Ideas for Menu Designing of Your Restaurant

Top 8 Ideas for Menu Designing of Your Restaurant

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A restaurant’s menu is commonly mistaken to be merely a piece of paper to convey what a restaurant has for its customers. Restaurant owners tend to ignore how miraculously a right, sorted menu can convince their customers to take their desired actions. They do not consider that a well-designed, eye-catching menu is a part of the café’s interior design and holds equal importance. According to a survey, restaurants have experienced a 10-15% boost when replaced simple menus with well thought, crafted menus.

Keeping in mind the food industry’s competitive environment, we have created a list of eight menu designs that provide good help while dealing with customers.


  • Fake it Till You Make It


With its magnificent pull, this on-wall menu helps you create an urge in your customers to try what you hold for them. Real looking fake items wins the confidence of the customers through visual appeal. It is an ideal design for restaurants serving one dish in various flavors such as restaurants having hot dogs, doughnuts and sandwiches on their menu. The fake sauces will help you cook real ones for your customers.


  • Scrabble Words Menu


Gone is the time when you use to hire waiters to run after customers holding menus in their hands. It’s time to give this job to your menu only. This style demands a dedicated wall to list the delicious cousins your restaurant offers to its customers. Individual wooden letters are blended in a rough manner that creates a slight casual ambiance for people who are tired of acting formally all day long.


  • Paper Roll Menu


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Paper roll menu design is an ideal design to create a casual ambiance. It quickly jams along with the Restaurant Interior Design in UAE and blends to seem a part of interior décor. A dedicated menu wall convinces the customers to have a look at it at least. You can use a single roll for the whole menu if all items belong to one category or dedicate each roll to each category; your menu must be divided neatly.


  • Ice Stick Style


Holding customer’s attention is key to better sales. Allow them to feel welcomes with this ice-cream stick menu style by giving them the authority to request what they want. This style can also be used in restaurants with a daily or weekly menu or can be used to ask customers for suggestions for the next menu.


  • Celebrating Eat day 


People use calendars to mark select dates, days, or years, but little do they think eating is equally important to relax and have fun with people around. This calendar style menu holds a very settled yet comfy look with easy to read, divided menu categories on each chart. The plus point is, it lets you undo or add sheets in case of changes in the menu items.


  • Japanese Paper Fan Style


Japanese folding fans inspire this popular yet not commonly adopted menu design. The top, bottom, or the cover of the menu is made up of wood with stone paper carrying the menu list. The naturally dividing menu items are the idea part of it. To give it a vintage look if tied through a piece of jute at the bottom. Restaurants having Japanese, Chinese and Italian cuisines are a perfect fit for the Japanese paper fan style.


  • News Papers Are Back 


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What if you can’t serve the newspaper with coffee or tea at your restaurants to please your customers. It’s time to create your own to take back your customers into times when they use to sit whole day long reading newspaper at your tea café. This menu can also be used to share your restaurant’s history with your customers to create an emotional bond. An ideal action would be to add on a menu for the blind to prove your love towards all.


  • Popup with Pull Style


While designing a menu, one must keep in mind the audience they tend to attract and expect. If you are one of those who expect little angles to be their guests, don’t overlook the needs of them. Kids tend to attract more towards graphics and do not bother to read the whole menu if appealed towards a visual item. To give a more relevant feel shock can be used with a black theme giving it a blackboard look.


So, now if you are designing the café’s interior design yet stuck on planning the menu design for your café or restaurant, let us know which ideas seem more appealing. If you think, we are missing something out, let us know!

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