What is the Best Gift for 1st Anniversary?


The first wedding anniversary for decades now has been known by the name of ‘The Paper Anniversary.’ It could be because the ink has not dried yet on the paper, and the marriage is still young. But you and your partner have walked a whole year together hand and hand. You have shared a happy moment and also fought and lived through tough times. These small things are what make a marriage working and to celebrate the day when you got married to your love; here are some fantastic 1st-anniversary wedding gift ideas for couples.  

Framed Photos: You might have your wedding album and wedding video with you. But the memories that you have created together in the last 365 days matter as well. From the trips, you have taken along to the nights you have gone out to some fancy restaurant. The photos that are there in your phone select the one that genuinely shows the emotions on your face as a couple of how happy you are.

Get the photos personalised into a frame and write a message for your other half. A picture truly is worth a thousand words. And a message with a heart full of emotion would genuinely work wonders on making your 1-year anniversary gift for wife a great one.

Memory Book and Music Box: Many online portals nowadays give you options to personalise your gift into something beautiful and unique which your spouse would love. Music boxes are a great way where you could personalise the box with music that your spouse likes. Your first anniversary marks for many more yet to come. There are so many pictures that you have together. With memory books, it is a great way to accumulate all the memories that you have had together and include those pictures in the book and gift it to your spouse.

Custom Jewellery: It is not always possible to convey your emotion through words of how much you love your special one. The wedding rings also express the years that you would spend together as well as symbolising your never-ending love for each other. With custom made jewellery it is the perfect 1-year anniversary gift for wife to remind her how special she is to you and it is also a gift of a lifetime.

Personalised Proposal Clock: It is a great way to remind your loved one how much you cherish the moment when your wife said yes to your marriage proposal. You could personalise the clock with a picture of you kneeling in front of the love of your life. You could also gift them personalised wedding theme jigsaw puzzle as 1st anniversary wedding gift ideas for couples. The personalised baby bib set or the stylish baby shower mug is a great idea to make the mother to be happy.

These gift ideas would surely help you celebrate your 1st anniversary with much joy and happiness. With glorious gifts make the event a memorable one for your other half and let them know how much you love them.  

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