What Makes IPL the Best at Home Hair Removal Solution?


With so many options at your disposal for hair removal at home, you might be wondering what the best option is. There are plenty out there, and even the worst of them have at least a few nominal benefits. If you’ve heard of Intense Pulsed Light or IPL, then you may have heard some grand claims about its results. We’re here to shed some light on those while pointing out just how and why IPL is the best at home hair removal solution.

Consider options like shaving and plucking that are widely practiced because old habits die hard. Shaving is likely the most widely used method for hair removal in this country if not in the world, and it does remove unwanted hair. It’s also relatively fast and can be performed just about anywhere. You don’t need a professional to render “shaving services” and you can take a razor with you wherever you go. Plucking, as a second example, is every bit as convenient if not more. You don’t even need water; only a pair of tweezers. You can take them with you and remove stray hair anytime, anywhere.

The problem with options like these is that, while they are effective, once you start looking at them closely, they lose a lot of appeal. Consider shaving; while it can be performed fairly easily, it is utterly irritating for some people with sensitive skin and can cause razor burn and ingrown hairs. Then, of course, there is the fact that razor cartridges get dull and need to be replaced. This can make it expensive over time.

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You should consider how, while plucking is cheap and easy, it, like shaving, can be very uncomfortable. On top of that, plucking is extremely inefficient at removing hair from anything but the smallest areas of the body like your upper lip and eyebrows. You would need another solution for removing hair from larger areas.

Neither of these options presents a permanent solution for hair removal. Therefore, let’s take a closer look at IPL so we can really understand how it actually is the best at home hair removal solution.

The examples of shaving and plucking were only used as a reference to exposing some of the shortcomings of alternatives. We recognize there are many more alternatives for hair removal than these, but they illustrate some of the hangups perfectly. With IPL, you have none of these drawbacks and a whole list of benefits that they don’t offer.

First off, IPL devices work by targeting the hair follicle with high energy pulses of light, which is a totally different method for hair removal than any other mechanical alternative. While it sounds complicated, it is a completely painless process and is ideal for use even on the most sensitive of skin types.

Not only is it painless, but it is also proven completely safe and effective for hair removal, and for smaller areas like with plucking. You can use IPL home devices to remove hair from your entire body, and most importantly, with repeated use, you can expect to see permanent results. IPL technology is a true solution for permanent removal of body and facial hair that you can perform at home, without pain, discomfort, professional assistance, or high costs.

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If it sounds too good to be true, don’t worry; it isn’t. If you need proof, just check out an option like the RoseSkinCoTM Laser Hair Removal Handset that offers all of these benefits, features, and then some. Contact them at [email protected] for more information about the product and how it works. We’re sure you’ll be pleased with what you hear.

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