.

Using the term LED light is something redundant since LED itself standards for ‘light-emitting diode’. LEDs are different from most other forms of lighting as the principles of their operation stand entirely alone from most other lighting solutions.

Most light bulbs rely on some form of excitement of gases through electrical stimulation of the gases inside the bulb to emit visible radiation. While LED light fixtures do utilize electricity to produce light, they don’t rely on a gas to do so. To put it as simply as possible, a light-emitting diode, or an LED, is a semiconductor across which a flow of electrons (electricity) is directed. When the electricity flows across the semiconductor, it glows. It requires no gases and no use of hazardous materials and has many more benefits than this, as we are about to explore.

That’s how an LED works, and because of this unique operation, LED fixtures have become much more popular (in certain situations) than other alternatives due to this operation.

In the first place, and as we mentioned, LEDs require no utilization of hazardous materials such as mercury. That makes them easier and more affordable to dispose of than alternatives like metal halide lamps and fluorescent lighting. This, however, only reveals the tip of the iceberg of the benefits of LED fixtures and LED lights in general.

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LED lights draw significantly less power than any other alternative, which makes them remarkably energy efficient. While it can be said that LED lights can be expensive to implement – LED fixtures are sometimes more expensive when compared to other means – they have the potential to save a great deal of money on electricity costs.

On top of the fact that LED fixtures can save a lot of money on energy costs, they will also last a ridiculously long time. Some LED lights are rated to have a lifespan of 100,000 hours. The next highest thing you might come across is some fluorescent lights, and only some, that are rated to last about 50,000 hours. But then, you’ll end up spending more money on the operating costs and disposal can be a hassle as well.

LEDs can also offer bright white, reliable light output, which, when combined with these other benefits, makes them ideally suited for use as landscape lighting, recessed lighting and more. It’s not uncommon to see LED shop lights, LED ceiling fan lights, LED ceiling lights, LED strip lights and much more. If you’re looking for LED fixtures like these – and many more, then you should visit Atlanta Light Bulbs on AtlantaLightBulbs.com. There you can take advantage of their excellent customer service and their broad range of products. Visit their site or call them at 888-988-2852 to learn more about their products, including LED lighting solutions, today.

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