Why Office Chair Arm Pads Matter?


Arm pads are the part of an office chair that you may need to replace more than others. The arm pads on the arms of a chair can get worn out from extensive use or rip and tear from being pushed in and out from under a desk. There are even models of chairs that don’t include arm rests for space purposes so that a chair can fit comfortably under a desk.

It may not seem like it, but Office Chair Arm Pads are an important part of having a chair. Why are they so important and what benefits can using a chair with arm pads do for you? We will answer that question today.

One thing to always consider when you have to sit in an office chair for an extended period of time is that there are some aches and pains that can be associated with sitting in that position for so long. We usually associate the lack of movement and general sitting position with pain in the lower back or perhaps the shoulders. In reality, office chair armrest pads have a lot to do with that as well, not just the way the seat is positioned or the support you get from the seat.

Office chair arm pads, when positioned correctly for your posture, can reduce pain that occurs in your neck and shoulders. The forearm support you can get from arm rests keeps your shoulders in good position. The muscles in your shoulders are always active, even on a low level of intensity, so by not having the proper arm rests or your seat configured properly, you can start to feel that pressure and pain build up in your shoulders and neck.

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As a result of supporting your forearms, everything else benefits when you use office chair arm pads. Sitting properly in an office chair with all of the right support takes pressure off of the shoulders, neck, arms, and hands and can do you a lot of favors when you want to remain active and alert throughout your day.

Once you know the effects that arm rests can have when you have them on your chair, you need to make sure you are getting the right ones for you. Adjustable arm rests can be moved on a chair to fit your posture, but there are certain dimensions that need to be considered before you make your purchase.

Remember that it is easy to adjust the height of an arm rest, but that the positioning matters and that you need to make sure it is set just right so your posture remains normal. The width of the arm rest plays a factor as well. It should be comfortable so that you can allow your muscles to relax. A good width on an arm rest will allow your elbows to rest directly under your shoulders. You also want to be mindful of arm rests that pivot or chairs that come with arm rests that do not adjust or chairs without arm rests altogether.

If your arm rests are damaged and need replacing or if you are just looking for something new and something that better suits you, you can find the parts you need at Office Replacement Parts. With a wide selection of arm rests and arm pads in stock, you can finish off any chair or get the comfort you want from an office chair by adding the arm support you need to fix your posture and become more effective through the long hours of your workday.

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