Why Dimmer Switches for LED Lights Are the Better Choice

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Dimmer switches have become increasingly popular for creating a mood or ambiance in any room of your choosing. We dim the lights to create a softer, more comfortable vibe around our home. Plus, it can also save some electricity, which can cut down on the electric bill. Having full control over the brightness of lights in your home is great. The more control you feel about the things in your home, the more comfortable you feel.

Dimmer switches are the perfect choice for rooms like your living room or TV room. To mimic the effect of movie theater lighting, you can use the dimmer switch on your family movie nights. It’s common to prefer your house lit up, especially at night. Having dimmer switches allows you to have however many rooms slightly lit, without it being too bright. These could also come in handy for special occasions and birthday parties, as well.

Having dimmer switches in your home also comes with the benefit of remaining energy efficient. Speaking of energy efficiency, combining dimmer switches with LED products will make for a very efficient home. By dimming the lights, there is less power consumption from your lightbulbs, reducing the need for extra energy usage in your home.

Compared to traditional incandescent bulbs, which burn out quickly and use more energy, making the switch to LED light bulbs with a dimmer switch would be a great fit for your home.

However, it can be interesting to see how these dimmer switches work when combined with LED bulbs. Here’s a breakdown of how dimmer switches for LED lights work inside your home.

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How it Works

It’s always important to understand how things in your house work. Especially when it has to do with the electrical or wiring components of your home. These switches work by reducing the power delivered to the LED light bulb. It is started by trimming a part of a waveform on the back or front end of the wave. At first read, it may be hard to wrap your head around, but the whole process is quite simple.

LED lights have recently broken out as the most popular light source for residential homes. Because of this certain manufacturers have designed these LED bulbs to work with the most common household dimmer switches. To understand the full spectrum of dimmers, know that there are two different types of dimmers, trailing edge and leading-edge.

Trailing edge dimmers are particularly designed to slowly put out the voltage of the lightbulb to zero. Since the resistance generates heat, this way increases the amount of heat. LED light bulbs are most commonly used with this type of dimmer due to its accessibility.

Leading-edge dimmers typically use incandescent light bulbs or other bulbs like halogen. These dimming control switches shorten the cycle at the front edge of the input wave.

If you have already or plan to switch to a strictly LED light bulb household, consider investing in the dimmer switches for those bulbs. This method is probably the most energy-efficient and cost-saving way to light your home.

Where to Find LED Dimmer Switches

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