UV Lights for Sale? Atlanta Light Bulbs is the Answer


Shopping for specialty light bulbs can be a bear but it doesn’t need to be. Ultimately a lot of providers just sit back and provide the general necessities without catering to the few that actually have a pronounced need for the specialty equipment which can certainly make the process something of a hassle. While you may have never experienced trouble before in your life when shopping for incandescent light bulbs, CFL bulbs, or even fluorescent tube lights, the second you need to find UV lights for sale all of that could change in a minute.

UV light bulbs, for the most part, are not like other light bulbs that you are liable to come across in residences or businesses if you ever come across them at all. In fact, the function of most UV light bulbs isn’t even to provide light at all. There are some UV bulbs that are intended to provide accent lighting like some forms of black lights, but for the most part, these specialty bulbs are intended for practical purposes.

Actually, not only are most of them not designed to provide ambient lighting, some of them are downright hazardous to be around. UVC bulbs specifically are only to be operated in a very specific range of settings and only when you take very specific precautions for their use and handling.

The function of a UVC bulb is to emit UVC radiation, which not only is useless for ambient lighting but to which you shouldn’t even expose yourself. That’s because the primary function of UVC lighting is disinfection. The specific type of radiation it emits – UVC – is one of the highest frequency forms of ultraviolet radiation and is highly destructive to living tissue. It sounds like a menace but it is actually very useful for disinfection and sterilization. When a living cell is exposed to UVC radiation, the radiation irreparably damages the genetic material in the nucleus of that cell. That either kills that cell outright on the spot, or it sterilizes the cell and disables it from reproducing. That effectively sterilizes a surface in short order. There’s more good news – since it destroys genetic material, it is useful in eradicating viruses as well – and not just bacteria.

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Because of their efficacy, UV bulbs are widely used to sterilize food preparation surfaces, to treat wastewater, and in air and water purification, among other things. It is extremely cost and time effective to sterilize most surfaces with the help of a UV lamp, and so they see relatively widespread use.

Yet despite that widespread use it can be relatively difficult to locate them. So what can you do when you have a need to replenish a stock of UV bulbs for a business and need to find UV bulbs for sale? To keep it simple, you can do exactly the same thing you do when you need just about any type of light bulbs for sale whatsoever. You hop online and take a virtual trip to Atlanta Light Bulbs at AtlantaLightBulbs.com.

Atlanta Light Bulbs has one of the greatest collections of lighting equipment, fixtures, bulbs, and accessories available anywhere. They pair this with great prices and peerless customer service for a customer satisfaction rating that is through the roof. For almost 40 years they have been family owned and operated and treat their customers as personal friends. The simple takeaway is that whenever you need to find UV lights for sale – or any other type of lighting products, you can visit AtlantaLightBulbs.com to find it. Everything after that is downhill, from their great prices to their excellent customer service.

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