Universal and Flush Mount LED Pods From Diode Dynamics


Automotive LED lighting is quickly becoming one of the brightest and most efficient LED options. Compact and powerful LED pods are among the most versatile lighting options on the market. If you are looking for the best LED pods, the SS3 pods from Diode Dynamics will provide a bright, optically focused, light output. Depending on where you need your lighting, you can mount these pods using universal brackets or you can flush mount LED pods on the body panels of your car.

Diode Dynamics is a American manufacturer specializing in producing high quality automotive LED products. As one of the only automotive LED lighting brands that actually manufactures their products in the US, they are dedicated to providing only the best lighting along with incredible customer service. Due to the popularity of their Stage Series LED light bars, the team at Diode Dynamics developed their SS3 light pods to offer their customers a more compact lighting option.

Combining elements of both spotlights and LED light bars, LED pods are a small but powerful light that can be used for a diverse range of applications. These lights combine elements of both spot lights and light bars. This makes that a great option for off road lighting or they can serve a number of auxiliary lighting functions. If you want the power of a light bar in a smaller package, Diode Dynamics LED pods are a great choice.

The SS3 LED light pods from Diode Dynamics are one of the most versatile automotive lights. As their name suggests, these light pods are only 3 inches, but don’t let their size fool you. These lights were developed using the same powerful total internal reflection optics. These optics combine aspects of both lens and reflector technology in order to focus every bit of light output from the LEDs into an optically designed spread of light.

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In order to offer their customers the most utility, the Diode Dynamics team designed these lights with replaceable optics. You can choose between an unmodified Spot pattern, a Flood pattern, the SAE compliant driving pattern, or the wide SAE compliant Fog pattern.

Classically mounted pods are a great and versatile mounting option. The SS3 light pods come with a universal mounting bracket that makes them easy to mount anywhere you need a work light or other lighting solution. You can also find convenient vehicle specific kits for mounting these lights on popular car and truck models. This includes a wide selection of fog light kits that replace a vehicle’s OEM fog lights with their LED pods.

You can also flush mount LED pods. This mounting option makes it easy to add powerful lighting almost anywhere on your vehicle. To mount these pods, all you have to do is print out the included template to mark the hole for the pod and the positions for the four mounting bolts. Once the body panel or bumper has been properly prepared, you can mount and wire the pod.

So now matter where you need your new LED lights, the SS3 pod is the perfect choice. When you choose between the universal bracket or flush mount LED pod, you will also be able to choose between their Sport series lights or the Pro series lights with double the power.

To learn more about these lights, you can visit the Off Road section on the Off Road section of the Diode Dynamics website. If you have any questions about these pods or any of their other lighting products, you can reach out to a member of the Diode Dynamics team by calling 314-205-3033 or [email protected]

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