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Why Indoor Signs are Vital for Businesses Today?


For businesses today, success depends majorly on how their customers see them and how their clients perceive them. When a visitor walks into an office or a retail store, their first interaction is with the brand is through interior signs. They help visitors to navigate through the facility with ease and create more opportunities for branding. Indoor signs also improve the overall visual aesthetics that create a lively working environment for the staff members. Each interior sign is unique and has a having a specific purpose and impact on a business. There are limitless possibilities with design, creativity, size, and placement when it comes to indoor signs.

At VizComm Signs and Graphics, we specialize in making all major types of interior business signs that can help brands communicate better with their customers. Here are the types of indoor signs that we offer:

ADA Signs: ADA compliance means that all signs that direct or indicate public facilities or places that are accessible to the public should follow ADA guidelines so that everyone (including people with disabilities) can navigate smoothly. Some of these signs are bathroom signs, lift signs, elevator ramps, restrooms that are wheelchair compatible and so on.

ADA Signs In Fountain Valley, CA

Custom Lobby Signs: Lobby is the first thing where the visitors come and stops before heading to their desired location. This provides an opportunity for the brands to make a positive impression and guide them in the right direction.

Custom Wall Graphics: With limitless design options, available, custom wall graphics is a great tool for creating a strong brand image and communicating the brand’s message. They also make a business look professional and improve the working environment.

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Custom Window Graphics: Custom window graphics adds new life to the facility as they offer opportunities to display the brand’s logo, tag line, directional signs and more. They also catch passerby attention and instigate impulse purchases.

Ceiling Signs – Mainly used in retail stores, ceiling signs are great for catching customer’s attention as they are placed above eye level. They also help customers to reach the right place.

Customized Ceiling Graphics and Signs in Fountain Valley, CA

Digital Displays – They are the most engaging forms for signage. With digital displays, brands can display multiple messages at the same time and with vivid colors and dynamic displays, they always catch more attention than traditional signage.

Floor Graphics – They are more popular among retail stores as they also have very high visibility. They can be used for wayfinding as well as direct customers towards specific areas in an outlet. Floor graphics are also very common in public transport facilities.

VizComm Signs and Graphics is a premium sign maker in Fountain Valley, CA. We specialize in making all types of interior signs, exterior signs, vehicle wraps & graphics, trade show displays and more to help clients in achieving their business objectives. Our signs are made from high-quality materials to ensure a quality finish and required sturdiness. For any signage requirements, get in touch with us today.

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VizComm Signage Group is a visual communications company in Fountain Valley, CA. We specialize and produce signage that helps companies elevate their story and their brand to their prospects, customers, and employees. As there are many types of sign options that serve different functions, you are best served to work with a company that has the Marketing knowledge and the sign-making skills to bring your project to life. Our services extend to graphic design support, production, installation, and service.

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