Usage of wax vaporizers

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Vaping has come a long way. There are lots of changes and innovations coming up with time and some of them tend to be disruptive, such as the wax vaporizers.

After the invention of the first-ever commercially produced vaporizer in the early 2000s, we can now enjoy portable and discrete ways to vape oils, wax, and even flowers. Not many people understand much about the usage of wax vapes which makes the basis of this topic. Be eager to read to the end for more insight into what wax pens are all about.

Defining wax vaporizers and how they work

The wax vaporizer is also known as a dab vape pen. Well, there is a difference between a wax vape and your normal vape pen. The latter is only capable of handling e-liquids while the former is used with concentrates known as wax or shatter. The dab pen is also different from a dry herb vaporizer based on the make and use.

Basically, when defining a wax vaporizer, it is a device used to vape wax concentrates. The concentrates are heated with the help of a wax atomizer. The wax melts to produce vapor before it can become liquid.

The design of wax atomizers resembles that of regular vape pens. You will find a tank to hold your material, an atomizer set up to heat the material and a battery as your power source. Some advanced vaporizers will have sensors to help with customization and optimization of temperatures.

One more component that wax vaporizers are not ignoring is the loading tool. Traditionally, you will have burnt your fingers trying to place material on the atomizer but things changed with the loading tool.

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How to use your wax vaporizer optimally

Dab pens can prove to be complex to use especially for newbie vapers. However, this depends on the brand that one will choose and its design. Today, we have vaporizers that are dead simple to use. Just load and start making the draws. The sensors will work their magic and start heating your material.

However, things may not be the same for larger wax atomizers. Let us have a look at what it takes to vape wax properly in a step by step guide. Note that there may be alterations with every wax vaporizer out there.

Wait, you need to understand this first. Heating your wax optimally gives you a smoother taste and avoids wasting your wax by overheating which will mean combusting it. Clogging might also ensue when not heating properly. Therefore, achieving optimum temperatures should be your number one priority every time you switch on your wax vape pen.

And so we can now dive into the step by step process of wax vaporizer usage

  1. Use your dab tool (most wax vapes come with it) to load your atomizer with some of your material.
  2. Switch your vaporizer on and adjust the temperature by clicking on the power button a number of times. It is usually 3-5 times depending on the type and brand of vaporizer in your hands. Ensure that the mouthpiece is closed before powering the vape.
  3. Some vapes will heat the dab while others will dictate that you hold the power button down a couple of seconds for the heating to take place.
  4. Make slow draws off the mouthpiece and enjoy your wax vaporizer to the fullest.
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Comparing wax vape pens to dab rigs

Just like we have desktop vaporizers with oil vaporizers, dab rigs are the more advanced version of wax vaporizers. They are big and offer more efficacious functionality. Here is how wax vape pens compare to their dab rig counterparts

  • Wax vape pens offer more portability than dab rigs. The design of dab pens does not usually include percolators.
  • The wax pens are more discrete to use than dab rigs. They can be easily concealed due to their small size. Also, dab rigs produce thicker clouds than dab pens.
  • Dab rigs ooze with more power than the small size wax vaporizers. They are able to give off better-tasting flavors and smooth draws. The terpene profile of a concentrate can easily be fully explored.
  • Dab rigs are slower to use than dab pens. They have longer coil heating times (up to 30 seconds), unlike wax vape pens that will be ready in less than 5 seconds for most brands.

Your take

If you are wondering whether to change from flower to concentrates, a wax vaporizer will come in handy. They can’t be used with flowers. However, some brands have wax vapes that can accommodate oils.

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