The latest social media trends you should know

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Social media is here to stay. Its synonymity with digital marketing helped it go along with it quite well. In fact, most digital marketing campaigns always have a social media aspect to it. It should also be understood that social media is not stationary.

Also, the tactics and plans that worked in the past won’t be working on social media anymore. Why? because everything changes. Platforms, habits, tastes, preferences and the like.

These phenomena have the power to influence the way people use social media. It also influences their reactions to posts on it. How marketers can reach their audience in new ways is a question that must be answered in the best way possible.

It is more important than ever before for marketers to understand the new reality of today’s times. They should be ahead of the curve in terms of social media. They must also ensure that they have the correct tools in their arsenal. Other than that, an updated strategy and the necessary skills to be on the top in the game of social media.

Now let us learn about important social media trends for 2020.

Private communities are booming on social media

A big part of meaningful and valuable experiences on social media is how brands engage with their target audiences. Sharing posts loved by target audience is the main part of the social media marketing itself.

It should be kept in mind that brands must also encourage and cultivate interactions that are no longer conventional.

A vast majority of brands today have large social media followings. However, there are some who have minimal engagement levels on some of their posts. Brands that are observing more engagement from their followers do so by creating private communities based around their content.

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Social media influencers working well with thought leaders

A key benefit of creating social media communities is the fact that they help greatly when it comes to word-of-mouth marketing. This allows them to engage with micro influencers advocating for certain brands in order to get them sharing honest views and experiences of products & services being offered.

Reevaluating metrics that are important

Marketers today are looking in determining what works and what does not work on social media. For this, they are looking at metrics that are worth the buck.

The experimented removal of public likes from Facebook and Instagram has changed the way a content’s performance can be gauged. This thus signals the need for brands to look beyond conventional surface-level data and provide hard data that makes social media worth the investment.

Social listening is crucial. Diving into sentiment and conversation analysis, marketers are now concerned about what is being said about instead how many people are looking at or talking about a post. This helps them formulate content more accordingly and with a human touch.

Long-term engagement is more meaningful than short-term spikes. No brand should chase viral moments. Rather, brands should understand what drives conversation with their customers.

A Digital Detox is on the horizon

With 3.484 billion social media users across the globe (A 9% increase from last year and being equivalent to 45% of the world’s population), an estimated that 2.82 billion people were to use social media this year.

However, something new is affecting this audience base.

People are now going for a digital detox, especially from social media. They start by deactivating their profiles and deleting their apps. This is more than just the usual changes observed by everyone. For instance, Facebook app is seeing a decline in its user base while Instagram attracting more.

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This however does not spell doom for social media. Social media marketers shouldn’t be placing all their resources in a single basket. They should ensure that they have the optimal budget and resources for other digital channels as well.

They must also ensure the same is invested to other channels such as SEM, SEO, content and email marketing. These should be well integrated with their social media handles. Any social media presence at the moment should be presented meaningfully because memes do not make the cut.

Meaningful content creating value and experience does make the cut because that is what drives the brand’s value upward in social media marketing.

Brands should deliver top class content and cultivate a positive and memorable impact on the audience. This helps prove to them the value content has in store for them.

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