What To Look For In A Pod Mod


The pod vaporizer has become a popular alternative to traditional box mod and atomizer vapes. While these vapes may look a little and function a little differently from older vapes, the actual components are virtually identical. The pod serves as a removable and refillable atomizer while the pod mod supplies the power needed to produce vapor. Just like box mods, pod mods come in all shapes and sizes so users have to make some important decisions when choosing which mod they want to use.


When choosing a pod mod, size is one of the biggest factors for many vapers. Pod vaporizers run the full size spectrum from compact devices like the Juul vaporizer to larger regulated systems that can rival a traditional vaporizer in size. For most pod vapers, devices on the smaller side have the most appeal. Smaller vapes are easier to pocket and offer a convenient way to get satisfying hits while on the go. Larger vapes will offer a wider range of functionality and tend to have a longer battery life.


Most of your pod mod’s internals are going to be the internal battery. The larger the battery pack, the higher its capacity and the more users can vape between charges. The time between charges is determined by the  A tiny vape like a Juul has only a 200 mAh battery while the Freemax Autopod50, a larger pod vape system, has a battery capacity of 2000mAh. Because battery capacity is so closely related to size, you will have to weigh these two features against one another when choosing a vape.

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Just like regulated mods for traditional vapes, pod mods can come with a lot of different features. The most basic pod systems are usually draw activated devices with no buttons or features. Slightly more advanced vapes will have a button that can control features like a battery indicator and variable voltage settings. Finally the most advanced mods will have features like full color screens and multiple levels of power control so vapers can fine tune their vapor quality.


One of the best things about these vaporizers is the fact that they use pods instead of traditional atomizers. Instead of having to deal with maintaining atomizers, pod vapes make it easy to fill up a few pods ahead of time and then pop in a fresh pod and replace them as needed. This makes it easy to enjoy different flavors throughout the day and removes the hassle of carrying around e-liquids and dripping e-liquid directly onto your coils before taking a hit.

Many pods can be refilled several times before the coils will begin to burn just like any other atomizer. At this point the pod just has to be disposed of and replaced. There are also a number of pod vaporizers that feature pods with replaceable coils. These pods can be reused indefinitely and users can often choose the resistance of their pods depending on whether they prefer mouth to lung or direct to lung vaping.

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