What to Look for in Miken Slowpitch Softball Bats


The sport of slowpitch softball is slightly different from the arguably more familiar sport of fastpitch softball, which features the aggressive windup that is so familiar in popular representations of the sports. However, the two types of softball share more in common than by contrast to their differences, and therefore the key to looking for a good slowpitch softball bat is essentially the same as looking for a fastpitch softball bat.

The reason for this is that although heavier, wider bats might offer an advantage in slowpitch softball, in both disciplines the key to finding a good bat for you is to find the right weight, length, responsiveness, and balance. Every different player is going to have unique preferences in how they play and that is going to affect the gear they choose, from their mitts to their bats. To illustrate some of the differences that you will find in different slow pitch softball bats, take a look at some of these picks by Miken. Miken slowpitch softball bats represent some of the highest quality softball bats in the game and by an exploration of that brand alone you can start to develop an appreciation for some of the fine points that make up a good bat.

The 2020 Miken Freak Gold LE 14” Maxload USA/ASA Slowpitch Softball Bat is great for players that want a highly responsive bat with a large, forgiving sweet spot and an adequate end load. This bat has a half ounce end load that enables it to put some serious power into your hits and a four-piece composite construction that provides excellent feedback and makes it highly responsive as well. It can be tough to find a bat that is loaded perfectly to drive those killer hits but still offers a large amount of responsive and good feedback in the hand.

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An even better bat for those who like lightweight responsiveness and performance is the 2020 Miken Freak Primo USA/ASA Balanced 14″ Slowpitch Softball Bat. This bat is made with a 14-inch barrel that is 2 and a quarter inches wide, and so is surprisingly wide and forgiving. One might expect such a large bat to be relatively unresponsive in the hand but that is not the case with this bat. Its all-composite construction is super-lightweight and it has a very skinny handle that provides a lot of control and feedback. The best part of all is the fact that this bat is perfectly balanced to be able to offer a huge amount of control through the swing.

These are only some of the Miken slowpitch softball bats that you will find when you do a little bit of digging. Between these two options, you can find a number of other innovative features that drive the performance for which Miken is known. Nonetheless, Miken produces some of the finest slowpitch softball bats in the world for players with needs ranging from a heavy end load to a well-balanced bat that feels like air in the hand.

The only way to know what your preferences and needs really are in a bat is to learn more about your skills, and the only way to do that is to practice and to play. Spend some time practicing with a number of bats before you settle on one style, and when you do decide to get down to shopping, make sure you check out the collection online at HeadbangerSports.com. Better known as HB Sports, they offer all of the equipment you could need to fuel your passion for softball, and at some great prices too. Visit their website or call their team at 1-888-540-BATS today to see what they can offer you.

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