Why a Day Bed Swing Provides More Value Than a Porch Swing


There’s a myriad of ways to enhance your porch, but if you’re looking for real comfort and seriously trying to improve your quality of life, you may want to consider investing in a day bed swing for your home.

You may have considered an ordinary porch swing for a while now, and while there is some merit to one of these classic home additions, a day bed swing brings an entirely new level of comfort and quality into your home. Being able to truly take advantage of your porch and enjoy the outdoors like never before while relaxing on a hanging day bed is something a regular porch swing can’t offer.

If you are planning on making an addition like this to your porch, you should ask yourself what are you trying to achieve. A porch swing is ideal for moderate comfort and relaxation, but isn’t really suited for extended sitting and is not recommended for laying down or stretching out in any way. Oftentimes, regular porch swings aren’t even equipped with a thick cushion or mattress, which doesn’t lend itself very well to deep comfort.

A traditional porch swing is better suited for a quick respite or active relaxation, while a hanging porch bed or day bed swing allows for a larger degree of comfort. The best part about a high-quality hanging day bed is that they give you the ability to do everything you normally would do with a regular porch swing, as well as providing an additional level of comfort. Their size and design is much better suited for extended periods of relaxation, without sitting on a wooden frame or feeling as though you are in a cramped space.

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A full-sized hanging day bed is much larger than a porch swing, which means that it not only allows you to “stretch your legs,” but also gives you the ability to really grab a wink if you’re so apt. The right day bed can help you de-stress a completely unwind. Regardless of how hectic your day has been or what you have on your plate, one of these kinds of day beds can provide a massive amount of relief and comfort when you need it most.

They also have additional benefits over classic porch swings as well, in terms of aesthetics and how they truly transform a porch into an extension of your home. A high-quality well-constructed day bed is eye-catching and refined, yet still casual and comfortable. They make an incredible addition to your porch or patio, without having to perform extensive renovations or anything taxing. This makes them a solid choice if you are weighing your options between a beautiful day bed and a smaller porch swing.

Where to Find the Day Bed Swing For You

You’re not liable to find a full-sized hanging day bed just anywhere, and certainly not in most mainstream department stores. For this kind of quality, you need to shop at a reliable outlet that specializes in beautifully-crafted day beds.

When it comes to quality day beds for your home, you can trust Four Oak Bed Swings to help you find what you are looking for. Their selection of handmade day beds is unparalleled, with styles and sizes to fit any home, and each model infused with character and charm. If you want one of these gorgeous day beds for yourself, it’s as easy as browsing through their catalog online or reaching out to them at (334)202-2870.

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