What Makes A Variable End Mill Different?


Machining is hard work, especially for your tools. Trying to push your end mills past their recommended speeds and feeds might save you time, but it will also wear your milling cutters out much faster. This tool fatigue can cost you even more than the time you saved when you need to buy new end mills. If you want a tool that can work faster and help you cut costs, the variable end mill is the cutter you need.

On the surface, a variable end mill might not look like anything special, but looks can be deceiving. These tools are slightly tweaked versions of your standard helical end mill. The “variable” title can represent a few different factors. End mills can be designed with variable flute spacing, variable helix angles, or variable rake angles. Some tools may even use multiple variable design elements.

The whole idea behind these tools is to be inconsistent. Now you are probably thinking that this sounds like an awful idea. Tools should be symmetrical in order to ensure an even distribution of force. While this is definitely true in most cases, variable end mills are a rare exception to that rule. Instead of having perfectly even spacing, these tools have slightly adjusted parameters so that the differences between each flute is extremely small.

These small differences are what makes it possible to achieve higher removal rates and operate at higher speed and feed rates than conventional cutting tools. Normally, high speed machining would cause tool chatter. Chatter is the loud effect of machine vibrations causing the tool to strike the workpiece. Tools vibrate because they are striking the workpiece at perfectly even internals, eventually leading to a natural oscillation in the end mill. Variable tools are designed to change the timing between cuts ever so slightly.

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By changing the timing between strikes, the tool is not able to oscillate strongly. This makes it possible to operate at high speeds without the damage and loud noise that accompanies high speed machining. Even though you will be operating at faster speeds you will get the same high performance cuts and a longer tool life. If you are looking for some high quality variable mills for your shop, you should check out the powerful options at www.onlinecarbide.com.

Online Carbide is an American manufacturer of solid carbide end mills and drill bits. Their carbide tools hold an amazing edge and they use a variable helix design to operate smoothly. They manufacture their cutting tools using the same advanced grinders as other leaders in the industry.

Each of their variable tools is treated with a protective coating of titanium aluminum nitride. The TiAlN coating creates a strong stable layer on the surface of the tool. This coating helps to insulate the cutter, even at the high temperatures associated with milling. Their variable end mills are available in the following sizes: ?”, 3/16”, ¼”, 5/16”, ?”, ½”, ?”, and ¾”. In addition to their variable end mills, they also carry a number of specialized tools including thread mills, drill mills, and spot drills. Whatever tools your shop needs, you should be able to find a great solid carbide option that will maintain its cutting edge longer than your average milling tool.

You can see their full tool selection of drill bits and end mills by visiting www.onlinecarbide.com. If you have any questions about their tools, you can contact a member of their team by calling 630-238-1424 or sending an email to [email protected]

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For more information about End Mills For Aluminum and Drill Bit Manufacturers Please visit : Onlinecarbide.

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