The Need for Custom Poker Chips


When you think of a high-stakes night at the tables, custom and laser engraved poker chips can serve a variety of purposes. They can either be used as unique business cards to promote your business, or perhaps as drink tokens at events. They tend to give an authentic and professional feel to the setting, irrespective of how you choose to use them.

Here are a few uses of custom poker chips:

Unique business cards: Everyone uses business cards and we frequently get them or pass them around. However, just as quickly, people also throw them out. By using personalized poker chips as business cards, you can easily grab people’s attention, thereby leaving a lasting impression.

Poker gifts on special occasions: Be it holidays, birthdays, or father’s day, all are a great time to give personalized gifts. Custom laser engraved poker chips having someone’s name etched on them, or a custom design, can be great gifts for people important in your life.

Custom drink tokens: Whether you own a bar, restaurant, or pub, custom poker chips as drink tokens are a great way of adding a zing to your business. Many establishments use them as coupons for promotional offers that can be redeemed for a free drink or appetizer.

Wedding favors: Everyone wants their special day to be special in every way possible. Thus, custom poker chips with the picture of the bride and groom and a special message etched on top can serve as a great invitation for the event. It would give the event a special Vegas touch! In fact, you can also gift personalized poker sets to the groomsmen – a gift they’d surely cherish for a long time to come.

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How can you get your own set of personalized poker chips?

Whether you are a professional poker player or an avid at-home poker fan who frequently likes having a game or two with friends and family members, having a personalized set of laser engraved poker chips is sure a great way of making the game seem more professional. Looking to have a poker theme at your wedding or some other party? Well, they’ll make perfect keepsake wedding favors to gift to your party guests, and as promotional gift coupons when you’re trying to hook more customers and give them a taste of what’s new at your bar or restaurant. As they are small and convenient, businesses frequently use them at marketing events as promotional giveaways. They are also great as unique business cards, where you can have the company’s logo etched on one side, and your contact details on the other.

While there are many companies that claim to offer personalized or custom services for laser engraved poker chips, there aren’t many who can offer the best service. At times, the print or the laser work can be shoddy, thereby ruining your plans of using it at a high-profile event or at a wedding venue. This is why we only recommend the best! At ChallengeCoins4Less, they specialize in making high-quality poker chips and personalized chip sets. Each order of laser engraved poker chips is handled with utmost care to ensure they are of the best quality. Being one of the best in business, they work with varied materials to craft the perfect set of custom poker chips.

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For more details about their custom poker chips and their pricing policy, feel free to get in touch with them. Call now!

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