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Something has led you to check out STNGR USA. Perhaps a friend referred you; perhaps you stumbled upon us while browsing for gear online. If you’re new to us, this is your lucky day. STNGR USA is an excellent new resource we are confident you are going to love adding to your firearm equipment collection. When you shop with STNGR USA, you’re trying something different. In a market with so many brands and competitors, we found ourselves disappointed with the companies we were dealing with. We felt that there should be a higher standard of quality, but also of integrity, honesty, and reliability in the world of Ar15 Handguards and accessories. We repeatedly purchased less than stellar gear from companies with inflated prices, often with equipment manufactured overseas. That’s why we decided to take matters into our own hands and branch out on our own. Our family-owned company, founded right here in Allen, Texas, began because we wanted to do things differently; we wanted to do things better. That was why we decided to found this company two years ago, and we are proud to see our company has acquired a following of satisfied and loyal customers over the past few years.

VYPR KeyMod Free Float Handguard 15" - AR15/M4

So, what makes STNGR USA stand out from the other companies out there?

American Based, Texas Proud

We built this company from the ground up right here in the United States. We decided early on that using American made materials, and manufacturing our handguards here in our home country, needed to be a priority. Given our disappointing experiences with foreign made rails, we felt that it was important to provide firearm enthusiasts with an American option! When you support us, you support American effort and American workers. Our AR15 handguard options are crafted with high-quality American-made aluminum, and all of our rails are certified through the third-party verifier Made In The USA Brand as being officially “Made In USA.”

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Direct to Consumer Sales

We have a unique business model. We are the first company of our kind to cut out the middleman retailer and sell handguards directly to the consumer. What does this mean for you? The result is that we are able to sell our products at their fair, honest, and true price, because there are no inflated prices due to the retail markup. Companies that provide similar products to ours have prices much steeper than what we offer, primarily due to their distribution through a retailer. We decided that it was worth forgoing the increased commercial presence, both in stores and online, to keep our prices where we believe they should be. Providing a more honest customer experience was such a big part of our mission that this was an easy decision. We believe that this is how the industry should be, and since no one else was taking this route, we went ahead and did it ourselves! Quality gear shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg!

Dedication to Customer Service

Just as we are passionate about providing the best price for our customers, we are dedicated to providing excellent customer service as well. To this end, we offer free shipping, and our rails are backed by a lifetime guarantee warranty. Our free float AR15 handguards can be installed extremely easily and simply to avoid any hassle or frustration on your end. We always appreciate customer feedback and communicating with you in regards to any questions or concerns is always our priority. You can reach us through email at We are very proud of the name we have made for ourselves and we encourage you to check out reviews from our ever-growing SWARM of happy customers. We can’t wait for you to join us! Try something different, something better, and Join the SWARM today!

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