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When it comes to high quality knives, there are a wide variety of models that are manufactured and ready to use right off the shelf. Brands like ESEE Knives and the Ontario Knife Company are known for producing knives that are designed to perform and made with high quality materials. If you are interested in trying one some great knife models from these brands, but you want a little more agency over their design, you can use The Knife Connection’s custom Knife Builder tool to build the perfect knife package for you.

The Knife Connection is an online retailer with a focus on offering their customers great deals on a wide range of knives. Their Knife Builder is a tool designed to offer their customers the ability to have certain knife models custom built to match the style they are looking for. The Knife Builder contains options from ESEE Knives, the Ontario Knife Company, and options from The Knife Connection’s own Architect Knives.

The first step to using this exclusive Knife Builder tool is to choose the right knife model for you. Once you have selected the model you want, the process of putting together your knife package is a quick and easy one. The first step is to select the blade finish you want. In the case of ESEE Knives and OKC Knives, this will mean picking a powder coat color for the blade. Some models may also allow you to choose a partially serrated blade option.

Once you have selected the blade options that you want, you can move on to the handle scales. All of The Knife Connection’s handle scales are made from sturdy G10 or Micarta stock. This material is made from layers of fiberglass or other material impregnated with epoxy resin and cured under pressure. The resulting handle scales are strong, water resistant, and lightly textured to provide a secure grip. You will find a huge selection of handle scale options for every model, with each set having been custom machined to fit that particular blade perfectly.

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Once you have selected both your blade and your handles, you can select the accessories that you would like included with your new custom knife. The first thing to consider is your sheath system. The number of sheath options will depend on the knife model you have chosen and may include leather, nylon, plastic, or molded Kydex options. If the sheath you choose is MOLLE compatible, you can even pick up a matching sheath backer or a pouch to hold additional accessories.

Speaking of additional accessories, that will be your last option before moving your new custom knife package to your cart. You will find accessories like portable knife sharpeners and firesteels with custom handles so you can find out to match the handle scales you selected. You can even pick up a length of paracord, one of the most versatile types of cordage, to go with your new knife. Once you have selected all of the accessories you need you can check out and The Knife Connection staff will speed your order directly to you.

If you are ready to start putting together your own knife package, you will find The Knife Connection’s custom Knife Builder in the top menu of their website. All you have to do is find the perfect knife model to meet your needs and then take a few minutes to pick the features and accessories to go with it. If you have any questions about any of the knife models that The Knife Connection carries, you can reach out to one of their knife experts by sending an email to [email protected]

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