The Power of BigCommerce Customization Options


When it comes to crafting a unique identity for your business online, you need to consider an array of factors, including your eCommerce platform of choice. Unless your platform allows for extensive customization, you may have an extremely limited ability to create a personalized experience for your users, and this could lead to lost revenue and other user satisfaction problems. It could also potentially impact your search engine optimization and how well Google favors your site over your competitors.

The truth is, when you are designing your eCommerce website and beginning your journey into developing an online presence for your business, you need a platform that provides superior functionality. This is one of the reasons why BigCommerce Customization is so sought after, because it allows store owners to craft a truly unique experience for their users, which increases user satisfaction and other important metrics.

There are always a lot of different factors to consider when constructing an eCommerce website, but your ability to customize your website is extremely important. While many platforms offer a variety of different templates, these can be extremely limiting and may not fit your brand image. The worst thing you could do is settle for a look or certain functionality that doesn’t serve your products or brand. This will only lead to customer confusion and dissatisfaction.

A limiting eCommerce theme or platform can quickly become a massive hindrance when you realize your store needs certain functions in order to properly compete. Knowing your competitors have certain features that you are missing out on and that your customers want is a pain, and the reality is that many of these features can only be developed by an agency that has an understanding of BigCommerce customization and everything you can do with the platform as a whole.

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Why BigCommerce Customization Matters
You’re not going to get very far with your eCommerce journey if you rely on simple out-of-the-box templates. As good a platform as BigCommerce is, you need customization in order to take your site to the next level. When you are first starting out, your choice of platform can often make a difference in how well your store fends down the road. If you begin on an unreliable platform, you may have to perform a site migration to another platform just to be able to get the customizations you need.

Instead of going through all of this hassle, you can choose an eCommerce platform like BigCommerce that allows for a high degree of customization in all aspects of your website. This is the ideal scenario, because as your store evolves, you may require higher degrees of customization in order to support your growing needs, and you want to make sure you are on a platform that supports this kind of growth.

The only thing you have to consider is how you will go about implementing these customizations. BigCommerce customization isn’t something you can pull off if you don’t have a high degree of development expertise and knowledge of web design and SEO. This is the kind of technical job that can only be handled by a professional digital agency that is equipped to deal with large scale eCommerce projects.

If you are interested in what BigCommerce can do for your business and want a fully customized store with all of the features of the eCommerce giants, you’re going to want to invest in an agency that can develop these features for you from the ground up. 1Digital® is an agency with the experience and skillset to provide you with a fully customized BigCommerce experience. You can easily get in touch with their elite team of eCommerce experts at 888.982.8269.

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