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What to do if Your Long-Term Disability Insurance is Denied

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If your long-term disability claim for your personal injury accident was denied, you need to contact long term disability insurance lawyers for help. Long term disability insurance lawyers will help you get your long-term disability claim processed, and obtain settlements for your personal injury accidentincluding slip and fall settlements and car accident settlements.

The job of personal injury accident lawyers is to make the public aware that they have the right to challenge decisions by insurance companies. Long term disability insurance lawyers can challenge the insurer’s decision on behalf of the applicant. People whose long-term disability claims have been denied should always seek the advice and help of a personal injury lawyer when they decide to challenge their insurer. Most personal injury accident lawyers act on a contingency basis, meaning you don’t have to pay them upfront. Instead, they’ll take a percentage of your settlement as payment.

Some people choose to go to their union for help when their disability claim is denied. However, the union doesn’t have the ability to influence your case because your issue isn’t with your employer, it’s with the insurance agency. Legal advice from long term disability insurance lawyers should always be the next step when your claim is denied. Most insurance policies have short timelines for appeals of their decisions, which makes first talking to a lawyer who can start the appeal process even more important.

Long term disability insurance lawyers can help guide you through the process of appealing the insurer’s denial of your long-term disability claim. For instance, a personal injury lawyer can advise you when speaking to an insurance adjustor, and carefully go through your file to look for errors. Hiring a lawyer to look through your file is an important step, as errors in your file can also result in denials of long-term disability claims. You don’t want to attempt to appeal a rejection of your long-term disability claim without the advice of a personal injury lawyer.

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