Where to Find Security Alarm Cables


Home security technology is rapidly evolving and is getting more affordable every year. This means more and more homeowners are taking home security into their own hands and installing these systems themselves or with the help of their friends. To do this properly you need all of the right equipment and components, including high-quality security alarm cable.

What exactly is an alarm cable and how does it differ from any other kind of cable for common electrical devices? The key aspects of these kinds of cable that separate them from other varieties would be that they are typical of a thin gauge and that they are sheathed with a protective coating that reduces frequency interference, the absence of which would potentially lead to false alarms and other hiccups.

Security alarm cables are typically quite small, because the devices they support are often small and inconspicuous, and tend to be located in places where larger AWGs would be inconvenient and counterproductive. The common specs for many security systems and similar devices are a solid or stranded 22 AWG.

This kind of cable is used in a wide range of security-related devices and alarm systems, including intercoms, burglar alarms, audio equipment, motion detectors and other kinds of sensors, fire alarms, and more.

Why Security Alarm Wiring is so Important

People rely on security technology to prevent certain issues and situations from occurring, which can range from keeping a burglar out of a home to full-scale CCTV camera systems that are charged with monitoring a large building. Regardless of the situation in question, your security or alarm system needs to be equipped with the right cables in order to do its job.

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A security system with faulty wiring is not a security system at all, it’s a liability waiting to happen. This is especially true if you are trying to protect your home or business. You want to know that if an event arises where you must rely on that system, that it is able to function properly and without glitches or issues. You also want to know that once the system is installed and working properly, it will continue to do so for years without needing to replace the wiring.

Clearly, reliable and affordable security alarm cable is a necessity if you are installing or updating any kind of security system, and knowing where to get it could make the difference in your system saving the day or failing when you need it most.

Finding the Cables You Need

Top of the line security systems should be supported by tough and reliable cable from a leader in the industry. This is why you should consider EWCSwire for any of your security system wiring needs. They carry all sizes of security alarm cable, including 22 AWG 3 Conductor Stranded Shielded cable for intercom systems, audio technology, and alarms.

Protecting your home and business with the right security devices is an important part of today’s world. Being able to sleep easily and know that your assets are secure and that your family is protected is worth taking the time to invest in cable that doesn’t fail when you need it most.

EWCSwire has the kind of quality cable you can rely on for any security need. You can find an impressive selection of security cables and many other kinds of cables right on their online store, making purchasing effortless. If you have questions about a specific product, their experts are available to answer your questions and address your concerns as well.

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For cables you can count on to compliment your security systems, EWCSwire is the smart choice.

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