Why All RV Owners Need a Husky Jack


Few tools can be considered as essential as an electric tongue jack if you are an owner of an RV or trailer of any kind. If you intend to hitch your trailer and don’t want to be bothered manually cranking your jack every time, the toughness of a Husky Jack is practically a necessity.

Without the efficiency and power that an electric tongue jack offers, you’re forced to have to lift your trailer manually every time you want to travel with it, which is an arduous task to say the least and can quickly sour your experience. The Super Brute Power Tongue Jack from Husky provides you with more than enough power to get the job done as well as a long list of features that make the entire process of jacking up your RV a breeze.

At the end of the day, you want your experience on the road to be memorable, fun, and fulfilling. This means equipping your RV with everything you need in order to make it livable and exciting. Whether this means investing in a powerful air conditioning unit for those unbearable summer scorchers, a washer and dryer because you can’t be bothered doing laundry by hand on your vacation, or a jack designed to take all the work out of hitching, the bottom line is that you should work to ensure that your trailer is someplace where you can go to relax, not find aggravation.

The Qualities to Look For in an Electric Tongue Jack
A well-made tool like the Husky Towing 82084 Super Brute Power Tongue Jack has what you need in order to get that RV off the ground so you can hitch it properly without hassle. You need this kind of power if you are working with a vehicle as large as your average RV. When you’re dealing with this kind of weight, you can’t skimp on the quality of your towing jack. You absolutely need the 4,000-pound lift capacity, which provides a smooth and easy lift every time.

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Having the right high-quality tools at your disposal is a necessary part of owning an RV. When it comes to having the right jack, for example, you could stick with a manual crank tongue jack for smaller trailers, but it’s not worth the aggravation. Having all the features of the Husky will make you wonder how you ever got around without one considering how often you need to hitch and unhitch your trailer.

With a specialty low friction ball screw design that ensures better efficiency and less amp usage than other similar jacks, as well as full weather-proofing and internal automatic thermal protection, this jack will change the way you work with your trailer completely. This Husky Jack also comes equipped with a 3-sided LED light system that illuminates the area around your trailer, allowing you to easily hitch and unhitch at night or in inclement conditions without a problem. These are features that you’re just not going to get with manual options, making an electric tongue jack all but essential if you love traveling around with your trailer.

Where to Find a Husky Jack Online
Before you set off on another jaunt in your RV or trailer, stop by RVupgrades and make sure you grab a Husky Jack for yourself. The impressive catalog of items at RVupgrades includes everything you could possibly need for the daily use and maintenance of your RV.

At RVupgrades, you can find a wide array of items for your RV, from crucial tools to appliances, accessories, and other necessities. Regardless of what you are looking for to complete your RV or trailer and have the best possible experience, you will be sure to find it in their extensive online store.

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