What Makes a Victorinox Swiss Army Knife So Valuable?


One of the names that handymen and outdoorsmen just can’t get around is Victorinox, although you might hear the term Swiss Army Knife thrown around more often. Then again, there are enough that will call one a Victorinox Swiss Army Knife. Either way, their reputation utterly precedes them.

Part of this is due to the fact that they have a long history of use, but it isn’t all hype by any stretch of the word. Victorinox products are perennial favorites among hikers, backpackers, fisherman, craftsmen and many other people, including those who only need a knife or tool once per month.

The reasons for this are many, but there are a few features that just about any Victorinox Swiss Army Knife out there will have that typify and exemplify this point. First is the fact that they are ergonomic.

Now, to be precise, they are not all exactly the same in shape and feature, and therefore their ergonomics vary. This is not to say that they all have the same ergonomics, because they don’t. Many of them do, however, have a stereotypically recognizable lozenge shape when closed, which is something to notice.

It’s something to notice because this shape fits comfortably in the hand without producing any hotspots and is comfortable to use, even when force is applied. As far as when the knife is stored, this lozenge shape easily accommodates even the smallest and tightest of lodgings.

That means you can drop one in the space left at the bottom of a backpack or in your pocket and you won’t even feel it there as you move around. Many of their knives and tools have adopted this shape to the point that it has become more traditional than functional, although function certainly remains.

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In addition to ergonomics, many of these tools have their practicality going for them as well. Swiss Army Knife has become a metaphor for a thing that is useful in any situation. That metaphor is fitting because Swiss Army Knives are useful in any situation.

Even the smallest of them have somewhere around a minimum of five tools, usually including a file, scissors and a knife. To be blunt, there isn’t that much that you can’t do with a knife, scissors and a file, so they have utility down pat.

In addition, some of these larger knives and tools are weighed down with upwards of twenty or even thirty tools, which only increases their objective value. With one of them, you won’t need to improvise a screwdriver head with the point of your knife. You will have an actual screwdriver attached to the same body as your actual knife.

Then there’s also the fact that many Swiss Army Knives are made with extremely durable materials that can take just about the worst that an environment can throw at them. Their blades are stainless steel, hence the name “Victorinox,” which means they are better able to stand up to corrosion and weathering.

At the same time, their scales and handles are made from materials like dense polymers and aluminum that are light, very strong, and relatively to completely non reactive. Overall, these features unite to result in a tool that you can take anywhere.

These are what make a Victorinox Swiss Army Knife so valuable, to so many different types of people. If you want to find yourself a deal on the next addition to your collection, check out White Mountain Knives at WhiteMountainKnives.com. There you can find a huge variety of Victorinox tools on top of a collection of other brands that is completely encyclopedic in scope. Plus, their prices are great and they ship for free! You have nothing to lose, except the addition of a new knife to your collection.

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