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Affordable & certified Hull website designer – Why website does not appear in Google search results?

Freelance business web designer Hull secure websiteYour website seems to be ready for the first users, but still, no one gets there?
Are you wondering what could have gone wrong? Check why your site is not visible in Google search results and get started repairing these items quickly by reading the article below.

At the very beginning I recommend you take a deep breath 😉 You put a lot of work into your new website and I guess that the initial statistics results can cause nerves and irritation. Probably everything is fixable, so put your nerves aside, read where you could have made a mistake and fix it.

Freelance business web designer Hull secure websiteDo you feel the task has overwhelmed you? Let me know, I will find effective affordable web design solutions for your website. I will implement Secure Sockets Layer(SSL certificate) for FREE!

Why website isn’t visible in Google?

Freelance business web designer Hull secure websiteIt may take time to crawl the page on Google. The first possible reason should calm you down. Consider how much time has passed since you requested Google to crawl your site? A few days or maybe just a few hours? Relax, Indexing can take from several days up to several weeks!
Do not be impatient and do not send many requests to crawl the same page, because it will not help in any way. However, you can speed up website the indexation:

    • By submitting a sitemap in Google Search Console
      sitemap.xml is an XML file that contains a list of all subpages of your site. Presence of the sitemap is important because search engine robots can index it correctly.
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    • Too much competition for keywords
      The right choice of keywords will guarantee valuable traffic on your site. Make sure you target a less competitive market, so you have the chance to attract the attention of your potential customers. I recommend to use Google trends tool to compare keywords volume and estimate the competition.However, if you choose phrases that you have no chance to position, how do users find your site? If this is a mistake you made – please do not hesitate to contact me regards website development needs you may have. I will help you determine the optimal keyword strategy to help you grow quickly and efficiently.

The page may be penalized or temporarily removed from Google Search Index

Certified Freelance web designer Hull

    • Unnatural links are part of the dirty game and black hat SEO practices, which suppose to manipulate Page Rank. The penalty for such practices is ban from Google and limit the display of the page in search results.What does Google prohibit?
    • Buy or sell links that pass PageRank. Unnatural reciprocal linking like “put my link on your site, in return I will put yours”. The problem with such activities is lack of niche relevancy – it means that if you have a website about car dealership the backlinks from for example flower shop could not be relevant and bring a not positive effect in your backlinking process. Moreover, according to Brian Dean – founder Google announced that selling or exchanging backlink increase the chance of get penalty
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    • Page removed from Google index Google may go as far as temporary or even permanent removal of your page from the index. You can then submit your site for re-indexation, but only after you fix your errors. What exactly can you come up with? For violating the site quality guidelines and practices, etc.

      1. Hiding texts – which are not visible to users, but to search engine robots
      2. publishing copied texts
      3. using unnatural links

Do you already know the reason why your site may not appear in search results?

Freelance web designer Hull seoRemember that when creating or optimizing a website, you should primarily take into account the user experience.

When Google assessing the quality of websites by how Internet users behave towards them – it is part of the Rank Brain algorithm job. For example, if users often skip the first position in search results, it is a sign that they did not arouse their interest or trust and probably they did not deserve such a high place.


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