What you must know before booking for an Amazon cruise


Amazon River cruise is one of the cherished dreams for many avid travelers. The joy of booking your trip with Peruvian Amazon cruises and setting out with a planned trip that can expose you to a plethora of flora and fauna and some of the most stunning sights of nature on the earth can be more rewarding than you might imagine. Before booking for an Amazon River cruise, you must know the following points so that you get the best out of your trip and you do not miss out the best part of the cruise.

Sights you had never imagined

Amazon River cruise can bring you to some unseen mysteries like fish swimming through the top branches of trees, where you will also sport rasping frogs perch, where monkeys with stunningly long tails swing sometimes to cuddle your hair, there is a treasure of experiences in store for you when you book for an Amazon River cruise.

About Amazon River

The gigantic river resembling an ocean runs through the heart of the rainforest stretching from French Guiana to Peru. The sights you can expect here will simply drive you mad letting you reap the best harvest nature has in store for you on the earth. Amazon River ranks as the largest river on the earth abundantly gaining its swell from the numerous tributaries and the volume of water it discharges is simply massive valued at 32 million gallons per second.

Amazon cruise can be highly exciting

There are several ways to sail on the Amazon. The brave locals travel on the river on large sized motorboats decorated with tiers of colored hammocks. Visitors enjoy their cruises in well-appointed river boats and on substantial sized cruise ships. If you are a cruise passenger, you can choose between the two options of sailing from Brazil or Peru. If you choose the latter, you will cruise from the Iquitos, the Peruvian city along the Ucayali River which is perhaps the longest tributary of Amazon River. You can also choose to float on the other tributaries including Maranon and Puinahua and many other unseen black water lakes. Whatever be your choice, you will find your Amazon cruise one of the most magnificent experiences you never expected in your life.

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Time to cruise on Amazon

In the Amazon region, the wet season is between December and April and dry season is between May and November.

No dry season can be really dry on the Amazon. Remember that the rainforest can see rains during any time of the year. However, during some dry seasons, the water levels and rains can be lower and you will see more jungle paths accessible. The best time to enjoy the sights of sloths and other jungle friends is dry season when you book for Peruvian Amazon Cruises. You can also explore a lot of fun on foot ashore with exposure to relatively much lesser population of mosquitos when you choose dry season.

For those who prefer floating, wet season is the best choice as the water levels can reach up to 21 to 23 feet higher. This is the best time to experience the best that the tributaries of Amazon can give you. Thistime is the best to reach closer to the canopy of the forest witnessing full blooms and watching the monkeys and exotic birds in a closer proximity.

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