Three Reasons to Pick Up a Batting Jacket


With everything else you need to pick up for yourself in advance of spring training and the baseball seasons, you might not have too much time to think about accessories like a batting jacket. You will already have plenty on your plate when it comes to breaking out last season’s equipment and getting it ready for the upcoming year, along with making new purchases. You might need a new mitt, you might need a new bat – who knows, you might even need a new pair of turf shoes or cleats.

Taking all of that into consideration doesn’t leave too much spare consideration in the mix for accessories that might not be worth it. Even so, there are a number of reasons that you might want to consider adding a batting jacket of your list of must-get essentials for practice before the season begins. Do you absolutely need one? Probably not – but throw one into your rotation and you very well may reap the benefits of some of these following reasons to pick one up.


The first thing to keep in mind is that a batting jacket can keep you comfortable, both on game day and in practice. Even though you might not be wearing it up to bat during a game, it can keep you comfortable in the dugout or before and after the game. It also has the potential to keep your uniform and whatever else you have on you clean, as dirt and grass tend to fly when the heat is on.


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In addition to comfort, there is the express advantage of the warmth that a jacket can offer you. Depending on where you are in the country and how cold it is in the spring, you might be dealing with some pretty chilling temperatures during early morning training. At the same time, any games that keep moving along after the sun sets can definitely bring a chill with them.

You might not notice this while you’re working up a sweat in the field or over the plate, but in the dugout and during any downtime you might need an extra layer to prevent you from losing any heat. Cold muscles and joints and result in injury, and you might just want a jacket to help you keep warm.

Cool Factor

Finally, there is the cool factor to consider – and we don’t mean the opposite of keeping you warm. There are some pretty jazzy jackets out there, and just like players need the coolest batting gloves, hats, sunglasses, and even shoes, some of them need the coolest jackets. If that sounds like you, then you might as well take your style to the next level with a jacket that vibes with the rest of your uniform or equipment. It definitely can’t hurt.

Get Yourself One at HB Sports!

Therefore, if you make the decision that you want to add a jacket to your list of seasonal necessities, save yourself some of the legwork – that’s for practice – and visit HB Sports at There you will find a wealth of options in jackets, shirts, and other gear that you can use to complete your list. In addition to accessories and apparel like these, you can pick up new mitts, batts, shoes, sunglasses, and even caps and baseballs on their website.

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One more thing – customer service is at the top of their list of priorities, so if you have any questions on products or accessories, don’t be shy about giving them a call. They might even have some information on jackets that we didn’t mention here. Give them a call at 1-888-540-BATS if you have any questions and they’ll be glad to sort them out.

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