Why Are Disposable E Cigs So Popular?


Over the last year, disposable e cigs have gone from being something of a novelty to becoming one of the more popular vape shop items in the country. Disposable vapes have been around in one form or another for over a decade, but they never really caught on with most vapers. Now these vapes are flying off of store shelves to the point where some retailers are experiencing difficulty keeping them in stock.

In order to understand the popularity of these vaporizers, you have to first understand disposable pod vapes. Traditional box mod and atomizer vaporizers require regular maintenance and are very conspicuous with their large size and even larger clouds. Disposable pod vaporizers offered vapers a device that was more compact, produced smaller clouds of vapor, and was still satisfying to use. The effectiveness of these vaporizers is the result of the use of nicotine salt vape juice in disposable pods.

Traditional vaporizers use freebase nicotine vape juice. Because they produce such large clouds, lower concentrations of nicotine could be used with these vaporizers. When it came to designing vaporizers that produced smaller clouds, the concentration of nicotine could not be increased without producing an irritating throat hit. Nicotine salt fixed this issue, as it provides a smooth vaping experience even at higher concentrations. The use of nicotine salt disposable pods helped to popularize pod vapes, which required virtually no maintenance aside from charging the battery and replacing the pods.

The popularity of pod systems continued to grow until February of 2020, when the sale of pre filled flavored vape pods was banned in the US. This ban was put into place in order to prevent underage users from using pod devices. Now pod users are restricted to natural flavor options like tobacco and menthol pods. This has led to many pod vaping enthusiasts abandoning their pod devices in favor of alternative vaping devices that offer both convenience and flavorful vapor.

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This is what has led to disposable e cigs becoming so popular. Even though flavored pre-filled pods have been removed from store shelves, the sale of disposable vaporizers is still perfectly legal, no matter what flavor e-liquids they contain. In terms of design, these disposables are almost identical to pod vapes like the JUUL, but with a few key differences. Disposables do not have a rechargeable battery or replaceable e-liquid chambers. They also use the same draw activated firing mechanism, making them incredibly easy to use.

Because these vaporizers can still be sold with flavored e-liquids, plenty of brands have begun to manufacture them in a wide range of flavors to choose from. Most of these vaporizers are designed to be similar in size and capacity to pod systems, meaning that they will provide an average of 200 to 300 hits, or roughly 250 puffs per vaporizer. All of these vapes are sold pre charged and ready for use so vapers just have to unbox them and start enjoying some delicious vapor.

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